Young Justice OC'S!!! GUESS WHO DIES!!!!

BeccaYJ posted on Dec 13, 2012 at 02:22AM
No one. I just wanted your attention! XD Anyway, this signup is if you are brave enough to enter the realm of articles my creator writes. If that is you, there are requirements.

Name (if unknown say so)
Hero name
weakness AND fear
weapons (if any)
Best teammate/friend
what pisses them most

Thank you for the brave soul you think you are. ((BECCA!)) ...thank you for being amazing -.- ((Better)) Okay bye. Wait! What are you-?! NO!!! Take that picture off now!!! ((*posts forum* >XD)) *growls* You will die!
 No one. I just wanted your attention! XD Anyway, this signup is if Ты are Храбрая сердцем enough to enter the

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Больше года InfinityYJ said…
Name (if unknown say so): Kyra Grayson (unknown)
Hero name: Infinity/Fin
Relationship: Dating Eric/Epsilon, siblings are Robin, Delta, Devin
Powers/skills: fire, flight, telepathy, change of appearance, hand to hand, knife throwing (usually only resorts to this after her phoenix mode or when her powers fail)
Behavior/attitude: random, loves to laugh, a little self-absorbed at times, cocky and sarcastic, prankster, has some anger issues, can be serious
weakness AND fear: Weakness: gold weapons (knives, swords, etc.) and if her family or friends are in extreme danger (like 5 secs till death) Fear: falling (not heights. Falling.) and being completely alone
weapons (if any): throwing knives/bo staff
Best teammate/friend: Aisling
what pisses them most: Chelsea, or being too ignorant in a dire situation, or threatening her through a family member... usually pissing her off results in phoenix mode... :3
Больше года HarmonianYJ said…
Name: Ciel Norrian.
Hero name: Harmonian.
Relationship: JAIMEEEEEEE!!!! ((CIEL!))
Powers/skills: Can create any object with voice. Lockpicking.
Behavior/attitude: Go with the flow.
weakness AND fear: Weak swimmer. Blood scares the crap out of him.
weapons (if any): Anything he sings up.
Best teammate/friend: Mel.
what pisses them most: Hypocrites.
Больше года ValacYJ said…
((Name: Brendan Adams :3
Hero: Fang.
Relationship: Married to Devin. To lazy to list ALL the children :D))
Powers/skills: Fight (wings) Invisibilty!
Behavior/attitude: Do I even have to answer this one?
weakness AND fear: Electricity..and loading Devin and/or his children.
weapons (if any) Eh. 'casional sword..
Best teammate/friend: Eh crud, I dunno Devin. THATS PRETTY SAD.
what pisses them most: Teague. That one should've been obvious.
Больше года MercyYJ said…
Name: Bella Harmony Watson

Hero name: Mercy (Nova when she turns 18)

Powers/skills: Controling and creating heat and fire, "sherlock brain" that she doesn't like to use, has
some knowledge of every language except French

Behavior/attitude: Carefree, down to earth, random, exotic?

weakness AND fear: Water, maybe? And her fear- nothingness, or not being able to figure something out/ someone "sherlock-ing" (Sherlock-examining) her

weapons (if any): her own, and a police-issued handgun

Best teammate/friend: Anyone from her other team ((Need any info on that just message me!))

what pisses them most: People underestimating her, and people who don't cooperate, someone "sherlock-ing" her
Больше года rachele_X said…
Holy fuck you scared me with that title!!!
Name: Aisling Carter
Hero name: Dimension (she doesn't really use it)
Relationship: Rowan (are they official? No idea. Ask Mclovin on that one)
Powers/skills: flight, gauges measurements, mental maps and navigation, archery, hand-to-hand combat
Behavior/attitude: around peeps she doesn't know too well: shy, really quiet, tomboy, kind of a loner, serious, tough, doesn't really like to show strong emotions (especially sadness), rational
around her best friends: often hyper, loud, weird and random, friendly, speaks her mind, easily excitable, hardly ever serious (except for on missions and stuff) oh and she tends to cuss (Fin's kinda rubbed off on her)
weakness AND fear: weaknesses are death and all that human stuff, she's super clumsy and uncoordinated, she's not fast or agile, she is insecure and hates to be thought of as useless, her desire to prove others that she's capable and not useless often gets in the way of her judgement, she is often unwilling to admit that she needs help (going with the desire to not be useless and also how she doesn't really like showing pain or sadness). Fear is falling (only mildly) and infinity/endlessness (basically anything she can't measure with her gauging power, so bottomless pits, that sorta thing; they basically render her hopeless)
weapons (if any): archery, will VERY rarely use knives
Best teammate/friend: Infinity/Fin/Kyra Grayson
what pisses them most: people rejecting her/thinking she's useless, people hurting her best friends, villains ('specially Tesla), when she feels like she hasn't lived up to expectations, when people are just generally being assholes, people not understanding her ((Jeezus, that's a lot!))
Больше года Eclipse-YJ said…
Name (if unknown say so) : Phoebe Katia Shannelle Alice Spade (rouge)

