He was Roster in the schools performance of Annie, and her best friend Aine was Miss. Hanagin. They were brother and sister in the play but Aine liked him off stage in a different way. Her name is Teddy and they had been Друзья since third grade. They did everything together.
Teddy walked out onto stage after the Показать was long over in her skinny jeans and Annie t shirt, her shoulder length dark brown hair in a messy bun with her bangs over her left eye, she seemed to be wondering blankly.
Anthony, Roster, walked out onto the stage dragging his hightop sneakers on the wood paneling. He was looking for Teddy, he needed to talk to her about what happened after Aine got off stage. he saw the thing girl walking over to the edge of the stage. The toe of her hightop sneakers hung over the edge. He stood just behind the dark red curtain watching as she walked back a couple of paces then ran forward.
Teddy jumped into the air and did a back hand spring into the air then pushed off the edge of the stage and did two flips in the air before landing in the elli.
He smiled and started to clap as he walked out onto the stage. Teddy whirled around to see what was going on, then just looked at her feet.
"Does Aine know Ты can do that?", Anthony asked jumping off stage and sitting on it.
Teddy stood there and said, "Yeah. She сказал(-а) it was cool, but that I was going to break my neck!", she smiled and laughed a little. Her and Anthony use to be really good Друзья in eighth grade, but then he started smoking pot on the weekends.
He looked at her from under his eye level dark auburn hair and said, "Teddy. What happened with Ты and Aine?", she didn't look up but just said, "You have nothing to do with it. Why would Ты care?", she looked up at him with dagger hazel eyes surrounded by black eye lashed and eye liner. It made the, pop, it wasn't heavy but just enough to get the effect.
He smiled and scoffed, "We use to be friends, what happened to that? I made a decision with my life and Ты flipped. Its not a bad thing.", he сказал(-а) sliding of the stage and walking toward her. "You don't know my life. Ты didn't know what was going on at home. I needed a break form it all. A way to be free a little. Excuse me?", he looked at her with sharp dark brown eyes.
Teddy looked down and said, "You told me everything that was going on at home. Ты dad was yelling at Ты mom and they were throwing thing. James was never Главная and when he was was either drunk of high as a kite. Ты told me that Ты couldn't believe that he would start that shit. So then one день I come over Ты house to talk to Ты about something, and Ты were high. Ты had taken the one stable thing in my life and burnt it in your joint." She looked at him then stepped вперед as he went to open his lips. "You сказал(-а) Ты life was a mess, but did Ты ever ask me what was going on with me. At least three times I came over your house and told Ты I needed to talk about stuff but Ты were to busy with Ты problems. I was trying to help Aine, Ты and myself. I always put myself last. Ты were the only person i thought I could talk to but it turned out I was just there to listen, not to be heard.", a tear rolled down her face and then she turned and walked away.
Anthony stood there, surprised. Teddy had never talked that way to him before. He had heard she could be mean if she wanted but it had never happened to him. He pulled himself from his thoughts and yelled, "Teddy Bear.", she ignored him and kept walking.
He ran after her, his v neck loose against his body and his jeans falling lower on his butt. He grabbed her arm and turned her around. She didn't look at her but he hesitate. He took her face in his hands and looked at her face, her eyes were closed.
"Talk to me. I'm ready to hear it.", she shook her head, another tear rolled down her face.
He looked at her and she shook her head again, "You don't wand to know. And I don't want to tell you. We're....", she trailed off putting her hand on his stomach and feeling a twelve pack beneath the cloth.
"We're not what?", he asked moving his hands to her slender shoulders. He was at least five nine and Teddy was at the most five four.
Teddy felt his fingers in her neck and she pushed him away while saying, "We're not Друзья anymore." she ran out of the auditorium, the Музыка from the cast party getting louder. She turned a corner and then went down a hall with a long mural on it. It was of a crying girl with long brown hair. She was holding a box of ashes and behind her was a back ground of her father, Розы and black.
Tears streamed out of her eyes knowing the school had done that for her. She was the girl crying. She was the one who Остаться в живых her father. She was the one who took everyones burdens and carried them easily, no matter how heavy. She was the one who Остаться в живых the one person in her whole life who really gave a shit about what happened to her. She was the one with the druggy Друзья who pretended to care. And she was the one who hid all her feelings of hate and pain behind a mask of innocence and trust. Everything Teddy had ever told her Друзья was part of a game she was playing with herself. She made an alter ego after her dad died. The girl she pretended to be was strong, smart, popular, beautiful, and exciting. But who she really was, was a quiet, normal, creative girl who just wanted to see her fathers face one last time before she went to постель, кровати each night.
Suddenly there was a tap on her knee and she found herself leaning against the mural, her knees pulled up in front of her chest. She looked up to see Anthony kneeling there with his face a light shade of розовый and his eyes glassed over.
"I never knew all that about you.", he sat down and Teddy realized that she had just told Anthony, the person who had left her behind for pot everything that had just run through her mind.
She looked up at him and saw her reflection in his eyes. "Why didn't Ты tell me?" she just shook her head and said, "You had so much going on. I didn't want to be a pain."
Anthony smiled and whispered, "You. Could never be a pain to me." He leaned in toward her face, smelling the faint sent of perfume and shampoo. Her hair fell in her eyes as she breather in then exhaled as he took a breath. Anthony moved her hair out of her eyes and whispered, "I might Kiss you."
"I might be bad.", Teddy сказал(-а) her eyes wide.
Anthony smiled and laughed under his breath, "Thats not possible." He leaned in and closed his eyes as their lips lightly brushed. He felt her smile and then kissed her again, pushing his lips fully onto her perfect розовый lips.