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posted by whatsupbugs
Note: Бэтмен is owned by DC Comics and was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. Alice in Wonderland was written and created by Lewis Carroll. This story was made for my friend yorkshire_rose and is for both this website and Fanfiction.net.
The Joker, the clown prince of crime, was having a meeting with the Mad Hatter. The two of them chatted while sipping on some eccentric tasting tea. The Mad Hatter was unfamiliar with the Joker so he didn't know that the wicked clown had evil intentions. Joker was trying to seem like a nice fellow and Mad Hatter was crazy enough to believe him....
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posted by makintosh
Passing only requires 4 correct answers, okay?

1) How long did the Hundred Years War last?

2) Which country makes Panama hats?

3) From which animal do we get cat gut?

4) In which месяц do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?

5) What is a camel's hair brush made of?

6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?

7) What was King George VI's first name?

8) What color is a purple finch?

9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?

All done? Check your Ответы below!


1) How long did the Hundred Years War last?
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There have been several actors, who have voiced Бэтмен and some of them are еще beloved by the Фаны than their live-action counterparts. This Список is only for animated shows and films, not video games and other media, in order to keep the Список from being too long.

1. Olan Soule (1968-1983)

2. Adam West (1977, 1984-1986, 2016-2017)

3. Kevin Conroy (1992-1999, various other years)

4. Will Friedle (1999-2001)

5. Rino Romano (2004-2008)

6. Jeremy Sisto (2008)

7. Diedrich Bader (2008-2011, 2018)

8. William Baldwin (2010)

9. Bruce Greenwood (2010-2013, 2018)

10. Benjamin McKenzie (2011)

11. Peter Weller (2012)

12. Anthony Ruivivar (2013-2014)

13. Troy Baker (2013-2019)

14. Will Arnett (2014, 2017, 2019)

15. Jason O'Mara (2014-present)

16. Roger Craig Smith (2015-2019)

17. Jimmy Kimmel (2018)
Several people have played Batman. This Список is for the live-action Бэтмен actors. This Список excludes actors who played Бэтмен in things like commercials and Фан films.

1. Lewis Wilson (1943)

2. Robert Lowery (1949)

3. Adam West (1966-1968, 1979)

4. Michael Keaton (1989-1992)

5. Val Kilmer (1995)

6. George Clooney (1997)

7. Christian Bale (2005-2012)

8. David Mazouz (2014-2019)

9. Ben Affleck (2016-2017)

10. Iain Glen (2019)

11. Kevin Conroy (upcoming guest appearance on the CW's crossover event)

12. Robert Pattinson (future Бэтмен starting in 2021)
Several actors have played Batman. There have been over five live action versions of Бэтмен as well as various voice actors. People often discuss about which Бэтмен actor is the best. I think that the best is Adam West.

1. Adam West stood out еще than any other Бэтмен actor

Adam West got to play Бэтмен in a Показать that lasted over 100 episodes. That gave him plenty of time for his version of Бэтмен to be memorable. Later on he got to voice Бэтмен in Мультики which gave him a chance to play various versions of Batman. All of his performances as Бэтмен are a memorable treat.

The other live action...
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posted by JosepineJackson
God knew that everyone needs
Companionship and cheer,
He knew that people need someone
Whose toughts are always near.

He knew they needed some kind
To lend a helping hand.
Someone to gladly take the time
To care and understand.

God knew that we all needed someone
To share each happy day,
To be a Источник of courage
When troubles come our way.

Someone to be true to us,
Whether near или far apart.
Someone who's Любовь we'll always
Hold and treasure it our hearts
That's why God gave us friends.

And that's why God gave us each other.
Your friendship has always been a gift to me, Ты have helped me to get over hard...
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Болталка bits of trivia from the 60s' Бэтмен show.

* It was the very first Бэтмен TV show.

* The Показать had 3 seasons.

* The Riddler was the first villain to appear in the show.

* The Показать started in 1966 and ended in 1968.

* In the comics, Gotham has had various mayors. The Показать had a mayor, who wasn't from the comics, named Mayor Linseed.

* Catwoman was the show's only female villain who first appeared in the comics. The show's other female villains were created for the show.

* Although Chief O'Hara was a prominent supporting character, he first appeared in the show, not the comics.

