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posted by happypandasad
Kay, couple OCs, sorry it took so long, I've been busy, busy, busy!

~Skylar's OC~

Piper Jacklin.
Black hair, scrawny build, brown eyes. Beaten as a kid, taken in by his his friend. Can turn invisible, phase, and likes to play soccer. Cocky at times, but usually lovable. He'll probably sit in your lap if he has the opportunity, so be ready. Is an intelligence resource to the team and several underground organizations, and often uses Музыка to channel thoughts into code and, when he has nothing to do, songs. Sweatshirts and sagging jeans are usually what he goes around in, but his costume is a full body suit he designed to blend in to any surroundings he may encounter. He's not a social butterfly, so don't expect him to be talkative, but once he's comfortable and deems his environment safe, he'll start talking еще and more. He enjoys softer music, with a еще of a lullaby feel, than hardcore или metal, because he often has headaches that come over and renders him unconscious from pain. And.. that's about it.

~Whitney's OC~

Kendal Jullian
Light blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Raised by Christians, took on the religion from lack of security, and is very happy-go-lucky. She talks ALL THE TIME. And in a high pitched, annoying voice, XD kinda like Vic. She often refers to the bible for her motives, and is often Чтение the holy book. She gives tactics and often preaches, trying to get everyone to convert to Christianity. She plays Пианино and the organ, and sings when no one is around. She has satanic scars on her thighs and forearms, that she hides with long sleeves and wearing ACTUAL TROUSERS. She always wears a ожерелье with multiple crosses on it, and prays wearing it. She doesn't have any powers, but she's pretty good with a whip(pervs, Ты know who Ты are, not that kind of whip)! Her civvies are white skirts and and pknk blouses, and her costume a white leotard and ribbons she uses as whips!

Kai.. that's about it..

-Vic~ ♥♡♥
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posted by The_Writer
Symbol of the Knight-


"Recognized, Robin. B-02."

"How did Joker get out of Arkham?! I want to know, now!"

A few younger members of the Team stumbled back in fear as the seventeen год old Boy-Wonder stormed into the Cave. A look of murder on his face.

"Robin, whoah! What is it?"

"Out of my way M'gann! Where's Batman?!"

"Right here." the grizzly voice came. Robin rounded on the Dark Knight. "How did he get out?!"

"That's a good question. Another good Вопрос would be why are Ты so upset?" Бэтмен replied calmly.

"Because he almost killed Batgirl!"

Stunned silence.

"Is she--"

"She's fine, Cassie."...
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posted by Mclovin_69
District 11:

She dressed in her black юбка and blue dress shirt, " wow. don't Ты look fancy " her brother Daemian сказал(-а) behind her, she turned around giving her brother a smirk " thanks ", she turned back around attempting to braid her hair but failed miserably, he laughed " here " he walked up behind her and untangled her hair and braided it neatly for her. She smiled hiding the fear inside so her brother wouldnt see her cry, though he could tell, he put his hands on her shoulders "'s only your first have one name in there...their not gonna pick you..." he said....
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