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Take any book written about Magick. Even your
own Book of Shadows if Ты have one... (and I do
hope Ты have one).

Close your eyes, and visualize your problem or

Keep your eyes closed and quickly let the pages
of the book flip and fall, and use your left index
finger to point at a Болталка page...

Slowly open your eyes and see where Ты finger

If Ты visualized strongly, your finger will have
been "guided" to the spot on that book by the
Goddess... and even if it doesn't seem like
exactly what Ты need, the information under your
finger could be the first step to getting what
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STEP 1: Strain a few cups of warm
water through a strainer of basil
или spearmint botanicals. (This
is called making an "infusion",
and it's very simple the act
of straining water through some
plant matter...)

STEP 2: Squeeze the сок of one
лимон into this water.

STEP 3: Sprinkle in some sesame
seeds and a handful of flour.

STEP 4: Fill your bathtub with
warm water.

STEP 5: Get into the bath, and then
take your bowl of "infused" water
Ты made in step 1-3... and pour
it over год head.

STEP 6: Sit down and soak for at
least 10 minutes...and visualize
all the negativity being released
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posted by Cherry9090
Hello,I am Earth Mother of this club.I am here to help bring people in,plus I am also learning the art as well.I am here to help and try to answer any Вопросы Ты may have.

As I сказал(-а) I am Earth Mother I am new here Just like you.I understand these arts as well as practice them most of my life,I have the highest respect for them as well.I am Wiccan and have been ever sense I could remember.It started when I found a box of my late mothers and opening the box opened my eyes and world to a magical and spirtual world

Moms box included the following:
Wiccan Hand Book
Field Guide to Demons,Fairies,Fallen...
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posted by PapaMidnight
Recently Justin Timberlake and Сиара released a song titled "Sex Magic" and the hardcore Timberlake Фаны went crazy.
But behind the scenes and hidden out of the publics opinion was the underlying fact that his song alluded to an Actual Ritual within the annuls of Magic. There have been countless Фильмы where Sex Magic has been featured as part of the Plot.
Hellraiser 1 and SAW 3. What's intriguing about SAW 3 was that the main Villian of the Movie genre, had not only used Sexual Magic to render his wife pregnant. But also charted звезда Constellations and a great deal of Astronomy to predict...
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posted by MissfitJinx
I was always different. My whole life, mostly teen years I never fit in. And everybody, let me know just how much people failed to communicate. I took medications for depression and multiple personality disorder for the remainder of my teens.

I have a regular job like everyone else, goto the университет of Paris секунда semester Art Major and on the weekend I hang at a Rave. I like every type of music, but i Любовь Acid house and techno.

I always live into dark magic and want to study.

I dont have a ton of friends, in real life или online, And I wanna keep it like that. I dont want to get too close....
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Greetings to my family and our family to be. My name is Papa Midnight and welcome to the Witches Coven of Midnight.

Im gonna explain how I became such a dynamic Magician and enthusiast into the Earth Sciences of Wicca.

I started out working in a Spiritual supply store over 4 years ago. Underneath my mentor who used Voodoo, Wicca, Santeria, Chaos Magic and Pooja. I learned how to dress candles, make bathes, Amulets, Talisman, Mojo bags, totems and spells of all types, for our growing clientel. I worked side by side with my Mentor and began to make spells for everything from Protection to revenge...
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One common element of a Magicians arsenal is their Altar. Altars can be used for a wide range of instances. From Protection and Magical Attacks, to Ancestral remembrance and passed loved ones. Altars are also good for Ritualized concepts that aide all Practitioners in ceremonies.

But its a common misconception that All Magicians need to have a Physical Altar to conduct magical Applications. Chaos Magic teaches its followers that to enhance magical techniques for optimum usage (to get better results), one must have 2 Altars running simultaneously during rituals. In the book Basic Magick written...
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This wonderful ritual can trigger positive and
exciting changes in your life very quickly...

STEP 1: Collect as many types of citrus fruits
as Ты can. Try to get a lot of the most sour
ones like lemons, limes, etc... The еще sour
the better!

STEP 2: Cut each piece of Фрукты into quarters
and squeeze the сок into a tub of bathwater,
then toss in the rind.

STEP 3: Add a bottle of оранжевый blossom water or

STEP 4: Enter the bath, rub yourself with the
fruit, and envision your blocks cleansed

Feel the excitement and change surge into your

STEP 5: When Ты are done, allow...
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posted by Cherry9090
As we find ourselves "smack dab" in the middle
of the holiday season, I've been reminded
how hard many people have it financially right

It's a time of год for giving...but the tough
economy makes it hard for many to give... and
even to pay their own bills at times.

Always remember, that Ты don't always need
to "buy" things for giving to those Ты love.

The most valuable gift of all is spending time
with them... talking to them... loving them.

Remember that. However, I also understand the
desire to give gifts.  So...

Today, I'm going to give Ты one of the simplest
money spells up my sleeve.

The only...
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I can't tell Ты how many times
a week I get Вопросы like this,
and I just feel the need to talk
about it here.

First of all, nobody can do more
powerful Magick for Ты than
the spells Ты cast YOURSELF.

Your emotion for YOUR situation
is the key to making the spells

Second... even if Ты do cast
a spell yourself, to find a
job, for example... или to find
prosperity... Ты can't just
sit around "waiting" for the spell
to bring results.

You've got to get out there and
make things happen...to HELP
the spell bring the results
Ты desire.

