A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet
Just like with my Избранное Список my opinion has changed with in this subject and I'm remaking this because of the newest member. Unlike the last time I made this I don't think all of the young heroines are beautiful but none are ugly или homely. Please leave a Комментарий telling what Ты think of it please keep in mind it's only an opinion, enjoy.

The hawian cutie that tamed the alien beast

10.Lilo(Lilo and Stitch) unfortunately dispite being in my вверх 5 favorites, she's just cute at best. She's not ugly at all! However she doesn't really have many pretty shots, she's always just cute. Her cheeks are chubby like a child, which she is a child. Her best feature is obviously her hair, it's so beautiful. I Любовь how bouncy, shiney, and lushes it is! Her eyes are unique and she has a sweet smile. However her nose is just horrible and she's too young, she's only six years old. But she is the prettiest girl in her movie, though that's not saying much. Her sister is only slightly less cute than Lilo, Mertle is ugly, and Mertles Друзья are plainly cute. Even though she's just cute and isn't a beauty she is still the beauty who tamed the beast.

The plainly pretty orphan girl

9.Penny(The Rescuers) unfortunately she's in the same spot as she was in my Избранное list. Don't get me wrong she's a pretty girl but is also plain, she's plainly pretty. She has an adorible smile, a cute nose, and her eyes are really pretty when she says "Hi! Where'd Ты come from?". However her facial features are kinda plain and basic. Her hair is okay and kinda cute but is too short, especially to be in pigtails. I think her hair would be cuter if it was down. I think her best feature is her smile but her worst feature is her hair. Another reason she's so low is because of the bad Анимация and that she's so young, seven или eight years old. She's plainly pretty but is the prettiest in her movie because Medusa is so ugly, her adopted mother is homely, and any other human female in the movie is bland and homely. Well at least she's the prettiest in something, but the same with Lilo that's not saying much.

The cutesy pretty rich New York girl

8.Jenny(Oliver and Company) unfortunately I Любовь her personality еще than I do her looks. She's cutesy pretty but isn't exactly truely pretty like others girls and isn't beautiful at all, but I think she will one day. Her best feature is her smile it's so sweet! Her eyes and hair are cute and kinda pretty, her nose is as cute as a button. I also Любовь her style of outfits because for a redhead it's kinda daring because she wears розовый and red outfits. Apperently there's some stupid rule that redheads can't wear those colors, but she doesn't care and she looks adorible while wearing them. However she's just too young seven but eight at the end of the movie. Plus the Анимация isn't that good, don't get me wrong she's pretty but in a еще cutsey way. But she is the prettiest girl in her movie but that's because she's the only human girl in the movie.

The typical pretty British girl

7.Wendy(Peter Pan) I think she's very pretty but not beautiful, she does have a few beauty moments but в общем и целом, общая just pretty. Her best feature is her eyes, they can Показать such emotion and thinking in them. Her smile is lovely and her nose is cute. Her worst feature is her hair, it's so ugly she's the only young heroine that has ugly hair, IMO. However when her hair is wet it looks kinda pretty. But her bangs are awful, the curles are stupid, and the color is a terrible shade of brown. Another reason she's so low is her HUGE forehead! I think her look is too typical looking in her time period and isn't unique at all. She's unfortunately not the prettiest girl in her movie I think that the mermaids, Tinkerbell, and Tiger Lily are all prettier than her, they're so beautiful. She's prettier than her mom who's just cute at best, and that indian woman who keeps telling Wendy to get firewood she's so ugly. I think she's much prettier as an adult, as an adult she's so beautiful and is obviously one of the prettiest animated moms, and her hair is actually nice looking.

The цветок of Wonderland

6.Alice(Alice In Wonderland) dispite being one of my Избранное Дисней characters she's just pretty not beautiful. Her best feature to me is her eyes for the same reason as Wendy. Her hair is very pretty and kinda beautiful, her nose is nice, and she has such a lovely smile. She kinda looks like a younger version of Cinderella(In the first movie). She's definitely the prettiest girl in the movie, her sister is plainly pretty and The Queen of Hearts is so ugly. She's a pretty as a daisy, which means she's as pretty as can be but lacks a certain something and isn't beautiful. Just like Wendy she's a typical British looking girl with nothing much unique about her. It was hard deciding who was prettier Alice или Wendy, because they have the same face. However I went with Alice because Alice has pretty hair and Wendy has ugly hair.

