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posted by Robin_Love
Here Ты go Alex and GlitterPuff. The one-shot with a million ocs. I also didn't really know what to do so no one get mad at me.

The ground shook to the beat, Музыка pounding loudly though the walls. Her usual scowl in place, she sat cross-legged in a corner. She caught glimpses of Rene and Erin and Alex through the crowd. Her eyes scanned past them to the bar where Twan and Mafia sat at the bar. She saw Fang leaning against a wall, Devin at his side. Silver walked around a bit, Bloodmist at her side, head covered and concealed by a dark hood. Scott sat at a table, Cat and Mel with him. She guessed Jamie and Ciel were making out in a corner, trying to play the part while being alone. Amora had set up outside with her easel and paints, Nye at her side as a precaution, или so they claimed.
“What are Ты doing here?”
She bit back a groan and looked up at the black haired boy. With a quick scan of the crowd, he saw that his own crew and Declan had set up there own stakeout.
“Same as Ты I imagine. Now go away.”
“You could at least pretend to be nice, seeing as we're not supposed to know each other in this sort of situation.”
She softened her eyes and forced a smaile at him.
“I hate you,” she responded with every drop of annoyance she felt.
He smirked and his eyes shifted to the scene before her.
“Huh. Ты are in the wrong Космос to get a good veiw.”
She ignored him and he took her hand and pulled her to her feet.
“Come on.”
She tugged her hand away, fixing the пальто over her clothes.
“You really hate people.”
“I have reason to,” she shot back.
“Jace told me.”
“Did Ты bring them?!”
“No! It's no place for pups!”
She rolled her eyes at him and then looked back to the bait that stood in the back. He gave a small nod and she looked to the door. She saw the hooded figure moving swiftly towards the back. She walked forward, Nic's gaze following hers.
“Huh. We weren't here for the same reasons.”
She rolled her eyes and motioned something. The figure saw her and immediately ran back out the door. Becca followed, fast on her trail as the two raced into the streets. She was suddenly yanked back by the cuff on her wrist and hissed.
Becca approached slowly.
“You can't keep me cuffed!!”
“We have reasons.”
Her red eyes narrowed at him as Terror approached from the shadows.
“Bein inhuman isn't a crime.”
“No. But sucking people dry is murder and that we can hold Ты for.”
Becca looked at him and he handed her over.
“She's all yours.”
“What am I supposed to do with her?”
“Take her to your Главная court. Maybe they fix her.”
“Fix me?! I don't need fixing!”
His eyes momentarily flew to her and softened. Then he was back in the shadows.
“Just take her to her home!”
He walked away and Becca looked down at the girl cuffed and in her care.
“You got really lucky there, “Discord”. So very lucky.”
posted by The_Writer
Red Revenge Series

Book One: "Revenge или Redemption" 
When the League of Assassins sends their two best assassins: падуб, holly, холли and Cheshire, to assassinate Samuel Grant, things could get difficult for the
Black Hero.

Book Two: "Jericho"
When the inhabitants of Venus begin a massive kill-all invasion of Earth, Red Revenge must team up with the Freedom Fighters to protect Earth. But that's not the only extreme measure he has to take. Giving падуб, holly, холли Green a costume of her own, she becomes his new partner Emerald. But can the World's Most Powerful Beings save the Earth?

Book Three: "Ravage"
A two parter! When...
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posted by Robin_Love
She opened her eyes, lifting her head. Everything was cloudy and dust misted over the ground. She coughed and managed to get on her hands and knees.
“Devin!” She coughed again. “Becca!”
She crawled вперед and found someone. Pale skin, flowing hair. Dressed in black, silver. She scurried back and coughed again.
“No way.”
She heard a moan and headed over towards it.
“Erin? We get out?”
“Yeah. Ты okay?!”
“Just woozy.”
“I hear ya. Bec, we got a problem.”
“Wait! Where's Devin?!”
“Over here!”
The two crawled to where Devin's voice came from.
“Thank goodness...
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posted by Scarlet_YJ
 Korran's School Uniform
Korran's School Uniform
Name: Brette Lanulue
Alias: Korran
Age: 16
Power: Can manipulate people's shadows

Alliance: hero

Apearance: shoulder length white hair, cat ears and tail, 5 ft. 6", red eyes

Personality: kind, caring, childish mindset, brave, courageous, serious, friendly

History: Korran was дана her powers at the age of six, shortly after getting her powers she got her cat ears and tail. Her parents abandoned her because they believed she was a freak. Korran lived on the streets for two years before she found other kids like herself whose parents abandoned them because of their appearance. Korran stayed with her...
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