* The Riddler...
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Adam West first started playing Бэтмен in 1966. Adam West was a Бэтмен Фан as a kid. He played Бэтмен in the show's 3 seasons, 120 episodes. He also played Бэтмен in the theatrical Бэтмен film, called "Batman: The Movie." The Показать and the film were done by Fox.

Adam West returned to playing Бэтмен in 1977. He voiced Бэтмен in "The New Adventures of Batman", which also had Burt Ward voicing Robin. The Показать lasted 16 episodes. The Показать was done by Filmation.

Adam West got to play Бэтмен in live-action, for the last time in the 1979 TV special, Legends of the Superheroes. It was also the live-action...
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The Joker is Batman's arch-enemy and has been in several versions of Batman. Joker was created back in 1940 and has remained Популярное and the most prominent Бэтмен villain. This Список is for the live-action shows and films that the Joker appeared in, not counting commercials and Фан films.

1. Cesar Romero (1966-1968)

2. Jack Nicholson (1989)

3. Roger Stoneburner (2002)

4. Heath Ledger (2008)

5. Cameron Monaghan (2014-2019)

6. Jared Leto (2016)

7. Joaquin Phoenix (2019)

8. Mark Hamill (upcoming TV crossover)
Robin, the boy wonder and Batman's first sidekick, has been excluded from some live-action versions of Batman. He was supposed to appear in the Tim полиспаст, бертон films, but was cut out. However, he has appeared various times in live-action. All of the live-action Robins are Dick Grayson, except for #5 who is John Blake.

1. Douglas Croft (1943)

2. Johnny Duncan (1949)

3. Burt Ward (1966-1968, 1979)

4. Chris O'Donnell (1995-1997)

5. Joseph Gordon Levitt (2012)

6. Brenton Thwaites (2018-present)
Several women had meowed their way into the role of Catwoman. This Список is for the purrfect shows and films that the villainous feline appeared in. Other forms media, like commercials and Фан films, got scratched off this list.

1. Julie Newmar (1996-1967)

2. Lee Meriwether (1966)

3. Eartha Kitt (1968)

4. Michelle Pfeiffer (1992)

5. Halle Berry (2004)

6. Anne Hathaway (2012)

7. Camren Bicondova (2014-2018)

8. Lili Simmons (2019)

According to reports, Catwoman will likely appear in the 2021 Бэтмен film. It's unknown who will play her.
Here are some Болталка facts about the 1960s' greatest film, Batman: The Movie.

* Not counting movie serials, this is the 2nd superhero film. The first one was Супермен and the моль Men.

* This is one of three Бэтмен films that have Adam West and Burt Ward. The other two are Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders and Бэтмен vs. Two-Face.

* This is the only Бэтмен film that has Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, and Frank Gorshin.

* This is the only time Lee Meriwether played Catwoman. However, she played Lisa Carson, a woman who was kidnapped by King Tut, in the show's секунда season. She also voiced...
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Супермен hasn't had as many films as Batman. However, he was the first superhero to have a film and he's had quite a few films. This Список doesn't include Justice League films.

1. Супермен and the моль Men (1951)

2. Супермен (1978)

3. Супермен 2 (1981)

4. Супермен 3 (1983)

5. Супермен 4: The Quest For Peace (1987)

6. Superman: Brainiac Attacks (2006)

7. Супермен Returns (2006)

8. Супермен Doomsday (2007)

9. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009)

10. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)

11. Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam (2010)

12. All-Star Супермен (2011)

13. Супермен vs. the Elite (2012)

14. Superman: Unbound (2013)

15. Man of Steel (2013)

16. Бэтмен V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

17. The Death of Супермен (2018)

18. Reign of the Supermen (2019)

Spin-Off Films:

1. Supergirl (1984)

2. Steel (1997)
posted by whatsupbugs
Berni when I needed a friend, Ты came along and helped me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

When things are getting a little too dark, Ты brighten things up. Ты use your optimistic kindness and sweetness, to make the atmosphere еще pleasant.

When a friend is in need, Ты come and support them. Ты care and respect your friends, including me. Ты Показать us kindness, trust, patience, and heartwarming emotions.

No matter what the weather is like, it's always shining with brightness, when Ты Показать up.

You're еще than just kind. You're pure of heart, inspiring, heroic, and considerate. I could never thank Ты enough.

Please keep being yourself, because you're absoultely wonderful.
posted by whatsupbugs
This song is a version of Laurent Faust and Barry Harman's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's theme song.

