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Muscles tightened. Claws raked over furred skin. Teeth bit into shoulders, legs, and throats. It was a battle. A battle for survival.

Survival of the fittest.
Young vs old.

Blood covered the ground under their pads. Each had their heads hung low to the ground. Eyes pinned to eachother. The older stood ready for his young opponent to make his attack. Instead the young one threw back his ears against his blood spattered head, and let out a ferocious snarl before bending its head down to lick at a wound on its fore front left leg. He took his eyes off his older opponent.

The old волк knew from many...
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 now night is adult
now night is adult
This time NIght (misty's pup)is bigger.he is now beta wolf.he is fighter,hunter.he is white wolf.Night have him army. first he started training.him master Erick is now him pack alpha.night's enemy is gaurav(black wolf).
 1.when he was little
1.when he was little
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Poor little bear.
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The Dark волк Cry Part 1
It was snowing i always hate snow i get Остаться в живых from the others of the Pack but they don’t care about it me. Since mother die father become the Alpha and forget about me and the others ignore me cause I’am different iam dark the only one who haves dark мех in the pack its me and the rest of the pack have withe мех and I the only one of them with dark black мех and the worst is my yellow eyes they are shining mom says she like them but I hate I look like a monster.
The snow its getting harder iam tired its just better I lay down here and fade in the snow

What this...
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It was a sunny morning in a large forest the morning dew was starting to dry off the green трава and Животные were starting to wake are story begins in a small cave. Inside the cave were four Волки a dark grey male волк with blue eyes and a light grey female волк with red eyes Далее to them was a small dark grey pup with blue eyes and a larger pup with light grey мех and red eyes. Both pups were male the light grey pup was named Lechu and his smaller brother was named lachu. The mother волк looked at the щенок with her warm kind eyes "they are beautiful" the mother сказал(-а) with a smile as bright as the afternoon sun 'I agree Tina" the father сказал(-а) with pride in his eyes which were colored like the near by lake. Tina looked at her mate and сказал(-а) " Jake I think they will make us proud" Jake smiled and replied "I don't think, I know they will".
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