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posted by Mclovin_69
 hero outfit
hero outfit
Name: Celeste Gittings

Alias: Trench

Occupation: trying to be a hero

Age: 16

Appearance: brown copper hair with blonde ends bleached. , blue eyes. hair that's goes down just over shoulders.

Powers/Skills: she has the power to create bursts and gusts of wind from motions of her hands and body movements including objects and people around her. She can create small tornados the tunnel her in the air and to different places.

Relationship: Single

Civvies: wears beanies and has еще of a tomboy style than girly girl. she wears a long sleeved рубашка and either jean shorts with black leggings and red combat boots.

Hero Wear: she wears a dark shaded brown или black fedora that shades her eyes along with black paint that circles her eyes. so basically Ты only see her nose down to her chin when she wears the fedora. She has a trench пальто that she wears with black tight shorts and combat boots. пальто usually undone.

Past: Unknown she doesn't want to talk about it ( okay so idk yet медведь with me im trying to figure it out :D )

Others: she is the kind of girl who isn't afraid of trying new things and is easy to get to know. She doesn't know what she is yet, shes trying to be a hero because she doesn't know what she is capable of. She never takes of her beanies. usually her hair is braided some how, или up in a ponytail или bun.
 her пальто
her coat
 her hat
her hat
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Source: Webz. But I did Редактировать a bit of it!
Okay don't be hating on me for this, I'm not trying to start a fight. I just think that we'd all be better off if we at least read these and thought about them, even if just for a second. I'm gonna say this right now: these are not cut-and-dry rules. By no means am I forcing Ты to follow them, and there will be exceptions. These are just suggestions, on how to make your OCs well liked and better off. So, with that being said, in no particular order, here are 15 suggestions for making good OCs.
1. Ask yourself if making a new OC is really necessary.. Don't contribute to the overcrowding unless...
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This is the scene I used as a base for the train fight in TIB part 4. It's pretty violent. Not too bad, but it's Jason Statham performing the ass-kicking.... P.S. Sorry the quality s horrible. It ain't my vid, so blame youtube! ;)
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OOC: oke first, this story takes place a few years назад when gunfire was still imprisond in Ahrkam.

Twan sat on the tabel in the mess whit Harrley and Joker.
Is evryting redy? he ask looking at his mentor a bit worryd.
Joker opend his mout to sai somting bu harley was faster.
Dant worry kiddo, it will work. She сказал(-а) whit a reasuring smile, twan realaxed a bit.
Oke than when are we gaoing to set it of.
Tomorow at this time. Joker said.

Lunce is over back to your celles! A guard yelld, the door of the mess opend and they were let back to theyre cells, Joker Harley and Twan smiled shortly to eithsother...
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posted by WingsOfDeath
"Here Ты go dear." Devin handed the ten год old child a gremlin/Frankenstein looking creation. It had floppy cat ears, different sized button for eyes, and different scraps of fabric holding the body together. An evil grin spread across the bulbous head, almost enough to creep out Fang.
"Thank Ты mommy!" Mel squealed in delight.
"This will chase the monsters away." Devin kissed the child's head. Mel giggled, planting a Kiss on her mother's cheek.
"Goodnight dear." Devin wrapped her arms around the small child, kneeling down. Mel wrapped her arms around her mother, giggling.
"His name is Jackson....
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 <3 *fangirls*
<3 *fangirls*
Tyler walked down the hall and passed Blade's room. Her door was still closed, unlike the others, and locked. Confusion rossed hi face but he continued into the main room, of The Cave, where the Рождество дерево was standing. He observed the scene. Phoebe and Dylan where cudding on the couch, Lexi was tearing through the presents, Aisling was waiting for Fin to get her a drink, and Fang and Devin where sitting, and laughing, listening to Mel's story about Santa.

The fire-caster made his way towards Mel,"Santa, eh?" He laughed. Mel glared at him,"I saw her! She was giving out pesents!"
"Right, Mel,...
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