The Song:

My little Berni, my little Berni. My little Berni, I used to wonder what friendship could be, until Ты shared it's magic with me. Big adventures, tons of props, a beautiful heart, faithful and strong, sharing magic is an easy feat and your kindness makes it all complete. My little Berni, did Ты know you're one of my very best friends?

I hope Ты like the song Berni. You've done so much for me and Ты make my time on Fanpop so much better.
A recurring trend in Бэтмен shows is to primarily use Batman's main enemies, while throwing in a few new villains. The 60s' Бэтмен Показать created several of their own villains.

Villains That Were Originally From The Comics:

The Joker (In most versions of Batman, the Joker is Batman's main enemy. However, in the 60's show, he and пингвин had the same amount of appearances. Also, пингвин was the one who called the shots in the 60s' movie.)

The Penguin


The Riddler (Riddler was actually a minor Бэтмен villain in the comics. Thanks to how great the Riddler was in the 60s' show, he's become one...
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The Heroes:

Adam West as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Burt Ward as Robin/Richard Grayson

Alan Napier as Alfred Pennyworth

Neil Hamilton as Commissioner Gordon

Stafford Repp as Chief O'Hara

Yvonne Craig as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon (Season 3)

Madge Blake as Harriet Cooper

William Dozier (the show's creator) as the Narrator

The Villains:

Cesar Romero as the Joker

Burgess Meredith as the пингвин

Julie Newmar as Catwoman (Seasons 1-2)

Frank Gorshin as the Riddler (Seasons 1 and 3, The Movie)

Victor Buono as King Tut

Vincent Price as Egghead (Seasons 2-3)

Lee Meriwether as Catwoman (The Movie), Lisa Carson (Season 2)

Eartha Kitt as Catwoman (Season 3)

David Wayne as the Mad Hatter (Seasons 1-2)

John Astin as the Riddler (Season 2)

George Sanders as Mr. Freeze (Season 1)

Otto Preminger as Mr. Freeze (Mr. Freeze's first appearance in Season 2)

Eli Wallach as Mr. Freeze (Mr. Freeze's секунда appearance in Season 2)
posted by whatsupbugs
Bernie, also known as Yorkshire Rose, is a Fanpop member who's very Популярное and she sure has earned that.

When I first met Berni, she would say nice, sweet things and I was pleasantly surprised by how kind hearted she was. I started talking to her еще often which made me realize how absolutely wonderful she is.

Berni always writes messages that shows that she cares about her Друзья and she's always eager to make them happy. She's never rude или grumpy. She's a delightful and inspiring person.

Berni often makes my days better by putting me in a good mood with her supportive, comforting words. I feel honored and lucky to be Друзья with her.

Berni represents the best type of people: People who treat others with in the most friendly and loving way possible. Her kindness never fails to shine out and she always brightens things on Fanpop. Thank Ты for everything.
posted by Princess-Yvonne
Come to the бабочка ball,
And dance in the moonlit hall,
Under the trees,
With the birds and the bees,
With the Феи for Ты to enthral.

They'll cast down their light from the skies,
It will sparkle and dazzle your eyes,
You'll see them all there,
Afloat in the air,
With their magic that none can deny.

Sit in the magic light circle,
Upon soft petals of purple,
Twirl in the breeze,
Drink honeydew mead,
Upon the back of a turtle.

The Pixies and elves will be there,
They'll run round your toes without care,
They'll sing and they'll dance,
In a midsummer's trance,
And each will have mischief to share.

So come to the бабочка ball,
Just follow the great waterfall,
By the rainbows end,
Were the silver brook bends,
Where the nightingale sings out her call.
posted by mrcodegeass
Bernadette is a Fanpop member named Yorkshire Rose. She has been on Fanpop for a long time and Fanpop's a better place because of that.

What makes Bernadette such a special friend is that she's one of the most generous and friendly people that Fanpop has ever had. She constantly gives out some of Fanpop's most delightful props. Getting a благодарность from her is always a treat.

There are several people on Fanpop that are really kind and Bernadette is among the most kind that Fanpop has ever had. She has several Друзья on Fanpop and she seems to generous to all of them.

Berni makes Fanpop a better place. She brings happiness to Fanpop and makes the website a еще charming and optimistic experience. It's always nice to look at her profile's Стена to see all the adorable messages that her Друзья have sent her.

Thank Ты Bernadette for being a wonderful friend and for making Fanpop a еще friendly place.