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11: Never Too Late

“Wha…What?” Alice said, her eyes going from one person in the carriage to another.
“It’s true. I have a way to turn a vampire back into a human-heartbeat, color, blood pumps-whole nine yards.” He smiled. “But none of my boys want it-for different reasons though.”
“Simple and not…See, when Ты are changed Ты are poisoned and that travels through the body and eventually stops the heart. I needed a way to extract that poison and alter the body so that it goes back to a prevamp stage. I found a way shortly after Jack was changed, with the help...
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21: Every Famous Last Word

IT continued to follow the trail of the carriage-leaving Canada, coming back to the states, through Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota. IT sensed the trail went different from north but IT was not entirely sure which way.
Master watched and occasionally offered praise to IT, always reminding IT to get the blonde, alive, bringing her to master. Along the way, IT killed a stray vampire here или there, master smiling the whole time at the mess.
Oblivious to the danger that was closing in fast, the carriage marched on to Ohio, darkness had settled in, Tristan was sound...
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12: Destination: Unknown

Once upon a time, in Rochester, New York, there lived a simple, silly, disillusioned girl named Rosalie Lillian Hale. For thirteen years, she believed that nothing would ever touch her-that she was invincible to all feeling and thought.
Until one день in mid-April while she was stepping on stones on the Genesee River and she Остаться в живых her balance. Despite knowing how to swim, the sudden fall caused her to panic and eventually drown. Fortunately, a dark haired, green-eyed Энджел голубь in and pulled her out, then resuscitated her back to life. When she finally came to, she asked...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
13: Within You

“Well, I had better turn in” Tristan said, standing from his chair. “Now, we have eight bedrooms and two bathrooms, feel free to help yourself.”
“Why so many if only Ты require sleep?”
“Sometimes, these boys need to be separated and they can do that by taking off или holing up in one of the rooms until they have cooled off. Well, night.” They all bid him a good night and Alice stood.
“I’m going to change” she said, eyeing Rose, still sitting Далее to Jack.
“Me too” she finally said, standing reluctantly, not wanting to leave him.
<Go. I’ll be right...
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9: Ты and Me

“So Tristan, how do Ты fit into all this?” Alice asked him. He was sitting on a chair closest to the front of the carriage. He looked up from his book and sighed.
“Well, I was created in 1408, by two warlocks known as Magna and Dejan. They took me and molded me into the perfect creature-a creature with the ability to change into anything at will-human, animal, whatever-telepathy, soothsayer, I was the perfect creature. But there are some limits even the could not look past though they are few: I can’t grant wishes, not the way a genie can, I can’t kill anyone at all,...
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8: Sickness

IT was having a great time, trampling through Mexico, killing еще undead creatures, then up-wards through Arizona where they were much harder to find. Nevada was not much better so IT turned to California and had so much success there IT considered never leaving.
Until the master spoke to him again. “That’s enough.” IT looked up and growled, having just finished off two IT was craving more. “I need the girl. Ты must not lose her.” IT rolled IT’s eyes and grunted, sprinting off to Показать master how fast it could go. “I’m well aware of your talents-I created you....
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24: Victim of the Game

The rest of the trip was in relative silence. Rosalie seemed ok after a while, even talking to Luke and Michael. To Jack, she spoke with her mind only. Tristan had gone to his room-to work on something though what no one knew. At long last the carriage came to an abrupt and Tristan came out, his face grim.
“That bad?” Jack asked, looking up at him.
He didn’t answer, just looked down. “What?” Rosalie asked him, sensing that something big had been kept from her.
No one answered, they all silently got off but Rosalie was not done. “What is going on? Jack?”...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
23: Run to the Hills

IT had caught the right trail, was following it again, swiftly passing into Indiana, Ohio followed минуты later. Yes, IT was getting closer to what master wanted-and this time nothing would stop IT.
Already the carriage had passed into West Virginia, Tristan and Jack were both tense as to what was waiting at home, though they hid it from Rosalie as well as they could. “Are Ты sure Ты don’t need to hunt?” Jack asked her for the billionth time.
She sighed but smiled. “I’m sure. The день I found Ты again we had hunted.” She made a face as she said...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
19: Every Breath Ты Take

Master watched and listened to everything that was happening. Master was less than pleased with the progress that Jack and Rosalie’s relationship was making. Master had believed that with time, it would have fallen apart.
For once, Master was wrong and this made Master very angry.
Master let it’s eyes drift from the lovebirds to IT. Smiling, Master saw that IT was doing IT’s job correctly. IT was back on the trail of the carriage, making IT’s way through Canada. Along the way, IT had taken down half a dozen undead monsters, and several еще since IT had entered...
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10: Hero

