Young Justice OC'S!!! New Статья (has Rene gone evil?)

GlitterPuff posted on Nov 24, 2012 at 04:22PM
Ok, so in the article I'm working on (BM gave me the great idea) Rene turns evil, but when she kills someone, she wakes up because it is all a dream. I was hoping that some of you would let me use you in the article. You will either be "killed", or "hurt badly". Pwease fill out the info below and comment!

Name: (hero name and/or actual name if known)
Hero Outfit:
Powers/Abilities: (also put how they fight, cause there will be a lot of fighting)

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Больше года BentleyYJ said…
Name: Willow Stevens
Age: 15
Gender: female
Appearance: long wavy brown hair, brown eyes, slim figure and fairly tanned
Personality: she can be very funny around people she is comfortable with but is very shy around new people, she is caring and nice.
Hero outfit: she wears a black body suit like mghann with a blak cape that has light blue on the inside, she has a light blue spark on her chest.
Powers/ abilities: he has combat skills, she is somewhat skilled in mystic arts ( she can make her cape/ hood make her camouflage when she puts her hood up ) she can teleport and her eyes glow blue when she casts certain powerful spells,( she often relys on her magic and teleportation )
Больше года Gunfire said…
Name: Gunfire, Twan
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: Blauw eyes, blond spiky hair, a bit slender
Personality: Loyal, is a bit of a hot head, protective, a bit crazy somtimes.
Hero Outfit: see pick ( exept the mask)
Powers/Abilities: Exper marksman, expert whit explosifs, knowes howe to make an use Joker toxin, crimanal contacts, knolages of crimanal underworld, Basic acrobatics, builds an usses a lot of technolgie. He figts using his specaly made guns (al ther funtions are in the bio) uses a wekend joker toxin to knok pepol out, uses al kinds up gageds.
 Name: Gunfire, Twan Age: 17 Gender: male Appearance: Blauw eyes, blond spiky hair, a bit slende
Больше года SilverWings13 said…

Name: Thirteen- Aleksander Felis (known)
Age: 14
Gender: male
Appearance: golden blonde hair usually combed back, emerald green eyes, average build
Personality: calm, quick thinker, level headed, old fashioned/gentle man
Hero Outfit: much like rocket's (canon) except a green and brown scheme rather thy purple and black. Also has a white hover board covered in a web of green that works only for him.
Powers/Abilities: can creat green tinted core feilds, sheilds, and energy spheres. Fights mostly using hand-to-hand, boxing, and karate. Can throw his energy spheres at his enemies and they have an impact like canon balls.
Больше года AislingYJ said…
Name: Dimension (doesn't usually use it)--Aisling Carter (known)
Age: 15
Gender: female
Appearance: 5'9" or 5'10", solid build, pale skin, short wavy/curly dark brown hair always worn in a ponytail, blue-green eyes, freckles
Personality: around most people-- quiet, tomboyish, shy, tough on the outside but sensitive and caring inside, doesn’t like to show extreme sadness or be seen as weak or useless, slightly insecure. Around her best friends/people she’s really comfortable with--similar, but she is talkative and kind of random or weird.
Hero Outfit: see picture
Powers/Abilities: flight, strength, and her main power is that she can gauge measurements such as distance, speed, time, etc. Because of this power, she has a very good sense of direction and can create accurate mental maps of any place she's been, she is also learning to use her power to track people although she isn't very good at that yet. She mainly fights with hand to hand combat, martial arts, etc., she is learning archery and will very rarely use knives.
 Name: Dimension (doesn't usually use it)--Aisling Carter (known) Age: 15 Gender: female Appearance
Больше года HarmonianYJ said…
Name: Melissa "Mel" Adams. AKA Coaxoch.
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ebony black hair, usually worn down. Emerald green eyes, slender build. Pitch black wings.
Personality: Fun to be around, but still extremely serious about the safety of her friends and family.
Hero Outfit: Picture.
Powers/Abilities: Levitation. Flight(wings). Fights using swords, and Mel-Kwon-Do.
Больше года SilverWings_YJ said…
Name: SilverWings (clone)

Age: 3 months (looks 14)

Gender: female

Appearance: 5'5", slender build, long fair hair, stormy grey eye, two tatts (one on her shoulder, other on the small of her back), has a red streak in her hair (only difference between her and sil appearance wise)

Personality: logical, sarcastic, cynical, cruel

Hero Outfit: Pic- if you want me to change it, I have a back up.

Powers/Abilities: expert marks menship, uses her surroundings to her advantage, many self-defense and hand-to-hand, some acrobatics (parkour style),
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 Name: SilverWings (clone) Age: 3 months (looks 14) Gender: female Appearance: 5'5", slender
Больше года MollyYJ said…
Name: Molly
Age: 16
Gender: female
Appearance: long wavy brown hair, fair skin, bright blue eyes, 5'7, slender build
Personality: bubbly, fun, caring, a little bit random and crazy
Hero Outfit: black t-shirt, gray jeans, blue converse sneakers (hair pulled back in ponytail)
Powers/Abilities: teleportation, flying, invisablity, can substain in extreme cold, and has a telepathic connection with Rene, hand on combat
Больше года InfinityYJ said…
Name: Infinity (prefers Fin) --Kyra Grayson (unknown)
Age: 13
Gender: female
Appearance: waist length straight black hair with bangs that hang in left side of face, kind of short and really thin, gold eyes (when they aren't gold they're covered)
Personality: Think female Robin with anger issues and more random
Hero Outfit: bronze/gold minidress, black elbow length fingerless gloves, black belt, black boots, and either a mask or gold eyes
Powers/Abilities: fire, flight, telepathy, ability to change appearance. Her powers are spazzy, but when she has them she kind of hovers and throws fireballs, or she'll do hand-to-hand. When her powers fail she'll fight hand to hand, with a bo staff, or use throwing knives.