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posted by XxKFforeverXx
I can’t sleep soooooooo bby Callie! <3

Name: Calypso “Callie” Antigone Rurik
Reason или meaning of name: The meanings take foreeeeeeeeeever to explain.. I prefer the tl;dr.. “seductress nymph”!
Eye Color: Like.. an ocean blue.
Hair Style/Color: Tawny brown. Just look at whatever color Dad’s hair is and it’s that. It’s down just past my shoulders and I have these really cute bangs too.
Height: ummmmmmm well right now I’m like 5’3
Clothing Style: Umm, kinda grungy? But I also really like skirts and bows and honestly it’s a mixed style.
Best Physical Feature: *chews on lip thoughtfully* my... oooh! oooh! Definitely my eyes~

Your Fears: Losing my parents and brother..
Your Guilty Pleasure: I eat арахис масло, сливочное масло straight from the jar.. I also really like to be a pain in my parent’s ass~
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: I actually cannot stand people that chew with their mouth open.
Your Ambition for the Future: To be skilled as dad with his magic.. it’s not fair. *whine*

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Food, always food.
What Ты Think About the Most: How can I aggravate the ever loving shit out of Ivan and Jaime.
What Ты Think About Before Bed: How exhausted I usually am.
Ты Think Your Best Quality Is: My outgoing personality~ (you get very annoying very quickly)

Single или Group Dates: I honestly have zero preference.
To be Loved или Respected: Loved.
Beauty или Brains: ...can’t someone have both?
Собаки или Cats: oooh, Both! Fang’s cat Indigo is my Избранное animal on the whole earth.

Lie: Depends on the situation~
Believe in Yourself: Yes! Unless it comes to magic.. then I ride the doubt train all the way home.
Believe in Love: I see it in my parents.. so yes!
Want Someone: I’m perfectly happy on my own right now

Been on Stage: No?
Done Drugs: That’s a death wish!
Changed Who Ты Were to Fit In: Hmm.. I don’t think so?

LAYER SEVEN: избранное
Избранное Color: Red!
Избранное Animal: I really Любовь a whole lot of animals, but mainly like foxes, and cute little woodland creatures!
Избранное Movie: There’s so maaaaaaaany!
Избранное Game: Does annoying Ivan count as one? (no.) Jaime??? (NO) Fine. *pouts* I don’t have one then.

день Your Далее Birthday Will Be: September 17th! (tbh I don’t exactly remember the exact день just know it’s around there)
How Old Will Ты Be: Still not old enough to do anything fun *pout*
Age Ты Остаться в живых Your Virginity: ??????????????
Does Age Matter: I mean, just don’t get arrested *shrug*

Best Personality: Someone I don’t annoy~
Best Eye Color: Idk
Best Hair Color: ditto
Best thing to do With a Partner: UMMMMmmmmm no idea!

I love: my brother~ And annoying him!!
I feel: happy with my life~
I hide: my insecurities.
I miss: nothing at the moment~

Optimist или pessimist: Optimist
Introvert или extrovert: Very extroverted.
Drives and motivations: I dunno, to not die and defend myself I guess?
Talents (hidden или not): I CAN ACTUALLY COOK OMG (Boiling макаронные изделия, макароны DOESNT COUNT)
Extremely skilled at: Chatting, ummmm, usually annoying people. Also, I pick up on languages really easily.. dad trait?
Extremely unskilled at: defending myself
Good characteristics: I’m typically really friendly! I get along with almost anyone!
Character flaws: I keep all my negative emotions away when I probably shouldn’t.
Mannerisms: I act like a lady.. and not so much a “seductress nymph”.
Peculiarities: I Carry around these two metallic balls, about the size of marbles, to sit and twirl around to practice magic. It gets annoying though because I usually always lose one..
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posted by GlitterPuff
He sat in the cafe, looking at his watch. I wonder where she is? he thought to himself as he brushed a piece of his blonde hair out of his face. The колокол, колокольчик, белл on the door rang and his eyes flickered over to it, and he saw his date. Her dark blue dress fluttered as she walked over to him, her black blazer covering her chest; but Показ еще of her cleavage than usual. The dark haired girl stood in her track when she came to the table, her sneakered feet put together. The blonde boy stood up and pulled the chair out for her, which she awkwardly sat in.

