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Bloom:stella wait for me.bye Brandon ceeya или maybe not!
Brandon:bloom wait plzzz I beg u come back!
Kaitlyn:don't listen to them their the cowards not you!❤❤❤❤
Brandon:yeah I guess they are the cowards not me :p
(Flora accidently arrives and hear what Brandon says)
Flora:who are calling cowards?
Brandon:ummm, no body flora it's fine nothing happened
Kaitlyn: no Ты fool he's calling bloom and stella cowards
Flora:what(looks at Brandon)how can Ты say that
Brandon:I don't really know I ...............
Flora:forget it! (Leaves)

To be continued
Bloom:aagh good morning tecna
Tecna:good morning bloom Ты look cheerfull today
Bloom:(smiles) of course im going on a дата with sky today
Hears a really really LOUD CRY)
Bloom:aaaaaah what was that.tecna wht if its a villain
Tecna:no its not.its just someone crying layla do Ты know who tht is?......Layla:yes its stella shes really sad today
Tecna:why? Shes always cheerfull
Layla:no not this time brandon broke up with her on the phone yesterday i wish we could get them bk together but i cant brandons found another girl and LOVE💓
Bloom:WHT NOBODY messes with my BFF im gonna teach tht girl a lesson and im going right now where are they
Layla:they hangout at lake laqoruche
Bloom:ok so thats where im going ceeya
(at lake laqoruche)Brandon:oh kaitlyn i Любовь you
Kaitlyn: oh brandyboo i Любовь Ты too

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The Winx were fighthing the Wizards of The Black Circle.
Brandon then hang out with some other girls near them.
Stella : " Brandon! How there you?"
Brandon : " It's not what Ты think.. I.."
Unknown girls : " It's what Ты think!"

Then, Dumount begged on Stella's knees.
Dumount : " Please.. i want to be your boyfriend.."
Stella : Okay.. goodbye, Brandon!"

Bloom and Layla ran to Stella.
Bloom : Stella, what in the world?
Stella : Brandon cheated on me!
Layla : He was about to say something but..
Stella : U pu pup! He lied to me! All this years he said
he loved me forever but..
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