the crystal night
Chapter 2 the sightings

I woke early the Далее morning feeling surprisingly refreshed, I had slept like a rock, every thing was fine, I got up and went to the bathroom I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I got back to my room and glared at the window, the sun was glowing through the curtains, I sighed frustrated, we have had a long sunny summer this год which is bad news for me I burn very easily so I have to be extra careful to stay out of the sun when possible.
I got dressed, brushed my heir and sat and scowled at the sun shining through the window, at half past eight I bounded down stairs and into the кухня and opened the medicine cabinet and there it was a bright yellow bottle with nasty оранжевый Письмо stating itself as sun cream I sighed and squirted some into my hand, I rubbed it in and headed for the living room I sat on the arm of the sofa and watched mum wrestle with Rogers buttons
“Hay mum I’m goanna head off now”
“ok sweetie have a good day” she replied not looking at me I slipped out of the front door and started walking it is a five минута walk from Главная to schools their was no rush but I don’t want to burn so I practically jogged the whole way.
When I arrived it was a relief to get in the shade, my school is small but I prefer it this way, Ты know everyone and all the teachers are nice and don’t shout as much, I jogged up two sets of stairs and into the ICT room it was cool in hear it was one of the only rooms in the whole school that air-conditioning, I sat down at my normal computer and signed in I had decided to check my e-mail, there was nothing important so I sighed out and weighted for the колокол, колокольчик, белл to ring.
First lesson is P.E I hate it, I don’t know why its not the teacher she’s nice its just a unexciting subject really, we all lined up and waited to be let in to the changing room’s Carrie came up behind me, Carrie is very slender, a bit to thin but she is one of those people who can eat rubbish all день and not gain the slightest bit of weight which is totally not feir, she has shoulder length heir that is blacky brown with a slight curl she also has yellowy blue eyes framed with chunky black glasses she was thinking about getting contacts but I think she doesn’t look herself without her glasses so she decided to keep them, Carrie is slightly shorter than me but not by much.
“Hay Carrie how Ты doing?” she gave me a big grin
“I’m fine”
“What are Ты so pleased about?” I had started to smile myself, the P.E teacher unlocked the door we all poured in and took our normal places
“Autumn the reason I’m so happy is that Leisha is going away for a week which means I get a brake, it will be bliss” I smiled at her
“that’s grate but don’t Ты still have your younger sister their” she frowned
“Yeh but at least I get rid of the older one for a while” we got changed in silence from then.
As usual Carrie and I were partners for P.E we were doing Теннис which meant we were out side, we all grabbed a ratchet and a ball and headed out.
The sun was shinning making us all hot and sticky, we were all blinded
“It’s to hot!” Carrie complained I nodded it was to hot to speak, it would have been hot enough but the schools P.E kit didn’t help we were all wearing identical blue t-shirts and black tracksuit bottoms with the schools logo and our initials printed on, the t-shirts weren’t so bad but the trackies were thick and stuck to your legs which was really uncomfortable.
Two pairs were sent to a court and we had to take turns my group was sent to the shady court that was around the corner from the others, the other pair went first and Carrie and I sat on the bank talking about Болталка unimportant things like we normally do, that’s when I saw him, standing under the shadiest дерево around with his back facing me he had jet black heir that was darker than the night sky and was untidy but gorgeous the type that Ты would see in a shampoo add, he was wearing a thick expensive куртка the type Ты would were when its raining, black well cut jeans, lather fingerless gloves and boots, he didn’t turn around but I felt like I new him but it was obvious he wasn’t from around hear he doesn’t fit in, I squeezed my eyes shut and when I opened them he was gone, I don’t know how he was but I would never see him again so it doesn’t matter I looked over at Carrie she was staring at me looking annoyed, she must have been talking while I had my eye’s closed and had seen I wasn’t listening I instantly apologised, when Carries talking to Ты it’s best to listen
“I сказал(-а) it’s our turn on the court” yep she was fuming.
We took our places on the court and Carrie served and as usual I missed, I can never hit the ball no matter how hard I try, to be honest it was really embarrassing, this happened repeatedly for the Далее ten minuets and the other pier took over, we returned to our spot on the bank, Carrie had absorbed herself in pulling out the трава so I didn’t disturb her, I sat and looked around secretly wanting to see him again, something about him made me so fascinated like there is something extraordinary about him, I focus on remembering where I had seen him before he is defiantly not local he would stand out to much and he would have started school by now, I couldn’t think of anything, I would probably remember later at the most inconvenient time.
