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 Аниме волк
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posted by hannah_vampire
It is sick how people kill Животные and only for a sport или to sell their pelt.

It is also sick how people can hurt them and trap them because They are beautiful animals, I Любовь them so much and they are like us and we are like them.

I am not in for the whole lets kill Волки and sell their coats and then dump their bodies или hurt them and leave them to die.
It is like if Волки we to come into our house take our lifes and wreck our whole house, I find it so wrong and all those pictures i have seen.

I mean they are: Beautiful,Lovely, Mysterious, Great caring mother and yes thats another thing is that if we kill the aphla female или a female that has wolf-pups they dont have their mother imagie growing up without you're mother even if Ты have a fill in its not the same.
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