Putting in just a little effort
toward your goal...
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posted by Cherry9090
Письмо a spell with a magick pen Письмо your future as well and anychanges Ты would like
any changes will effect Ты in the presant
be careful what Ты do.

You will do this spell at night near a window where the moon light shines through.

This works best during a full moon but any moon light will do.

~Now lets get your Magick Pen ready~

What Ты will need:

-A glass filled with purified water

-Crushes rose pedals


-You favorit pen with black ink

-You favorit incense

STEP 1: Set up your basic alter Далее to the window.

STEP 2:Fill your glass with the water.

STEP 3:Put the crushes...
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What you'll need:

* Summer Solstice incense

* Athame

* Chalice for wine

* Pentacle dish (for cakes) (If Ты don't have
one just draw a pentacle on a piece of paper
and put it under your dish)

* Herbs and small piece of cloth for each
participant. (if Ты have some Друзья do the
ritual with you)

* A feast of appropriate food. Include wine (pure
organic виноград сок if Ты are under drinking age)
and cakes

STEP 1: Arrange all the equipment on the altar.

STEP 2: Cast your круг in your usual way.

STEP 3: Once the sacred Космос is ready, first
invoke the Goddess.


"Let us invite our lady in....
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I can think of еще than a few "pandemics"
over the years... SARS... Swine Flu... Mad Cow
Disease... almost one per year, for every season.

These pandemics put a lot of people in the grip
of fear, worry, and even panic.

I've got my own thoughts on this, but they are
too many to Список here.

In a nutshell, I'm not afraid, или nervous.

If Ты look through all of the news reports full
of fear, you'll see that most of these pandemics
are completely blown out of proportion.

Yes, be diligent and smart about taking care
of yourself... and take precautions when Ты can...
but try not to be afraid.

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posted by Dark-Blood
There is a special way to "charm"
almost any person by Magickally
revealing the "inner charm" you
already possess.

Maybe there's something important
Ты need someone to hear and
understand... maybe Ты need to
talk someone out of (or into)

Maybe Ты are hoping to have a
romance with them...

While Ты want to avoid trying
to "control" somebody... you
can "magnify" the charm you
already possess inside Ты to
catch their attention, and get
them to listen and understand.

This little spell will make it
almost impossible for them to
ignore you, или brush Ты off.

Before I start... the...
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posted by Cherry9090
There are a lot of surprises coming up as we get closer and closer to Samhain and doing this spell will open the door to receive all the positive engery about to come.

It will give Ты 7 days of very healthy luck.

It will also open your сердце to the world.

Think about the things Ты Любовь and the things Ты wish to change.

See in youe mind exactly how your life will be once each of those thing has changed.

what will it feel like where will Ты live who will be with Ты what will Ты do everyday?

What Ты will need:

A black candle.

1 еще candle that is either red green или white (red if Ты need...
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I Любовь giving Ты my little "miracle"
making spells and little Magick words of
wisdom each and every week...


Today, 96 days after Ты expressed your interested in using Magick by signing up to
my Witchcraft newsletter, is very special.

Ты see, I have been guiding Ты through some "sneak peeks" at the Mastering The
Magick Of Witchcraft Главная Academy, and now I want to get into the Advanced section
of the checklist with you!

I am doing all of this because - if Ты have already signed up to get the Witchcraft
Главная Academy, Ты will know exactly how Ты will progress through the...
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posted by Dark-Blood
This spell will provide Ты temporary
relief in a time of crisis... или just
to make Ты feel better after a bad

You'll "feel" good feelings flow into your
soul, and will feel better for many days.

STEP 1: Pour boiling water over dried basil,
dried parsley, coriander seeds (or leaves),
cinnamon, brown sugar, and grated orange
peel, into a big pot.

STEP 2: Allow the water to cool.

STEP 3: Fill a bathtub half full.

STEP 4: Strain out the leaves/etc and
bring the water to the bath.

STEP 5: Sit naked in the bathtub and
pour the water over yourself, make
sure it's not too hot first!

STEP 6:...
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Sometimes someone else really needs

If negativity emanates consistently
from a single individual, tainting
the mood and atmosphere, perform
this "indirect" cleansing spell on
them... and see a change almost

STEP 1: Peel and crush a single clove
of garlic.

STEP 2: Place it under the person's bed,
chair или under the carpet where they are
sure to stand.

STEP 3: Remove and burn after twenty-four

STEP 4: Replace as needed; an improvement
in attitude will be observed shortly.


So that's that!

Keep this spell in your Book of Shadows
and use it whenever you...
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posted by Dark-Blood
My goodness the world news has put me in
a "funk" lately.

Of course the media knows that bad news
sells еще papers, and it's been that
way throughout history... but it's a
struggle to find just ONE positive
story in these times...

It really is true, there are a lot of
people who have fallen on hard times,
and it breaks my heart.

I truly want the best for everyone, and
when I hear about a family who has lost
their home, или a child who has fallen
ill, или about someone who has passed
away, I feel sad.

While I don't have the chance to help
most people in the world, I have the
power to help YOU,and...
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posted by Cherry9090
Were Ты able to do the Хэллоуин (Samhain)
ritual with me on Monday night?

It was an amazing experience joining energy
with thousands of my students all around
the world.

I felt every single one of you... and I
made contact with some of my dearest
loved ones who passed away long ago.

Halloween itself was absolutely wonderful!

The kids and I all dressed up, marching
through the neighborhood in the annual
push and pull parade.

Kids and parents of all shapes and sizes
enjoyed a full evening of trick or
treating, visiting with friends, and
eating yummy foods.

Now that it's over...what now?

For starters, it's a...
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