Beatiful Rose
Name: Rose

Creature: Wolf.

Rank: Omega. (Just like her mother)

Mate: Wolfman32 (Grady)

Pups: Winston (Named after his great grandpa), Violet, and Tony (Named after other great grandpa). And on the way Aleu.

мех color: Pink.

Eye color: Violet, (Like her moma)

Naughtiness level: 9 and a half. (Depends on her mood)

Likes: Grady, hot baths, To flirt with others, reading, helping annoy Grady's little sister, getting affection, talking with Grady's grandma, sleepin in the shade, playing with the pups,

Dislikes: bullies, having to worry about Grady, killing for no reason, thunderstorms,

Избранное Books: Harry Potter, Волки of the Beyond, Agatha Cristie novels, Ranger's apprentice,

Избранное TV shows: Doctor Who (Always comes first), Bones,

Избранное movies: A&O, Harry Potter, Thirteen Ghosts, звезда Wars, Pirates of The Carribean (Jack Sparrow is hot!)

Избранное Actor: Kevin Costner and Johny Depp,(they are so hot!)

Друзья on Fanpop: Sweetsomega, Articwolf07, Alphakate21, Kate_Alpha, HumphreyAlpha, Lil-Sweets, ScarAlpha, Katealphawolf, Metallica1147, Hank666, OmegaHumphrey, AlphaKate100, Wolfman32, Xero_Pyramid206, Metalwolf116, Crystalwolf116 and many others.

Избранное word: Allonsey! (Shares it with Grady)

One warning: "Mess with my Друзья или family and I will rip your most precios thing and destroy it!