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Dora the Explorer is a conquistador and she will Показать us how to colonize the natives of America

Worthy of Publishing is a website where Ты put the books/stories that YOU wrote. Also other people can view them and they can leave Комментарии telling Ты what they thought about it.

Ты can also read/rate/comment on other people's stories, also when Ты register Ты have to click a button that looks like this;

so if Ты register Ты dont have to be an author, Ты can just be a reader if Ты wanted. author's do get to read other peoples stories/books though!

If Ты have a Worthy of Publishing account please add it (or ask me, I'm not sure if members can или just the owner, cuz im kinda new here) to the links!

Here is the Link:
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