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posted by BloodyMascara_

Age: 14

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Saphire Blue

Height: 6'0

Weight: 115lbs

Powers: Phasing, invisiblity, water bending(freezing, shaping, moving, evap, ect).

Weapons: Swords, and the occasional mace.

History: Austyn lived in a happy family in France, until they turned on him. He had to run away, they found him begging for spare change in the streets. They took him Главная and beat him to teach him a lesson. He moved to america, he got a job, and learned little english. His family is still looking for him. In the wrong place.

Personality: Austyn is pretty open and nice. He knows when to be serious. When he sees someone down или upset, he would go over there and poke them, или hug them. He likes everyone to be happy and together. Quiet when it comes to fighting или family.

S'tume: Leather куртка and white tanktop underneath. Black-washed jeans.
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 Secret-Day time
Secret-Day time
Name: Trevor Wright
Alias: Secret
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Trevor posses different powers at different times of day. Day-strength, light, fire, wind. Night-speed, shadows, darkness, water. Trevor is also a master spy and trained extensively in combat. He has never been detected and has endurance that lasts twenty-four hours. Trevor loves to use a gun in the день and a sword at night.
History: Trevor was raised on the streets of London, England. He is, as far as he knows, an orphan. His powers manifest from his X-gene. He was taken in by a sly shape-shifter, who intended to sell Trevor to the highest...
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posted by GambetteYJ
 Kioshi Knight
Kioshi Knight
Alter Ego: Kioshi Knight

Age: 14

Eye Colour: red

Hair Colour: dark brown

Height: 5’2

Weight: 110 lbs

Personality: quiet (duh), laid back almost to the point of emotionless, defensive, loyal, suspicious/untrusting, proud

Powers: flight, teleportation, super stealth, intangibility and an expert in hand-to-hand combat. She can use the edges of her high density polymerized titanium cape as a blade to slice through things.

Weakness: Because of her lack of trust towards others, she is naturally hesitant and resigned when it comes to team work или bonding activities. She is also proud, so if she needs help,...
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posted by Lollipop97
Full Name: Andrew Collins

Nicknames: Andy, Allie, A-man.

Age: 15

Aliases: Aurum

Identity: Secret to anyone but his family and the Justice League.

Nationality: American

Father: Damon Collins, brooding, grumpy 51-year-old who disapproves of anything involving superpowers или inhuman abilities. He left his family when he became aware of Andrew’s powers.
Mother: Macey Collins, 47, stressed business woman who mostly leaves her kids to themselves so that she can work. She loves them but is too busy to take good care of them and be a good mother.
Older brother: Marcel Collins, 17 years, he plays...
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Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park. Just listen to it, it literally is an exact summary of my life, and an amazing song to boot. Well it's Linkin Park, what else is new?
young justice oc
Linkin Park
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These rules were made and approved by Kaldur Ahum and Batman. I am dead serious with these, no mattter how illegitement they may seem.

1) No hacking. Anything. (Robin)

2) No Parties with еще than five people from outside the team/League (Wally)

3) No Бэтмен video games (Wally, Robin, Gambette)

4) No making anymore "Gambette's банан Flambe"

5) If Ты break rule four, Ты can clean the банан off the ceiling this time.

6) No еще "Show and Tell" time (Wally)

7) No еще demanding Wally taste your Еда before Ты eat it to make sure it isn't poisoned.

8) No coffee for Wally, Robin или Gambette. EDIT:...
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Fin's face was filled with an expression of such pure wrath and fury that I was scared she was going to strangle Бэтмен on the spot. "He's GONE?"
Without warning, her hands ignited in a burning flame. I had learned by now that the огонь didn't harm her and wouldn't harm us, either, but it was still startling.
"How's he missing? How? Why?" Wally sputtered, his voice echoeing everyone's feelings. "Right then," сказал(-а) Megan, who somehow had remained calm amidst the chaos that had ensued. "To the bioship?"
They all started to go towards the hangar. I began to sink back down on the couch, knowing...
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