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posted by BloodyMascara_

Age: 14

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Saphire Blue

Height: 6'0

Weight: 115lbs

Powers: Phasing, invisiblity, water bending(freezing, shaping, moving, evap, ect).

Weapons: Swords, and the occasional mace.

History: Austyn lived in a happy family in France, until they turned on him. He had to run away, they found him begging for spare change in the streets. They took him Главная and beat him to teach him a lesson. He moved to america, he got a job, and learned little english. His family is still looking for him. In the wrong place.

Personality: Austyn is pretty open and nice. He knows when to be serious. When he sees someone down или upset, he would go over there and poke them, или hug them. He likes everyone to be happy and together. Quiet when it comes to fighting или family.

S'tume: Leather куртка and white tanktop underneath. Black-washed jeans.
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Note: This is the ONLY song he knows on the guitar, because he can't sing while he plays his tenor (or alto) sax and the Пианино makes Bonnie sleepy.
posted by ArwinYJ
Name: Lana Copeg
Alias: Arwin
Age: 16
Occupation/Alliance: Hero

Appearance: Long black hair, оранжевый eyes, 5' 5"

Powers/skills/weapons: powers over the element earth, martial arts, and her family heir loom (a magic staff)

Personality: Withdrawn, optimistic, kind, brave, courageous, shy, cynical, hard-working, loyal

History: After being дана into the care of her grandparents without warning Lana's parents mysteriously went missing. Lana discovered their family heir loom when she went looking for her parents a год later. She took the heir loom into her possesion after Чтение a note left with the heir loom by her parents. When she was fifteen she left her grandparents to train her powers. After training for three years and discovering many things Lana returned to her grandparent's house to find them gone. From that point on Lana decided that secrets only killed people rather than kept the safe.
 Arwin's staff
Arwin's staff
Homework One-Shot

(This fanfiction may include SUGGESTIVE material not appropriate for younger people. Just a warning)

Sam had just come back from a diving mission in New York Harbor. His suit was soaked as was he. And he smelled like garbage. He was just about to step in the showers when his phone buzzed. Sam picked it up. It was a text message from Holly.

"Pls hlp w/ hmwrk"

Sam sighed and replied he'd be over in ten before stepping under the hot stream of water. He bathed quickly and dried off, slipping on a white длинный рукав рубашка and a red button up that was left undone. He slid on jeans and...
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posted by Caitlyn_Grayson
Name: Caitlyn Eleanor Grayson
Alias: BrightStar
Age: 14
Relationship to Team: Robin’s cousin
Appearance: Caitlyn is tall, about 5’6” или 5’7”. She has straight blonde hair, a little longer than shoulder length, that she sometimes wears in a ponytail, and blue eyes (like those of her cousins Dick, Kyra, and Danna). She wears a blue t-shirt или tank вверх and short-shorts (at least on sunny days).
Personality: Caitlyn is fun, funny, and always cheerful and in a good mood. She is very high energy, extremely practical and a good problem solver. She is confident, friendly, and really determined...
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posted by AislingYJ
So I got this brilliant idea for a roleplay (well maybe not so brilliant, Ты guys are the judge on that) and I don't know what website to make it on.
Can Ты tell me what Ты think of the idea?

Ten years after the creation of the original Young Justice team, the world is in turmoil. A new, extremely powerful enemy, Project X, has arisen and has torn apart society. They have manipulated the United Nations and the government of every single country to turn against all aliens, meta-humans, and humans associated with either group, and murder them all. The governments have issued civilians and targeted...
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Luke sat on the диван, мягкий уголок watching tv, though he wasnt really watching the tv, еще или less he was in deep thought wondering if Artemis was okay, never did Artemis leave Lucas alone with Flynn. He knew something was up ,but knew Artemis would be furious if he took Flynn along with him. He heard someone walk down the hall with heavy footsteps and saw Red Tornado walk in, a smirk spread across his face, " Эй, red " he said, Red Tornado turned to look at him. " yes Gravityboy what seems to be the reason Ты are calling me? " he asked, Lucas got up with Flynn in his arms, " well i was wondering if...
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posted by Shade_YJ
Name: Shade

Occupation: Hero

Secret ID: Gwen Thermopiles

Age: 14

Appearance: Brown hair, Золото eyes, tall and willowy.

Powers: Can make her self invisible and can make very strong force fields.

Hero costume: Black and silver unitard, silver utility belt, black gloves that can hold a holographic computer, and black boots.

Civvies: Blue shirt, purple jacket, quarter pant blue jeans and Nike баскетбол shoes.

