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posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Precious child
Precious child
Name: Jaime [Jay-me] Adams-Norrian (Adams is't known, however Norrian is. Only few know his last name.) или as Fang calls him sometimes "Princess".
Alias: Valac
Occupation: Hero
Age: 17
Appearance: Jaime's hair color is the same as his father's, Fang, however it isn't nearly tinted as a ravenette color in the sunlight. Jaime's hair is much shorter and frames in his face, mainly in the cheek area. His eyes are a bright blue. The teen's stature is only 5'4 and his body frame is quite small, however it allows him to be еще nimble in battles. Much like his father, Jaime has wings. They stretch 14ft across, and each feather is a jet black color.
•As for Jaime's civvies, he is usually found wearing skinny jeans, some sort of flannel and a beanie, with his choice of shoe being either vans или converse.
•For his hero costume, Jaime wears a gray-shirt and a black hoodie, the капот, худ allowing easy access for hiding his identity.
Powers/skills: Flight from his wings, hand-to-hand combat, and telepathic powers. Because Jaime is so nimble, he is very flexible and excels at acrobatics.
Past: When Jaime was born, he wasn't immediately whisked away to the school because he was born with wings, and his birth was almost unknown. However, the teen was not able to escape the school completely. At age 7, Jaime was kidnapped and kept there for two years. While there, the child had endless experiments, which in turned caused him to stop growing and his telepathic powers came as a result to this. At the age of 17, Jaime was sent back in time, 2016 to try and prevent the death of Wally West.
Other: •Unlike Fang, Jaime is much paler.
•He's called Princess because at times he's lazy and won't train.
•Jaime keeps throwing cards in his sleeves almost all the time.
•Two kids in the future, Parker and Finnian.

Name:Alexis "Lexi" Adams
Alias: None at the moment.
Occupation:Future hero.
Age: Currently 12
Appearance: Lexi has dark brown hair that's hard to explain so just look below. She usually is wearing bright Цвета compared to her father, who usually teases her by saying "you're blinding me with those bright clothes".
Powers/skills: No none powers at this time besides her white wings, however they will be revealed in an upcoming article.
Past: Lexi's past is relatively simple because she has yet to been captured by the school, due to Fang's excessive watch. Lexi was sent back with Jaime, however it wasn't due to Fang's choice. She snuck back with her brother, hiding in one of his suitcases.
Other: -Lexi is relatively a mother's girl.
-She spends most of her time learning how to bake with Scotty.

At some point I may bring Jaime in as toddler because Daddy/son fluff.. Why not? If you're wondering who the last picture of Jaime is, it's Yukiteru Amano from Future Diary if Ты want a reference to what he looks like and how he acts. :)
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Name: Damian Hellsing

Nickname: D

Alias: None

Occupation: Vampire Hunter

Race: Vampire

Age: 160 years old, but, in what he calls, "human years" he's 18.

Personality: He's looks at humans as nothing lesser than him. He will not take a human's life unless forced to, или if they're just being stubborn. *COUGH COUGH* What?
He's kinda a tease, but is еще often serious. He does have a soft spot for some people but usually does not Показать it, of course.

Appearance: He has lengthy black hair with burning red eyes. His skin, unlike what most stereotypes believe, is not super pale, it's a light color with a hint...
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posted by Jinxi_YJ
I figured I should write a quick and simple bio about myself.....just so I would have people knowing my character and wouldn't have to ask. This bio shall be a work in progress, in that I may change it later on, if anything should need to change.

Name: Jaelle Imanov
Alias: Jinxi
Only close Друзья call her "Jin"

She does not go by her actual name. She goes by her alias only. In fact, no one knows her real name, and she is very close to forgetting it. I'll explain why below.

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Special Markings/tattoos/scars: She has her tribal paint markings on her face, arms, and back......they...
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 Blade and Dante!!
Blade and Dante!!
Also I changed the name of the Статья for reasons you'll find out later on!))

Blade sat there in his arms in shock,"Who-who are you!?"
"Someone Ты should know, I mean Ты don't recognize me?"
"No!! I don't know who Ты are или what Ты want to so let me down!" Blade demanded.
"Say please!" Dante teased.
" Never.." She teleported out of his hands, behind him,"I'm done here!"

Blade walked away growling,"Who does this fuck-tard think he is?" Her steps were loud and Ты could pretty much see the...
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posted by Punk__Heart
The Статья to go with my updated bios

She ran down the улица, уличный as fast as she could, she tried to light her hands on огонь but the fact that she was soaking wet didn't help.
"Dammit" she swore under her breath, he was right on her tail and she couldn't defend herself. She continued running wondering how she could have gotten herself into this situation, powerless and with the team not coming any time soon.
Sometime earlier at the cave

"So you're saying Ты have no idea who the white haired phsyco, who happens to be after Ты is?"...
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Who is your hero?

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Favourite colour?

Favourite number?
3.1415926535... PI!!!!!!!

Favourite animal?

Favourite sport (to play)?

Favourite sport (to watch)?
Tightrope walking

Favourite soap?
Dove! Unless Ты were talking in a soap-opera TV kind of way...

Favourite programme/s?
Sherlock, My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic, Law and Order: Criminal Intent!!!!!!!!

Favourite radio station?
Pandora- I found a loophole!

Favourite movies?
Tarzan, Lion King

Favourite band?
Disney -__-

Favourite song?
At the moment,...
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