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posted by Robin_Love
Here Ты go Alex and GlitterPuff. The one-shot with a million ocs. I also didn't really know what to do so no one get mad at me.

The ground shook to the beat, Музыка pounding loudly though the walls. Her usual scowl in place, she sat cross-legged in a corner. She caught glimpses of Rene and Erin and Alex through the crowd. Her eyes scanned past them to the bar where Twan and Mafia sat at the bar. She saw Fang leaning against a wall, Devin at his side. Silver walked around a bit, Bloodmist at her side, head covered and concealed by a dark hood. Scott sat at a table, Cat and Mel with him. She guessed Jamie and Ciel were making out in a corner, trying to play the part while being alone. Amora had set up outside with her easel and paints, Nye at her side as a precaution, или so they claimed.
“What are Ты doing here?”
She bit back a groan and looked up at the black haired boy. With a quick scan of the crowd, he saw that his own crew and Declan had set up there own stakeout.
“Same as Ты I imagine. Now go away.”
“You could at least pretend to be nice, seeing as we're not supposed to know each other in this sort of situation.”
She softened her eyes and forced a smaile at him.
“I hate you,” she responded with every drop of annoyance she felt.
He smirked and his eyes shifted to the scene before her.
“Huh. Ты are in the wrong Космос to get a good veiw.”
She ignored him and he took her hand and pulled her to her feet.
“Come on.”
She tugged her hand away, fixing the пальто over her clothes.
“You really hate people.”
“I have reason to,” she shot back.
“Jace told me.”
“Did Ты bring them?!”
“No! It's no place for pups!”
She rolled her eyes at him and then looked back to the bait that stood in the back. He gave a small nod and she looked to the door. She saw the hooded figure moving swiftly towards the back. She walked forward, Nic's gaze following hers.
“Huh. We weren't here for the same reasons.”
She rolled her eyes and motioned something. The figure saw her and immediately ran back out the door. Becca followed, fast on her trail as the two raced into the streets. She was suddenly yanked back by the cuff on her wrist and hissed.
Becca approached slowly.
“You can't keep me cuffed!!”
“We have reasons.”
Her red eyes narrowed at him as Terror approached from the shadows.
“Bein inhuman isn't a crime.”
“No. But sucking people dry is murder and that we can hold Ты for.”
Becca looked at him and he handed her over.
“She's all yours.”
“What am I supposed to do with her?”
“Take her to your Главная court. Maybe they fix her.”
“Fix me?! I don't need fixing!”
His eyes momentarily flew to her and softened. Then he was back in the shadows.
“Just take her to her home!”
He walked away and Becca looked down at the girl cuffed and in her care.
“You got really lucky there, “Discord”. So very lucky.”
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posted by SilverWings13
Blaze yanked the steering wheel to the left, causing the truck to swerved a full 360. He ducked as the gun огонь reached him. The windows shattered and glass sprayed across the empty seats of the Jeep.
Blaze slammed the door shut and crouched behind the truck, a steel shield. The gunfire ceased a moment as the men reloaded from behind their barricade of overturned cop cars. 
"Ruse!" he shouted, tightening the red bandana that served as his mask. The telepath sprinted from his cover of the alley and skidded to his friend's side. "About damn time," Ruse muttered, breathing heavily. 
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posted by Blitz359
"Your mission here is quite simple," began Cole. "Simply exterminate the head chairman that controls the factory near this location. Ты need to do this with stealth and with haste; if Ты are spotted, it is in your own hands to escape." Richi looked at Cole with disbelief. "So Ты expect us to sneak into this factory, assassinate the man who controls the building, and then sneak back out before anyone sees us?"

Cole looked at the blonde with a face plastered with mockery. "And here I thought Ты had at least above-par intelligence. Seems like I was wrong if Ты need your instructions told to...
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posted by Robin_Love
“We need to know what's going on!” Alek exclaimed.
“Yeah but Tara won't tell us,” Silver rationalized.
“But there is one who might know,” Ciel interrupted.
“Yeah. Except she's completely dropped off the face of the Earth! Not even Бэтмен could locate her!”
“Silver's right. We have no way of knowing where she is! “
Fang, who had been leaning against the wall, held up two fingers as if to “I have your solution.” They looked over at him at the sudden gesture.
“You three forget I'm married to her confident.”
“Devin knows where she is?”
Fang nodded.
“And Ты knew the whole...
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This Fanfiction has been rated "M" for Mature. Reader's Discretion is advised. Extreme Violence, adult language & content, sexual content, debatable actions by characters, public trauma, extreme cussing, and other questionable events will occur. It is highly suggested that viewers younger than fifteen do not read this. It is also the author's suggestion that if anyone of any age feels offended by any of the content mentioned above, that they do not read it.


