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posted by XxKFforeverXx
AU for Ciel and Jaime, my friend originally gave me the idea when she mentioned she mentioned a Манга and thus, this was born.

Hi! My name is Jaime Adams, and I'm currently sitting in a blood donation center about to have my arm poked and prodded. Quite comical, really.. I hate needles, but I have a disease that causes my bone marrow to produce еще blood cells, called polycythemia vera. I hate coming here, but today is different. Very different. I typically have blood drawn from this cranky old lady who gets annoyed about the fact that I don't like needles. Today, there's this tall, white-haired male that's wrapping a rubber tie around my arm..I never thought I would find it hot. His name tag read "Ciel". Interesting name, bet his last one is even еще interesting. There's something off about the guy though, his hands are super freaking cold and he keeps staring me down. "Can I help you?" I murmured out. Usually I would have found it annoying, but I don't mind being stared down by a hot guy. He remained silent before grabbing the needle. Obviously this cool cat had no idea about my irrational fear, and I could feel the room already spinning. I titled my head back only to lock eyes with фиолетовый ones that seemed to pierce right through me. "Come here often?" He asked and I was dumbfounded that he hadn't been informed on anything. "If I say yes, will Ты take my blood again?" Oh god. What was I saying? This was not me. I watched a grin tug at his lips, a sharpened canine peaking through. I could feel my сердце melt at the grin. My gaze faltered only when he shook the bag above my head, which was already beginning to fill. My jaw instantly dropped. I hadn't felt the needle in my arm, I didn't even know he pricked me with it. Jesus, I was losing it. One smile from my vague phlebotomist and I was forgetting everything and basically melting under his finger tips. After very long moments of silence we began chatting again, my eyes lingered over his features. He couldn't have been that much older than me.. No еще than 21.. "So," I piped up, instantly nervous about where my mouth would leave me. "How old are you?" Ah shit. I retreated back into my introverted shell, glancing away quickly. "20." My eyes darted back at the reply, locking eyes with Ciel once again. I really need to stop staring...but I really don't wannaaaaaa! "I'm about to turn 20.." I mumbled out, already feeling my face grow red with embarrassment. I had to focus on something, anything but him. Dad had warned me, warned me about the devilish ones that can steal Ты away with just one glance. He was right. Always. I know I should take my things and run..but there was something so.. intoxicating. I remained quiet the remainder of the time, my eyes glued to the ceiling. My vision altered ever so slightly when the needle was removed, and I noticed his hand extending outward from him. I hesitantly reached out before it was briskly pulled away. He only replied with a grin and handed me a drink and some food. The male only cleaned up in silence, and I couldn't help but watch him. "You know, there's no point in giving me this." I sighed out and leaned up, taking the band off from around on my arm. He outstretched him arm to me once again, but this time, he didn't pull away. "I'll help Ты up on one condition.." He caught my attention, but then again, what was new? I sighed. "What's that?" I leaned forward, blinking a few times before gaining an answer. He tossed a notepad into my lap and a pen. "Your number, if you'll consider it." I was dumbfounded for a moment, staring at the paper. Oh boy, here we go.
 because these two are my Избранное <3
because these two are my favorite <3
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posted by godmor
(Afther Чтение the blade bio update, i got the idea to redo this bio, template whit tanks to Discord)


Full Name: Twan Shepard A.K.A. Gunfire
Reason for name: Beceas his parends gave him the name, and gunfire beceas thad is were he is most known fore.
Nickname: Kiddo, old man Boss, Mister Shepard
Reason for nickname: Kiddo is wat Harley Quinn calls him beceas she took care of him early on in Arkham Asylem and acted kind of motherly over him, and the nickname stuck, she is also the only person alowd to call him Kiddo, he gets mad if anyone els does it, Old Man is wat Tess calls him often...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Adrian Rudder (Not known except for two people)
Age: 20
Alias: Snake
Power/skills/: At the moment, Snake is know for his ability to train almost all snakes and speak for them, along with distributing venom from his fang like canines. As for his skills, Snake is trained in hand-to-hand combat.
Appearance: Snake stands at 5'9 and has a very slender build. His eyes are a like a snake's eyes, a bright yellow that contrasts against his silvery-gray hair. Snake is quite pale, only having a few rough patches of scales scattered along his body, the most prominent one on his cheek. As for clothing,...
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added by Robin_Love Outsiders team needed a theme and this is it! Plus, I Любовь THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!!! XD
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posted by Kurls_Basd
 mysterious blue head
mysterious blue head
Aquapoint and Artemis aimed their arrows at the girl.
"We don't wanna hard you." Sparkfire сказал(-а) smirking, as she putted out an unusually spear. The boy slowly crawled down from the Стена and stood on the other side of the hallway surrounding the girls.
"Mafia Ты got your target right?" Artemis asked at which Mafia nodded yes.
"You and Aquapoint?" Mafia asked, sounding if they had already access their situation. Artemis and Aquapoint looked at each other at which Mafia smirked. Artemis switched directions suddenly and simultaneously both archers release their arrows. The two delinquents dodged...
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posted by MafiaYJ
"Crap! crap! Crap!" Mafia hissed as she голубь for cover under a truck. Bullets ricocheting from the metal. She laid on the ground taking deep breaths. She hated doing this sometimes. Then she made another run for it, red hair like a sail behind her. Suddenly a shot rang, louder than the ones before, and Mafia hit the floor with an 'oomph'. She groaned at the pain racing from her left shoulder down her arm. She pulled her hand back, covered in sticky red blood. "ugh..shot..again." Mafia sighed, and jumped back to her feet. And ran. Trying her best to get to a zeta tube in time before she became...
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posted by Blitz359
The guards quickly lined up as they aimed their rifles at the intruders. Before any of them could take a shot, smoke emitted from the bullet Richi had shot, and a smokescreen hid the teens from view. They scattered, leaving the guards gagging on the foul-smelling smoke. One of the guards managed to get out, "Find- *cough* them! No *cough* prisoners!" As the smoke faded, the guards трещина, сплит into teams and separated, each eager for blood spill. The same guard spoke into their comms, "Remember your orders."