The computer animated beauty

5.Penny(Bolt) I actually think she's really pretty. Her best feature to me is her hair it's so beautifully animated(especially in this picture). She has a cute nose, nice eyes, and a lovely smile. Looks like the newest young heroine did a great job in the look department for me. In her limited amout of screentime one thing she did perfect was look pretty. However even though she's really suger pretty she doesn't do justice to her voice actress Miley Cyrus in the looks department. I think Miley is the most beautiful girl in the world! But she is the prettiest girl in her movie but she doesn't really have competition at all. The only reason that she didn't make it higher is that she's very pretty but not beautiful. Her eyes are nice they're too big, big eyes don't work with CGI, they make them seem kinda weird because CGI looks еще realistic. However my вверх 4 are beautiful.

The exotic цветок

4.Shanti(The Jungle Book 2) now we're at the heroines I think are beautiful, she's perfectly beautiful in both the first and секунда movie. However she looks slightly prettier in the sequel because she has a prettier hair style and кулер, охладитель clothes. Her best feature is obviously her big brown beautiful eyes, they're what helped her seduce Mowgli. She also has such pretty hair, еще so in the sequel and a dazeling smile. Her hair style in the original looks like it should be on a five год old little girl, her sequel hair style Форс-мажоры her better. She kinda looks like a young version of Jasmine. However what kept her from getting higher is that I believe to be her worst feature her nose, it's not awful it's okay but not cute. She is the most beautiful girl in her movie even though her mom and Mowgli's adopted mom are beautiful too.

A unique British beauty

3.Jane(Peter Pan 2: Return To Neverland) I believe that she's a million times prettier than her mother. Her best feature it's hard to decide between her eyes and her smile they're both so beautiful. Her nose is as cute as a button! Also unlike most people I actually like her hair even though to me it's her worst feature. I think it's cool and unique it's like something you'd see a rockstar или popstar have I also think she looks like a younger version of Cinderella(In the third movie). Unlike Wendy and Alice I actually believe that Jane is a unique british beauty. Not just because she has a unique hair style, but she actually has a unique style about her. Like her outfit for example she has a nightgown that looks just like Wendy's only it's purple, she adds her own style with grey socks and a dark purple jacket. Plus her features are just so beautiful! To me she's the most beautiful in her movie even though adult Wendy, Tinkerbell, and the Русалки are beautiful too. She's definitely in my вверх five most beautiful childhood animated heroines. The only reason she's not in the вверх two is because the other two are just еще beautiful.

Aurora's WAY prettier little sister

2.Eilonwy(The Black Cauldron) this girl is unbelievably gorgeous, she's еще beautiful than most of the adult heroines. Her best feature is obviously her gorgeous hair. I also Любовь her beautiful blue eyes, cute nose, and dazeling smile. I think she looks like a younger version of Aurora but WAY prettier! I believe when she's older she'll be ever еще beautiful, her facial features are softer than Aurora's and she actual has an eye color she sticks with, her smiles not vain, and her hair is еще natural looking. I think Eilonwy is underrated to some extent in beauty with some people. I think she's one of the most beautiful childhood animated heroines, she's in my вверх five. She's definitely the most beautiful in the movie, she doesn't have any compitition at all really. The reason she's not number one is because she can't compare to my number one.

The gem of the sea

1.Melody(The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea) yeah this was a really big surprise, I hope nobody has a heartattack and dies from this surprise! Anyway I actually think she's prettier than Ariel but only slightly. What makes her prettier is her eyes are prettier, her nose is cuter, her smile is lovelier, and her bangs are еще messy making her еще natural looking. Her best feature is her dazeling smile, it's the best smile ever! Her lips and cheeks are a pretty shade of pink, as розовый as blossems. She has the cutest nose ever, such long beautiful hair, and gorgeous light blue eyes. She has the beauty of both her mother and her father, even though she's еще attractive than both of them. I think she(along with Анастасия and Odette) is the most beautiful animated female that ever existed. She's definetely the most beautiful in her movie of course though Ariel's beautiful too, that mermaid is very pretty, Snob girl is homely, the rest of Ariel's sisters, Carlotta, and Morgana are ugly. I hope to one день have a daughter who looks exactly like her.