This fanfiction was originally delayed two weeks due to the tragic shootings in Aurora, Colorado. Events in this fanfiction...
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The men on the fallen one's left and right both collapsed as well. Declan caught a glimpse if silver as a throwing нож embedded in one's chest. He followed the arch up to one of the upper balconies.
There stood a feminine figure completely clad in solid black. A обтекатель, капот, вырез "водопад" was pulled up to hide the lower half of her face; her fair hair was pulled back in a long braid. She had one boot up on the railing, taking aim as she launched her blades at the intruders.
The doors of the ballroom were suddenly opened and guests starting rushing out in a desperate wave toward freedom and safety.
"Nic," Declan...
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"You're awake?"
Aryess nodded without taking her eye of the view through the floor-to-ceiling tinted windows of the sky scraper.
The man walked up and stood beside his sister, examining her out of the corner of his eye.
The teen wore loose sweat-pants and a black tank-top. She had tied her hair back in a braid, allowing full view of her storm grey irises, dark as the clouds were gathering outside. Her face was drawn and paler than usual and every muscle was tensed.
"No offense, but Ты look like crap," Declan stated.
"I feel like crap," she admitted. "Where's my suit?"
"Getting repaired. The entire...
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Blade-Sheriff Sparks
Terror-Sheriff #2 :D
Wildside Lovers- Tyler/South/Ty and Becca
Mean Billy Green-Phoebe
Sheriff's Posse- Mercy

Oh BTW this placed a little farther back in time so that explains why they use horses..:/ the italic-ed words are the lyrics.. i tried to include some of the song in the dialogue.. but it doesn't mean the people are Пение it! it's just the lyrics..


Well this is how it starts
Two Влюбленные in the dark,
On the run, from the one,
That they call Sheriff Sparks,
Six Оружие by their sides,
And bullets round their waist,...
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posted by BloodyMascara_

Name: Ciel Norrian.

Alias: Harmonian.

Appearance: 6'0 tall, purple eyes, white hair.

Gender: Male.

Civies: Usually a white t-shirt and jeans will due, an occational куртка aswell.

Hero-Suit: Blue tailcoat, a top-hat and black jeans.

Weapons: He carries around a spoon. And a pocket нож he carries around in civies. And a (A spoon XP) And with his power, (see powers) can make a weapon.

Skills: Fair Пение voice, extreemly agile.

Powers: When he sings a special chorus, he can create или repair items such as..... a ожерелье made of pearls, he sings "Build it up with silver and pearl, silver...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Since I kind of deleted Nudge.....

Name: Jessica “Jess” Crane
Age: 15
Alias: Sift
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Escape artist
Able to generate force fields
Sift is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. In addition to being a master of кран style Kung-Fu, which she utilizes in a self-created style of combat known as "violent dancing" which also uses drunken boxing and makes use of her long arms and legs.
Sift greatly understands the power and uses of fear. With this knowledge, she knows how to use words to affect a person's actions, once managing to drive two men to suicide with nothing but words. She also...
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posted by Skittles98
Kurt pulled the gauze out and gingerly wrapped it around my wound. I bit my lip as pain shot through my arm.
"Why did they want you?" Wanda asked
"I was bait. Bait for a certain father that never cared for me" I spat. Laura, Wanda and Laurna all snarled in unison.
"You misunderstand, mon Cheri. I do care for my daughter" Remy said, coming up to us.
"Gambit" I snarled
"Bon soir, mon ami" he grinned. I slapped him across the face.
"You're the reason I'm in this mess in the first place!" I shrieked
“And I am sorry Ты had to get involved with our family rivalry” he said
“No you’re not. You’re...
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