Personality: Bold, Strong and can sometimes be a bit shifty.

Past: Past is unknown.
posted by MaiaYJ
OOC: Tell me if Ты guys like it! I might just continue this if Ты do! Key: Anything in italics is a flashback!

"They're in our forest!" Maia shouted angrily, throwing her quiver and bow to the ground. "Why are they in our forest? It's our home!" She glanced to her adoptive sister sitting lazily on the couch, petting the хорек on her lap. "I don't know, maybe they live around here или something? A new neighbor?" Ryder didn't take her eyes off the leather-clad book she was reading. "You don't get it! They're going to drive us off our own land and kill us! Just like they did with mom and dad!"...
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25 Ways to Survive your First Encounter with Red Revenge (Alive, that is)

1: Do NOT call him Samy, Sam, Dude, Bro, etc. Call him "Red Revenge" или "Sir" (Double R is fine too.)

2: Don't make fun of the cape.

3: Don't make snide Комментарии about losers who don't have superpowers. (Last I checked, the guy is still in ICU)

4: Don't make remarks about him Актёрское искусство like Batman. (You'll wish Ты were in ICU)

5: Don't mention the word "revenge" and "unnecessary" in the same sentence.

6: Don't make snide remarks about rich brats who buy friends.

7: Don't insult Holly.

8: Don't ask why he's partnered with a bunch...
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posted by Kenzie_KarmaYJ
Kenzie freaks out when Robin tells her that she's going to go insane if she stays with Brennan for too much longer. She watches the fight begin as Brennan picks her up and tightens his grip on her. Screaming, she accidentally freezes time. She then asks for an explanation from Robin, who tells her Fin's real story and who Kenzie was. Kenzie gets really upset by this and time is unfrozen, but no one actually notices. Chelsea gets the upper hand and attacks everyone.

OOC: FINAL INSTALLMENT FRIDAY!!! 'bout damn time too...
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posted by Red_HoodYJ
A/N If Ты don't like nasty-ish things and blood and stuff like that, skip from the "(Warning Thing!)" to the last authors note.

She burst from the tunnel she was in and out into the open. As she was riding, she pulled out a long piece of tape, some wires and two disconnected bombs. Red wired them together, then drove off the road. She jumped off of the motorcycle and taped the bomb to the motorcycle. She heard the roar of an engine and sprinted away. The Bat-Clan entered the clearing in the Bat-mobile as Red капот, худ sprinted away. She pressed a trigger and the bomb started its countdown. When...
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((A/N So this is a fic me and McLovin_69 are doing together))

11:00pm exactly. Artemis walked down the sidewalks of Gotham. She managed to leave Flynn with Lucas while she went to spend the evening with her mother. The usual sounds of cars and people still erupted late into the night. Despite her awful childhood Artemis still loved the city.
She finally came across the familiar, brick apartment building. She walked up the concrete stairs of the dimly lit halls. Artemis came to the 7th floor, apartment G-6. She reached into her pocket pulling out the key and putting it in the lock, unlatching...
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( Bonjour!! Mclovin here me and ArtemisYJ be writtin buddies hehehehehehehehe)

The streets were silent during the night, it was like this basically every night so it didnt seem to be any different then usual. He played his гитара gentley his fingers came across the strings creating a beautiful tune, he heard the sound of change land in his case and looked up to see a man in a suit with a breif case continue on his way, he stopped playing and looked at the time, 10: 23 PM, it was getting late it looked like it was time to turn it in for the night, he took the change he had gotten playing out...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Nudge civvies 1
Nudge civvies 1
Yes, I made Nudge a villain. *shrugs* OH WELL!

Name: McKenzie Styles

Alias: Nudge

Occupation: Villain

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Powers: Flight (wings), telekinesis, ability to inflict a mental illusion of burning pain, expert hacker, experct gunsman, Posses some magic, superspeed, superstrength, perfect vision, and great hearing

Past: Created as a experiment just like Fang, Nudge escaped at the age of 9 along with Max, Izzy, The Gasman, Angel, and Kylie. She traveled wherever Fang went, except when it came to dealing with Seraphs. Nudge was a hero, until her powers spiraled and went out of control. Turning her eyes completely red.

Notes: -Nudge has a 10 год old brother named Keaton
-Nudge has long hair in civvies and short hair in villain
-She is part vampire
-Nudge now has black bat wings.
 Nudge civvies 2
Nudge civvies 2
 Nudge villain stealth
Nudge villain stealth
 Nudge villain
Nudge villain