"You look nice Amora," the boy told her in a...
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posted by SilverWings13
I didn't go over it so there may be a million typos... But I hope Ты enjoy it anyway!

The fog was thick enough to classify as a solid. It was impossible to tell what time of день it was, as the thick haze blocked out the expanse of sky. It was near impossible to see one’s hand in front of his face, nonetheless the target he sought.
Though the spotlight at the nose of the U-boat did nothing to cut through the barrier of mist, Alek managed to find the island. There was an undeniable instinct that pulled him toward the landmass, an inner compass with a set destination.
The boy pulled as close...
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posted by SilverWings13
It started in his chest. The огонь ignited in his сердце and was pumped through his veins to every part of his body. No matter how much strength he put into resisting it, the heat spread to every limb. Flames danced across his bones, coals settled in his stomach where they continued to burn. Red painted his vision, the tyrant pain engulfed his mind and threatened to overthrow his sanity.
Alek woke with a gasp. He wiped the sweat coating his forehead and tried to sit up. His limbs protested with a resisting pain. The teen stubbled through the dark to the amour looming in the shadows of the dark...
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 Anya as a child.. :D
Anya as a child.. :D
Name: Anya Kali Griffin (On-yuh Cal-ee Griff-un) ((They're not dumb)) Idc..

Anya meaning-Grace/Favored
Vara meaning-Hated/Stranger

Alias: ((Her middle name)) Kali

Age: 17 and a half

Height: 5'6in.

Weight: 120lbs.

Appearance: Anya, is quite short because her family was short. She has medium-tone,super short, purple hair, and purple/aqua eyes. Her eyes stay purple when she wears darker colors, when she wears lighter Цвета they turn an aqua. She has light skin with a hint of dark. She often dyes her hair to blue's and pinks and other colors, and since it's so short it differs in length because she...
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(( this is just to ploloug micht be shirt, but there will be еще parts coming))

Twan walkd truw Gotham on the way to Xerran's house, when he was alomst there he saw and explotion and his brother being trowe out of a first floor whindo by the power of the explotion.

Xerran! he yelt as he ran to his brother, xerran's мех blacken like charcole by the explotion, bleeding alover frome littel wounds coused by scrapnal.
Twan lookd aside fore a momend seeng a part left over frome the bom. Peinwien *he growed* thad fat bird when to far, this time.
he lookes at his brother.
But first this.
He swung xerran...
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posted by BladeYJ
((each part is a different ship/couple I love))

Blade snuck into The Cave. Her steps were silent as she adjusted the bag over her shoulder. The clock that read 3:23 A.M on the wall, even seemed to sleepily drag on.
Slowly she she tip-toed to the stockings and dropped a small present in each one labeled with her teammates names.

A smile painted her lips as she turned to the hallway. Quietly she walked towards her destination, but stopped as a small figure stood in her path.
"S-santa?" The black-haired girl muttered still trying to rid the sleep from her eyes.
Blade stood shocked, her eyes wide,...
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posted by Mclovin_69
He walked down the улица, уличный with his shimmering grey eyes hidden beneath his black hair and the pout that always stayed on his face. He missed her....missed Aryess, he thought they had a promise...a promise that they would always stay together no natter what. But he wasn't mad at her, his сердце ached еще for her then anger filling his brain. He began to wonder if he was the one that dragged her away....made her leave him. But what did it matter now she was gone....he didn't know where she was. He let out a sigh walking down the улица, уличный still in the cold with his thin куртка undone, he missed...
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