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posted by BladeYJ
((want one? link
Serious face, don't get butthurt.. Crackships are called crackships for a reason...Hope this was pretty good, G, sorry if I failed xD ))

"Cat..?" He pushed himself into her room, his blonde hair masking the slight worry on his face. Again, he called for her carefully peeking under her постель, кровати and in her closet. Yet, to no prevail he couldn't find her.



Terror entered the Cave looking for any hint at the whereabouts of a certain vampire. Unfortunately, there was only a shirtless Tyler and Cat who was stuffing her face with cookies.

Dark blue eyes raised from his "50 Shades of Grey" book and quickly narrowed,"Terror, what brings Ты here?"
"I'm looking for Discord.."
"Oh that flamboyant bi-" Tyler's sentence stopped and he corrected himself due to the violent look the Demon across the room gave him,"Big-shot?"

Cat looked up from her clean plate of cookies, big purple eyes wide,"Terror!" She hopped up and scampered over to the blonde, who towered over her. A warm smile spread across the face of the monster, its heat matching the red in his cheeks as he lifted her and hugged her tightly.

The fast-caster, on the couch, elevated his posture. He noticed the small connection between the two and let an evil grin spread across his face. "I'll tell Ты where she is..."
Terror jerked his eyes from the adorable girl in his arms and raised an eyebrow,"Hmmm then do it."
"I will.. only if Ты win a bet."
"I'll pass, I can find her on my own.."
"Aweeee come on... just a friendly bet."

The dark-haired, doe-eyed, girl wiggled from his grip and looked to Tyler then back to Terror,"Do it!!!!" She looked to him, her brilliant eyes full of innocence and pleading; desperate for a spark of excitement around the boring Cave.
"Fine..." The demon finished, instantly regretting it.

Tyler let out a girlish giggle, slamming his Фэнтези filled book down and let his eyes ignite in a dangerous fire,"Okay... I challenge Ты and Cat to a game of hide-and-seek, of course I won't be playing." His eyes moved between the two,"But Ты both will."
"What's the catch?" Terror huffed.
"If Cat wins.." The dark-haired boy held up a box of Шоколад covered pocky, delivering the message with no words. "And if Ты win and find Cat Ты get to know where Miss Discord is."

Before Terror could protest, Cat jumped up and sprinted down the hall laughing at the thought of the game,"Count to thirty, Terr!!!!"
Ice met the ocean as the blonde shoved passed Tyler who in turn took his place on the диван, мягкий уголок returning to his book.


The scene of how he was forced into this replayed in his head as he peered into the drawer of Cat's, finding her undergarments, which sent a bright red blush across his face. Terror slammed it shut as he sat on the edge of her bed, preparing to give up. He stood and exited the room, trailing down the hall.

He looked through the kitchen, in the cabinets, behind the trash-can, beneath the sink. But found nothing.

He rummaged through the living area, crawling on his knees to look under the couch, searching the rafters above, and even forced Tyler to Переместить to try and find the girl.

The thought of giving up came еще easily as he returned to the girl's bedroom, taking his сиденье, место, сиденья back on her bed, fumbling around with a thought in the back of his head.

No matter how much he told himself no he was almost enticed to try out the pocky, which was placed in his back pocket. "I give up Cat.."

Instantly, a short, slim girl dropped in front of him, smiling. "So what do I win!?"
A vicious laugh sounded from the den.
"Well.. uhh.." Terror's blush, which hadn't faded from his latest discoveries, darkened, but his lips met in a stern line,"Another game.." The blonde fingered the box and held it out.

Purple eyes widened in curiosity as she read the words 'Pocky' and her cat-like ears laid back. "What's Pocky, and how do we play! Do I get to win!?"
"Well.. Cat...." He spoke as he removed one thin chocolate-coated, breadstick,"You put it in your mouth, like so," He placed it between his teeth and spoke, with only minor difficulties,"And another person, in this case, you, takes the other end, Ты both eat to the middle... the first one to break apart from the.. uhm..from... when our lips meet, loses."

The Neko's eyes sparkled as she quickly took the other end, intrigued by the game. At once the pair began their way to the middle, and in moments the two's lips connected. Both refusing to lose the game.

The blush that expanded on Terror's face reflected Cat's as she mewled furiously, in the fact that he wasn't giving up. Of course, Terror, took this little game to a whole different level, a soft burning erupted in him and he shifted his hands onto the innocent face of the small, black-haired girl before him. Furthering the kiss, purple eyes shot open then fluttered shut as she melted beneath the kiss. Terror grunted as he pressed into her fully, and shifted her onto the floor, climbing over her while Поцелуи her with a heated vigor. Fingers Рапунцель - Запутанная история into dark silk hair as the dominating demon let out a soft, almost childish, groan.

"Well..." Terror shot up, staring at a very specific fire-caster,"Am I interrupting something?"
The blonde wiped his mouth and glared with a boiling fury, but Cat stood laughing,"I won!" She twirled beneath Tyler's arm and giggled her фиолетовый eyes sparkling,"We should play that game again, sometime, okay, Ter?!"

A, dumbfounded monster, swallowed hard,"O-okay..."


((Idk why, but I had too much fun Письмо this))
posted by XxKFforeverXx
I can’t sleep soooooooo bby Callie! <3

Name: Calypso “Callie” Antigone Rurik
Reason или meaning of name: The meanings take foreeeeeeeeeever to explain.. I prefer the tl;dr.. “seductress nymph”!
Eye Color: Like.. an ocean blue.
Hair Style/Color: Tawny brown. Just look at whatever color Dad’s hair is and it’s that. It’s down just past my shoulders and I have these really cute bangs too.
Height: ummmmmmm well right now I’m like 5’3
Clothing Style: Umm, kinda grungy? But I also really like skirts and bows and honestly it’s a mixed style.
Best Physical...
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 Smart Alex!
Smart Alex!
(So I haven't been on in quite awhile, I'm going to change that, I need an escape from Uni... Expect stories, Rps and general mischief!
I thought the best comeback would be to re-introduce my little bastards, everyone seems to be trying this format so.... Enjoy!)

Name: Knight, Alex Knight.
Reason или meaning of name: Sweet, short, rolls of the tongue ladies Любовь it! (Oh boy, here we go.)
Eye Colour: Blue, I think? I can't really look myself. (Use a mirror, don't go cross-eyed!)
Hair Style/Colour: Blond and short but a tad messy, I call it styled. (Bedhead.)
Height: 6.2" / 189cm...
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