By then, the two had stopped fighting, though Alice was still fuming, not that Rosalie could really blame her. Once again, Alice was unsure what came next: half of her wanted to just run and run until she had left it all behind and the other wanted to stay though this was mostly to see what Rosalie meant by Jack meaning so much to her.
Tristan, Jack, Michael and David waited inside the carriage. Tristan was in no hurry and Jack would have jumped off and followed Rosalie in a second. That Kiss had sealed the deal and answered the Вопрос that had plagued him so many years: had she...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
6: Uninvited

Three tall men, dressed in dark cloaks, stopped upon seeing the girls and simply stared. “Why have we stopped?” called a male voice from behind them. Suddenly, a man appeared from behind them, though they followed him like a shadow. “Ah. Company.” Rosalie and Alice looked at each other then back to the men. “No need to fear” the man that had come from behind the three much larger ones said. “We come in peace.”
“All of you?” Rosalie asked wearily, eyeing the three men suspiciously.
The man smiled and turned to the trio. “Stand down” he сказал(-а) firmly, though...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
18: Home

The день was nearly over, by now they had reached their destination: Springfield, Illinois. Several times the carriage had stopped, Tristan leaving for short periods of time, always returning silent, the carriage marched on. He had retired when they were almost in Illinois, coming upon the border between Iowa and Illinois. David had remained with Jack and Rosalie, though he kept to himself, For Whom the колокол, колокольчик, белл Tolls had been replaced with A Tale of Two Cities. Eventually though he too went to his room, leaving Jack and Rosalie alone.
They were on the couch, Rosalie’s head on Jack’s...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
14: Can’t Stop This Thing We Started

Rose spent the night in Jack’s room, nestled in his arms, neither speaking, her head resting on his chest, breathing him into her, while his hands wandered the planes of her, wove their way through every strand of her perfect hair. While Jack did not know her answer, he felt an ease, an ease he hadn’t felt in decades. Somehow, he knew her mere presence was the cause.
Eventually, she sat up and looked down at him. He leaned up and once еще traced her face with the tips of his fingers. “Jack, when Ты сказал(-а) we would live simple, normal lives the way...
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The sound of the breaking glass stopped me from taking another step. I starred into the darkness ahead of me, this wasn’t where I wanted to be. I wanted to be with my mother. Mother. Why did I have to think of my mother? I tried not to think of the day…
But the memories of the dread filled night filled her head. I remember it as if it was yesterday.

There was banging on the front door. A manly voice yelling to let him in.
“KIDS! Go hide! Eric, take care of your sister, Clare! Hide and don’t come out!” my mother yelled to us.
“But where are Ты going to go?” Eric asked my mom.
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Chapter Three

All throughout their patrol, it was all James could do to keep his attention (and eyes) on the task at hand. He was still going over the час before patrol in his head, trying to make sense of it. Lily Evans, always the stoic one, afraid? It was hard to get his head around. Lily had always been the one to keep her head in the most panic-worthy of situations – like the time she found out that Remus is a werewolf.

It had been a particularly difficult full moon, the last one of their sixth год at Hogwarts. Wolf-Remus had been еще vicious than usual and both James and Sirius were...
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 1st Person = I, we, me, us, my, mine, our, ours. 2nd Person = you, your, yours. 3rd Person = he, she, it, they, him, her, it, them, his, her, hers, it, their, theirs.
1st Person = I, we, me, us, my, mine, our, ours. 2nd Person = you, your, yours. 3rd Person = he, she, it, they, him, her, it, them, his, her, hers, it, their, theirs.
First Person

First person Письмо is when the characters is speaking directly toward another person(You). Ты use words like "I", "Mine", "We", "Us." The character is telling the story to Ты themselves.

Second Person

Third person is the exact opposite. Instead of the character talking to you, the narrator is talking about the character. Your main words are "You", and "Your."

Third Person

Third person is almost similar to секунда person. The narrator is talking to you, but instead they use words like "He", "She", "It", and "They." Third person Книги often have the most detail.

For еще detailed descriptions, go to: link

When I was ten years old and i was playing b-ball and i broke my foot so we waited till the Далее day,my grama tok me cuz my mom and dad had to work,so we went and got the cast.
Then my grama&me went to a store it was right Далее to wal-mart and we walked around then i had to go to the bath room,the store had no bath room,so i told my grama and she still had to pay for her stuff so she сказал(-а) just go,so i walked in my bran-new crutches never used them before.
when i walked in the store i tripped on the stupid wal-mart rugg,i could not get up and i new my grama was not going to be here...
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Source: Brigham Young университет
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