The день carried on dull and normal the sun had gone in at lunchtime which was a relief, it was last lesson on a Friday, the lesson when no one can be bothered to do any work Carrie and I were sat in the technologies ICT department chatting when we were supposed to be planning our Далее project
“Hay Carrie”.
“Did Ты see that other kid this morning?” I knew she probably hadn’t but it wouldn’t harm to ask, she looked at me blankly
“Other kid?” yep she hadn’t seen him but I explained anyway
“You know the boy under the дерево in P.E?” I was blushing and staring at the floor now it was a stupid idea to even mention it “Autumn I didn’t see any boy in P.E, are Ты берег Ты didn’t imagine it, it was hot the sun’s probably playing games with you” I looked up, she was smiling at me, I smiled back
“Yeh I guess so” I turned to my computer and started working.
I finished my plan and Дизайн and clicked print I got to collect it I was looking вперед to going Главная and having a nice tranquil weekend, I stood their warped in my thoughts when Carrie came into my vision
“Hello anyone home?” my eyes refocused and I nodded she looked slightly concerned
“Autumn your becoming very spacey Ты ok?” their was worry in her voice as well as on her face I smiled at her
“I’m fine I just have allot to think about” a sly grin crawled its way on to her face
“so spill what’s got Ты all spacey” I sighed Carrie always want’s to know your business but I wasn’t ready to tell her about my stalker so I tolled her I was fussing over baby sitting tonight, I knew she didn’t believe me but she didn’t probe, I grabbed my printout’s and headed for the door, he was outside standing by the trees at the end of the Теннис court I knew it was him even though he had his капот, худ up and was wearing what looked like a neckerchief, I stood their and steired was he looking at me?, he was looking in my direction maybe he was looking at Carrie, I smiled and waved it was a stupid thing to do but he didn’t look much older than myself, he didn’t wave back and it wouldn’t matter if he’d smiled I wouldn’t have seen it through the neckerchief, he was standing so still like a stone figure I still couldn’t see his face, maybe if I saw it I could remember who he is, Carrie came up behind me and pressed her face up against the glass making a patch of condensation I glanced at her
“who are Ты waving to?” she was teasing me it saturated her voice and was plastered all over her face, I blushed
“the um” I was tripping over myself and this amused her
“the boy from this morning” the smile vanished and she turned to Поиск outside
“he’s over by the trees at the end of the Теннис court” I looked he was gone their was no sign that he had ever been their
“or he had been” I was curious now how can some one disappear so fast Carrie turned to face me
“Autumn I think your going mad”
“am not!” I felt offended
“he was right their”
she was right in a way if I actually listened to myself I did sound nuts talking about disappearing boy’s
“ok I believe you” and with that she walked back over to her computer, I exhaled quickly making an annoyed sound and left the room.
I had managed to dig out my folder and had slipped the printouts inside when the колокол, колокольчик, белл rang, it was a mad rush to try and get out the door first and as usual me being polite got me their last, I was so close to getting out when the tech teacher taped me on the shoulder and asked me to shut the computers down, I sighed but didn’t argue I headed back to the ICT section there are only ten computers in their but it would still take forever I started shutting them down one by one by the time I had finished the school was virtually empty, I walked the eyrie quiet corridors to the вверх entrance an I headed for the door one of the receptionists сказал(-а) god buy to me I tolled her to have a nice день I had opened the door and a cold wind blew into the room it wasn’t the sort of cold that cut through Ты but it was enough to make Ты shiver I stepped out into the cold air and set of walking with my heir whipping around my face, I had just walked past the hospital when I looked up he was walking towards me his капот, худ was still pulled up and he had his neckerchief up so it covered hi nose, I didn’t blame him it was quite cold but he was dressed as if he was out in a snow storm, as I passed him an electrical tingle filled my body I felt wide awake and full of energy, I caught a glimpse of his eyes, I stopped dead, they were flat black their was no glimpse of colour there Ты could almost see inside them, they were deep and cold but something drew Ты in, I turned to look at him he had also stopped but he was griping onto the Стена like it was keeping him alive the stone looked as though it would disintegrate any second, he didn’t look like he was breathing I was concerned was their something wrong with him? I was going to ask if he was alright but I couldn’t get the letters to form words
“um” I couldn’t say anymore than that he stood up straight and strode off like he had something еще important to do, I felt so hurt was he purposely ignoring me, или maybe he hadn’t herd me, I had no еще time to think about it my mobile started ringing it was mum
“Autumn where are you, Ты were supposed to be Главная fifteen minuets ago, remember your baby sitting”
“sorry I had something to do I’m on my way Главная now” I started walking
“ok honey see Ты in a few minuets” the line died and I slipped my mobile back into my pocket and started jogging, by the time I got Главная my heir was a total mess and my nose was red and freezing cold, mum walked through the door and kissed me on the forehead “buy sweetie ill be back at six” I watched her get in the car and waved to her as she drove off, I closed both front doors and headed upstairs, Kyeth and Roger were already playing on games so I sat in front of my mirror and worked on getting the mass of knots out my heir.
