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I found this AMV on Youtube and thought that I'd share it with you.
posted by faya27
Ariel lifted her eyelids open as the sun rays via the window curtains kissed her face. She rose up from her постель, кровати and looked at the clock on the Стена in front of her. it сказал(-а) six-thirty two. She walked out of her room and went inside Melody's room.

"Melody? Wake up," Ariel softly patted her on the shoulder. Melody rose from her постель, кровати very groggily.

"Good morning, sweetie!" Ariel said, cheerfully.

"Good morning," сказал(-а) Melody. She stretched her arms. Meanwhile, Eric was walking in toward Melody's room to wake her up. He was surprised to see that Ariel had already woken Melody up. He smiled, relieved...
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posted by faya27
A few days went by as the same routine. Ariel takes Melody to school, runs errands for Eric, picks up Melody from school, feeds Melody dinner, and tucks her in bed, while Eric comes Главная from work. On her first day-off on Sunday before leaving with Andrina for church, Eric had дана Ariel her first salary. Ariel had thanked him very generously for her reward. She blushed as she remembered hugging him tenderly that day. Was she allowed to hug her boss? Maybe a handshake would have been proper? Gee, she hoped her boss wasn't mad? Was he?

Today's Thursday and Ariel was trying to find the neighboring...
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posted by faya27
Chapter 13

Later at 8pm, when Eric walked out the office, he only wondered one thing. How am I going to tell Melody? I don't want to disappoint her. But I don't want to disappoint my boss, either! Despite Roy's answer, he thought of asking Walt anyway. No, it would not make much a difference. Eric know how loyal Walt is to the Red Rabbit Company-after all, he was the one who built it. Walt would say the same answer. He sighed dejectedly, got inside his jeep, and drove away. Little did he know, two pairs of yellow eyes were watching him, behind from a silver Saturn.

"He just left the building,...
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posted by faya27
Chapter 4

After Ariel waved goodbye to Eric and Melody, she carefully crossed the улица, уличный to meet up with her brother. Her sandy-colored haired brothers was holding a carton of молоко that he bought from the Deli.

"Ariel, what was going on? Who was that man Ты were talking to?" камбала asked.

"I was trying to save his daughter," Ariel explained.

"Really?" камбала asked.

"It's a long story," сказал(-а) Ariel. As they walk away from the Deli, Ariel told камбала the details of the story such as saving Melody, standing up to Eric, and a ужин with them. When she finished, камбала was amazed. That was a...
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posted by faya27
Chapter 2

Melody's Nanny Chapter 2

Normally, Eric would be in his office, working on countless papers for his boss. But last night, after he put the nanny advertisement on the newspaper, he had requested a день off on Saturday from his boss thus he could find a nanny for Melody. His boss agreed and hoped to have him back at work soon.
Now Saturday came and everybody read Eric's advertisement. Many nanny candidates showed up at Eric's house. The Interviews took place in the living room. While Eric was sure to hire a nanny, Melody was not thrilled.

I don't know why Daddy is doing this! I don't want...
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posted by faya27
Chapter 1

"Melody, wake up," сказал(-а) Eric as he patted his five-year-old daughter on the arm.

"Five еще minutes, Daddy," Melody yawned.

"But Melody today is your first день at your new school. If Ты don't get up, you'll be late," Eric responded.

"I don't want to go to school today!" сказал(-а) Melody.

"Melody, get out of постель, кровати right now или I'll spank you," Eric firmly stated.

Melody's eyes went wide and quickly got out of bed. Eric left while she got dressed. She took her розовый pajamas off and tossed them on her bed. Then, Melody slowly put her on her outfit on. She dressed slowly since she did not want to...
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