Cain spied on his 3 pursuers as he hid in the rafters above. "Where are you, Ты brat?" One...
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posted by SilverWings13
Kinda a response to Robin_Love's lovely one-shot titled ~Day and Night~. If this sucks and seems lacking in my usual detail-obsessed-touch, I blame a 5 mile hike and the late час in which I am typing this up. Enjoy!

Vika squealed for the tenth, maybe hundredth time. Nic groaned. "Stop making that horrid sound!" he ordered, shutting his eyes in effort to fend off the pressing headache. The girl ignored him.
"Summer romance!" she squeaked. "Is that really the phrasing she used?"
Alek looked up to see Vika leaning over the railing looking down at him with a frivolous expression, her golden irises...
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Tess woke up on the floor whit a headake, looking aside se saw Twan standing besid her smiling.
You realy cant handel the alcol, he сказал(-а) whit a smal laugf.
Dont act like your better dad, i heard Ты geting up to take a painkiller an час ago.
Twan smiles. your rite, nowe go grab a painkiller and get up, we need to meet up whi an old friend.

10 minuts later:
they were standing in a saml ally, Twan lookd up into the sky Tess dit thse same they saw a big metel objekt coming downe landing by slowly turning of his propelsionrokets, he landet infond of them and Twan smiled.
It is good to see Ты agien...
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Everyone still stood in Rene’s apartment, besides Zack, when Tess walked in.

    “Dammit, I though no one would be here.” Quickly she went over to Rene and shook her. “Rene! Wake up! You’re Rene, not Cosette!!” Blade pulled Tess off of Rene and threw her on the floor. Rene woke up quietly without anyone noticing.

    “Tess, we can’t do that to her!” Blade whisper shouted.

    “And why is that?”

    “Because she’ll get utterly confused, sad, and she’ll have no idea what the hell anything is!”...
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Kitty sat on her open window sill looking down into the alley below. Her head tilted while she watched thugs dig around in the dumpsters below.
"It has to be in here somewhere!" one of the thugs threw a can to the ground.
"What are we even looking for?!" Kitty stepped off the window sill and to the огонь escape trying not to draw attention.
"The ожерелье we supposed to give to Penguin! I had it on the roof and that pesky cat knocked it from my hand!" Kitty smirked and climbed down the огонь escape dropping behind the thugs.
"Looking for something, boys?" Kitty hooked her finger in the necklace...
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posted by ValacYJ
 Sarah, minus the wings.
Sarah, minus the wings.
Thought Ты needed to know about Scott's "innocent" little sister.

Name: Sarah Clancy
Alias: "Angel" As called by the battle front.
Appearance: Sarah is a girl with long silvery white hair and Золото eyes. She wears the standard uniform of the afterlife school, white knee-high socks and brown loafers and a pale blue barrette on the back of her hair.
Powers/skills: Hand Sonic: Calls forth a single blade или a pair of blades on each hand. The blades are capable of slicing through steel или even easily dispatching of Shadows.
◾Hand Sonic [Version One]: Regular shape resembling a longsword.
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posted by Mclovin_69
(( Gotham City 6:34 PM November 12th, 2012))

He jumped a building as a cop shouted for him to stop, it amused him the cop actually thought he was going to stop. He shot his grappling hook and swung of the building " yeeha!!! " he shouted out laughing and shot a grappling hook from his other wrist compartment and swung from building to building, people wondered why he always ran if only they could be in his shoes and know all hes been through than maybe they would understand. Suddenly he was shot back into the side of a building and cracked the glass he crashed into, his eyes widened as he saw...
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