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The group walked through the woods. Three days have passed since their "small" encounter with Chaser and the fall of Delta. A still silence was set over them since then, not one person had сказал(-а) a thing. Melissa decided it was too quiet,"Are we there yet!!?"
"Almost, we're in the Golden Highlands." Becca muttered as she continued to lead the group forward.
"What about Chaser?" Bentley growled.
"We'll face him."
"We're here."

All eyes fell on the castle. Becca scowled,"So? We трещина, сплит into groups?"
The others nodded. She turned to them. "Okay Bloodaxe, Tesla, and Onyx stay guard outside. Nightlock and Silver Энджел I want Ты two to infiltrate the building and get rid of any guards that could notice me. Alice guard the princess' room. Finally Phoenix and Tiger Storm scout the land for Chaser."
The group nodded and moved to position.


Chaser watched the group from the shadows a smirk of remorse formed behind his mask,"They're lucky..They can almost kill each other, yet turn around and forgive each other.Like a family, I guess I won't understand what it's like.. at least not any more." His smirk faded and his eyes closed,"They have the story so wrong..." he sighed as he vanished.


Becca slipped into the замок leaping from rafter to rafter. She passed a few guards, unconscious, so she guessed Ayress and Bentley did their job. Her pace quickened as she spotted Phoebe in front of the target's room. She dropped down and Phoebe whispered,"Lock picked already just slip in," Becca thanked her and slid in. Her eyes rested on a small little girl, sleeping, her sides heaved softly and Becca couldn't help but smile. Quickly she picked up the girl and headed for the door. Quickly every one rallied up at the front of the castle. The group decided to head out but all stopped in their tracks as a shape was there, плащ flowing
"It's him!" Aisling screeched,"Kill him!!"
Ayress held up a hand,"What Tiger Stream.."
"What do Ты want, Chaser?" Mel scowled.
"Just for some fun." He snorted.
"Fun? Ты think killing innocent little girls is fun?" Nick retorted.
"Oh innocent? I think not! Ты are all so blind! Do Ты not see each other's intentions? You'll end up killing each other over the money! Trust me!"
"Trust you? NEVER!" Kyra screamed.
"Becca protect the girl! We got him!" Phoebe shouted as she charged for him.

Rolling his eyes he vanished into a tree," I'm not looking for a fight."
"Then what do Ты want!?" Phoebe growled.
" For Ты to leave the girl alone!" He pounced off the дерево and ran at Becca only to be tackled by Bentley.
"Guys I got him!" Bentley cheered. "Hold him down."
Twan and Nick gripped into Chaser's arms deeply as Ayress and Phoebe held down his legs. Mel walked up and placed a нож at his throat.
"Let's see what's under that mask!" Benltey smiled as he reached for the mask.
"No!" Chaser growled.
But Bentley was already pulling the mask off.
"Look he-. He? He isn't a he!?" Bentley yelped as Chaser's golden locks caressed her face.
"But! How?" Mel spat.
A cold dark glare formed in Chaser's red eyes her mouth was painted with a snarl and she hissed,"What have Ты done Ты idiot!!"
She struggled to Переместить but was pushed down.
"Death!" Phoebe called out.
Becca was already making her way over. Shock filled her eyes. "But you're suppose to be male!"
"Only one way to find out." Nick smiled evilly.
"Not now Tesla." She glared but looked back at Chaser. "How are Ты a girl?"
Chaser knew she was cornered and most likely was going to die so she decided to spill it.
" I'm Blade, sister of the original Chaser, he was killed years назад so I decided to take after him. I killed the whole clan. It was The Blood Clan,it no longer exists because of me." Her eyes seemed to fill with pain but her expression stayed.
"Then why try to stop us, if this has nothing to do with the princess." Becca frowned.
"That's where Ты idiots come in. Do Ты really think the king will really give Ты money? Of course not. And if he does it won't be enough for all ten- i mean nine of you. He'll send guards to track Ты down. He will kill all of you! Plus," her eyes fixed on the girl,"I don't want someone's family to be torn apart like mine was." She blinked and struggled more.

"Do Ты really think we'll believe you, that you're protecting the little girl because Ты don't want tears to fall? Wow.." Mel spat.
"Mel, she has a point." Becca reasoned.
"She's right, even if we do get the money, the King's army outnumbers all of our clan's ten to one."
"What are we going to tell the leaders?"
Blade interrupted,"Tell them Chaser was after her too, and got to her first, he killed her so Ты killed him."
"They'll find out the daughter's alive!" Mel whined.
" Not if Ты don't tell them they won't! Now let me go."
They looked up at Becca who nodded, and released Blade," I'll be on my way... I won't bother any of Ты any more. As long as Ты don't tell them who I was. Chaser is dead. Let's keep it that way."

:~**~:How Chaser Became Chaser:~**~:

~Diary Entry 216~

I was only fourteen he was fifteen. We we're playing tag. He grabbed me, picked me up, twirled me, and pulled me into a hug. I know he wasn't the best person in the world, he'd украл, палантин and killed, but it was to protect me to help me flourish. Flourish I did. One день some big men came to our house. I was so confused. They grabbed him and pushed him to the ground and arrested him. I was left in the dust crying and lost.

The Далее день I found out he was sentenced to execution. I went and watched him be hung. The way his legs drooped and the blood trickled from his mouth made something in me change that day.

Two years later, I was tired of moping around so I ventured out to find out what my brother had done. I went Главная and went into his room and searched. It took hours but I discovered a loose board and removed it from the floor. To my surprise I discovered a mask with a cat like shape, a long red cloak, a black suit, and a sword. I shook out the плащ and found a small note.

"Dear Blade,
I, you're brother, have discovered they have figured out my doing. I never told Ты but I put on these clothes and go by the name of Chaser. This is how I stayed uncovered for so long. Blade, when they come and get I'll be hung, of course Ты wouldn't know this. If Ты find this... I'm dead. I Любовь Ты to death Blade, carry on without me, be strong."

My eyes teared up and I cursed. I wanted revenge, on the whole clan. I took it upon myself to slip on the clothes and take after my brother. I practiced lowering my voice to sound like him, I cut my long blonde hair short and put it in a bun so it wouldn't show.

That night I tore into the village setting houses on огонь and killing innocents, children even. The rage of vengeance took me over I was unphased. I headed to the quarters of our Clan's leader. His daughter and wife were murdered by my hand.. along with him. Soon I left the small area, the ashes of pain and death filled the air as I moved on. I was out to kill anyone that provoked me.

((Pretty weak finale.. Sorry I rushed it all.. ._.))

 Blade... :D
Blade... :D
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