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SilverWings13 posted on Oct 11, 2012 at 11:20PM
Happy face! Kay, so for my article that has somehow turned into a series (derp), I need volunteers to be mentioned/ referred to/ be awesome: 5 heros, 3 vilians, and two vigilantes, and anybody who dropped the act to live a 'normal' life.

The timeline for An Angel's Heart Forever Seeks Revenge is three years from now.

Name/ID (say if unknown):
Hero/villain name:
Age (in 3 years):
Alignment (hero or villain):
Relationship and/or canon relations:
Notes/other (any major changes???):

Pictures are always fun!
 Happy face! Kay, so for my Статья that has somehow turned into a series (derp), I need volunteers to

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Больше года InfinityYJ said…
Name/ID (say if unknown): Kyra Grayson (she's basically disowned this name)
Hero/villain name: Phoenix
Age (in 3 years): 16
Appearance: black hair with a gold streak, gold eyes, lightly tanned skin with a small glow
Costume: tube top and skin-tight pants made out of a fabric that flickers kind of like fire in certain lights. Otherwise it's just black. Also, black heels and fingerless gloves, a red belt
Civvies: navy blue/black skinny jeans, white heels, scarlet/orange hoodie and sunglasses. Gold streak in hair is hidden from view
Personality: stubborn, quiet, serious, but has a joking side and likes to use sarcasm
Alignment (hero or villain): kind of a vigilante
Affiliation(s): eh, kinda the justice league, but not really
Powers/skills/weapons: Fire, flight, telepathy, change of appearance, bo staff and throwing knives. When I say flight, it can either mean with or without wings. Her wings are fire and it's hard for her to conjure them
Relationship and/or canon relations: Epsilon.. Her brother is Robin/Nightwing, her 'dad' is batman but she's trying to get away from him as far as possible.
Notes/other (any major changes???): She used to love seeing her friends and other members of the justice league, but now she's trying to distance herself as far as possible. Because it's been a year since she 'quit,' she's still wary, but trying to get along more with her old friends. She can call on the phoenix force willingly now.
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 Name/ID (say if unknown): Kyra Grayson (she's basically disowned this name) Hero/villain name: Phoen
Больше года Obscurity98 said…
Name/ID (say if unknown): Harley Mei Kent
Hero/villain name: Obscurity or just Harley
Age (in 3 years): 17
Appearance: Long black hair reaching waist, tan skin, black eyes, muscular yet feminine body.
Costume: PIC! (black instead of brown, and without mask thingy...)
Civvies: I'll post another for that...
Personality: Serious when need be, laughs at alot of things, flirtatious, angry and tempermental
Alignment (hero or villain): HERO! FTW
Affiliation(s): Young Justice, JLA
Powers/skills/weapons: control of Water Earth Fire Air, can become them too, super strength, flight invulnerability (except to Kryptonite), whips, swords form her back, Hand to hand combat, agility
Relationship and/or canon relations: Dated Roy, and Kaldur, "married" Skylar whose dead now, unsure where she stands..
Notes/other (any major changes???): none

Pictures are always fun!
 Name/ID (say if unknown): Harley Mei Kent Hero/villain name: Obscurity или just Harley Age (in 3 ye
Больше года Obscurity98 said…
Больше года Hot_ShotYJ said…
Name/ID (say if unknown): Sebastienne Bellerose Moran
Hero/villain name: Hot Shot
Age (in 3 years): 18
Appearance: long and straight light brown hair, icy blue eyes, tall.
Costume: Black leather jacket, black cargo pants, hair usually tied up into a pony tail, her father’s military dog chains, brown combat boots, back shoulder holster for her rifle and thigh holster for her guns and knives, belt with bullets all around the sides, fingerless leather gloves with holes on the knuckles.
Civvies: blue jeans, brown leather jacket, black shirt, brown combat, boots.
Personality: loyal, kind, can get agressive every easily, brave, serious.
Alignment (hero or villain): hero
Affiliation(s): sorta on her own and sorta on the justice league
Powers/skills/weapons: healing, black belt martial artist, rifle, two guns, knives.
Relationship and/or canon relations: single, kinda like a sister to Connor but not related.
Notes/other (any major changes???): Her father was killed when she was younger, so now she is spending her time getting revenge by assassinating the people who killed her father.
 Name/ID (say if unknown): Sebastienne Bellerose Moran Hero/villain name: Hot Shot Age (in 3 years):
Больше года BentleyYJ said…
Name: Bentley Spencer Thompson
Hero/ Villian: he counts as a hero I guess
Age: 16
Appearance: black hair, grey eyes, has a well built body
Costume: well doesn't really have one
Civvies: black some what skinny jeans with batman belt buckle and basically any holster t shirt
Personality: he is very quiet around people he's not comfortable with but is very funny and cute around people he's close with ( coughs) silver
Affilation: none
Powers/skills/ weapons: no powers he has skills in sword combat and defending himself in hand to hand combat, he ha a sword that is a handle but in use only he can make the blade pop out
Relationship: dating Silverwings
Others: he's pretty protective over silver
Больше года BentleyYJ said…
Can't upload pic yet on iPod
Больше года AislingYJ said…
OOh me!!!!
Name/ID (say if unknown): Aisling Carter (known)
Hero/villain name: Dimension
Age (in 3 years): 18
Appearance: 5'10", solid build, chest length wavy dark brown hair (usually up, in a ponytail or bun), blue-green eyes, freckles
Costume: see pic
Civvies: whatever she grabs, usually a hoodie sweatshirt or t-shirt, baggy sweats, black vans
Personality: around most people: quiet, tomboyish, shy, tough on the outside but sensitive and caring inside, doesn’t like to show extreme sadness or be seen as weak or useless, slightly insecure. Around her best friends/people she’s really comfortable with: similar, but she is talkative and kind of random or weird.
Alignment (hero or villain): hero
Affiliation(s): Team?
Powers: flight, strength, gauges measurements
Skills: martial arts/hand to hand combat, her gauging power gives her a good sense of direction, can make accurate mental maps of any place she's been before ('cuz of her power)
Weapons: usually just martial arts/hand-to-hand, but has a knife belt that she sometimes uses
Relationship and/or canon relations: probably still single, idk, and no canon relations
Notes/other (any major changes???): changes that I can think of.. :P
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 OOh me!!!! Name/ID (say if unknown): Aisling Carter (known) Hero/villain name: Dimension Age (in 3
Больше года BentleyYJ said…
Ooc: oh bents age in 3 years is 19
Больше года SilverWingsYJ said…
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Больше года The_Writer said…

-Samuel Grant
-Red Revenge
-24 (Keep him the same)
-Blonde/Dark hair, true blue eyes, muscular build. Around 6'. Overall, what girls call hot.
-Black bullet/stab-proof body suit with red cape, markings, gloves and mask. (I'll add link with pic)
-Civvies: Khakis, T-shirt, Jacket Overcoat, sunglasses
-Normally a really nice guy, acts tough as RR. He has a big heart but you don't wanna mess with him. --Snappy when under stress or grumpy
-Hero (for now)
-Batman (and the fam), Justice League (not official)
-No powers, no skills, massive stash of weapons including lethal swords, daggers, grenades. Daggers can have electrical charge, tracking devices, smoke bombs, flash bangs, nine bangers, knock out gas, fear gas, pepper spray
-Dating Holly Green/Sister (???) to Artemis Crock/close-knit friendship to Blue Beetle and Batgirl
-Other: You should know by now. : P
Jet pack, thirty seconds of invisibility on suit, teleportation grenades (rarely uses)

PIC: link
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