I did it, it took half an час but my heir is totally knot free and will probably only stay that way for five seconds, its about quarter past four an час and three quarters left until mum was Главная what to do until then I sat and thought about the things I needed to do and their weren’t many of them I had finally decided to do some homework when I herd Kyeth yelling this was going to be a long час and a half, I traipsed across the landing and lent against the door frame “turn it down!” Roger was yelling he had gone red in the face
“no I’m listening to my Музыка and that’s that!” once again Kyeth was pulling the face but I wasn’t in the mood for laughing
“what’s going on” I was slightly confused they were shouting insults across the room, Kyeth was the one to answer me
“I want to listen to my Музыка but I cant hear it because of him so I turned it up” Kyeth sounded really proud of himself which annoyed me еще but what he’d сказал(-а) made sense
“why can’t Ты hear it” that’s what I wanted to know how could Roger make enough noise to drown out that racket
“he’s watching a film and was shouting at me to turn it down” right I got it roger was watching a film so Kyeth turns his Музыка on Roger cant hear the film so he shouts at Kyeth and he cant hear his Музыка over the shouting so he turns it up, this was just irritating I want back to my room and dug out a pair of head phones and handed them to Kyeth
“everyone happy now?” they both nodded.
I had got them settled and happy so I headed down stairs and as soon as I reached the bottom step mum walked through the door “mum you’re not supposed to be back for ages”
“well soon after we got setup the rain decided were not allowed to metal detect today so we all headed home” I smiled at her, I was trying not to laugh she was covered in mud it was all over her face “do Ты want a coffee to worm Ты up?”
“that would be heaven thanks sweetie” I munoverd around mum so I didn’t get covered and switched the kettle on, I spooned the coffee in to the cup added the sweetener and retrieved the молоко once the coffee was done I took it into mum and let her get changed, I bounded up the stairs, bust into my room and opened the window I sat on the chest of draws and listened to the rain, there is something I Любовь about the rain but I don’t quite know what it is, I grabbed my homework Книги and turned to the correct pages I only had some maths Вопросы to do I returned to my сиденье, место, сиденья and tried to get stuck in but I couldn’t concentrate he capt popping into my head, whoever he is, he seems to be the one whose been watching me but how dose someone disappear so fast, I sat fiddling with my cheep pen and thinking about my stranger, that’s when I felt him, I could tell he is close by I turned to look out the window, I held my breath, he’s their just as I thought on one of the swings in the park sat staring at the floor, this maybe my chance to talk to him, find out who he is and why has hear, I dumped my Книги on the floor and grabbed a coat, when I reached the bottom step and had my пальто zipped up I called out to mum
“I’m going out for a секунда back soon!” I didn’t wait for a reply I headed straight out into the rain I turned the corner to the park and to my relief he was still their, slowly I approached him and sat on the other swing, he didn’t look up but he didn’t run away so it was an improvement I looked at this shrouded figure, there was some thing sad about him like there is some thing he desperately wants или even needs but knows he shouldn’t have, once again I was going to ask him a stupid Вопрос like what’s wrong But he did something that caught me off-guard he didn’t look up but he spoke three simple words
“I’m so sorry”
my сердце fluttered and my cheeks glowed red his voice was like an Ангелы cry it was so stunning yet so powerful I couldn’t imagine a face attractive enough to match such a faultless voice and he was American that’s odd we don’t get many Americans hear, he stood up and started walking away I jumped of the свинг, качели “don’t go!” I couldn’t control myself the words had just forced themselves out he paused but carried on, something hot and heavy pulled in my chest, it was so deep I collapsed back onto the свинг, качели I was desperate for him not to go but it was to late he was gone, I sat and steird at the floor feeling empty some how like he had taken half of myself with him time passed but I couldn’t bring myself to Переместить I was Холодное сердце their, mum appeared at the park gate
“Autumn come in your soaked!” she sounded concerned I got up and walked over to her and she raped her worm arms around me but the hole was still their something was missing, something I can’t live without.

to be continued chapter 3 the meeting
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