Hero name : Eclipse (or Alice to people from Arkham asylum)

Relationship : Married to Dylan Spade

Powers/skills : Extremely Powerful Magic (which she can do almost anything with), Black Wings, Adamantium Skin and Finger Nail Claws (30cm), Good Gymnast, street fighter and kung fu artist, She is trained to use guns and swords to a very high rate and also most fighting styles, carrys a Vorpal Blade (that can kill anyone or thing), Butterfly Dodge (her body turns into blue and black butterflys for a moment to move out of the way of something), Extreme senes, super strenght (in adamantium mode), smoke travling (body turns into jet of black smoke

Behavior/attitude : Shes kind of robot like, shows no emotion and never really goes out of line, she always knows what she is doing and never does anything she knows will go wrong or isn't useful or good, shes smart but sometimes doesn't understand human ethical behaviour

weakness AND fear : Runs out of energy for Magic, Extreme Damage to her body, Enought blows to the head or spine, Hurt or Use Dylan, mention her past,

weapons (if any) : Hobby Horse (kinda like Harley Quinns hammer), Teapot canon (fires boiling matter that can melt and damage things), Pepper Grinder(like a machine gun) , Bunny Bomb, Vorpal Blade (vorpal blade can morph into other an multiple weapons)

Best teammate/friend : Blade

what pisses them most : Stupid questions, when people ask her questions about her, when people think she is incapable of doing things for herself
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 Name (if unknown say so) : Phoebe Katia Shannelle Alice лопата (rouge) Hero name : Eclipse (or Alic
Больше года AugmentBoyYJ said…
Name (if unknown say so) Willow Stevens
Hero name : Cyrus
Relationship : girlfriend to Wally, older ssiter to Becca, younger sister to Cylus
Powers/skills : can teleport, has skill in the mysticd arts, charmed her cape to be able to camoflague her, eyes glow blue.
Behavior/attitude : she is very shy around new people but can be very funny and loud around people she knows well, she is very hard on herself and had self esteem issues though she actually isnt really that bad looking
weakness AND fear : her weakness is the cold her magic doesnt work, also dark magic weaknes her like Becca gets weak, she is scared of bugs any bug she freaks.
weapons (if any): nope
Best teammate/friend : Artemis, Mercy, or Becca
what pisses them most : when people steal her food ( GELATO NEVER TOUCH IT wally learned the hard way as did Luke) or when people are mean to Becca.
Больше года SouthYJ said…
Name: Blade Howard(known of course!)

Hero name: Blade o.o

Relationship: Terror (hubby)

Powers/skills: Teleportation-Mind reading/control-Amazing with them firearms- Somewhat good with knives.

Behavior/attitude: A bitch and hates showing weakness! But she can also have a soft spot! -escecially for little children and kittens- She's snarky and acts like she isn't afraid of anything.

weakness AND fear: Well bullets! (she's only human!) and everything else that causes wounds! Her fear.. Being alone and

The dark. she hates it! It scares her and IT IS THE WORST FEAR SHE HAS! LIKE SHE IS DEATHLY AFRAID OF THE DARK!

weapons (if any): Guns.. and a knife.

Best teammate/friend: I'll say.. ._. She doesn't really have one. Phoebe most likely.

what pisses them most: People that tease her and annoying people!

((Can I add Ty too?))
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Больше года SouthYJ said…
Name: Tyler Stevenson ;)

Hero name: South

Relationship: Married to Becca "Stevenson"

Powers/skills: He's a firecaster and kinda a hothead. When he gets really angry or excited he ignites into a giant fireball! He's australlian so he ALREADY knows how to use a knife!

Behavior/attitude: Sweet, teasing, loving, temperamental!

weakness AND fear: His weakness=water. His fear losing Becca. </3

weapons (if any): knife! :D

Best teammate/friend: No one really! D; I guess Becca!

what pisses them most: When people threaten Becca!
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Больше года Mclovin_69 said…
Name (if unknown say so) : Bentley Thompson
Hero name : none
Relationship : dating Silverwings
Powers/skills : no powers, has skills in hand to hand combat
Behavior/attitude : very quiet, too himself. he only talks to people and laughs around people he trusts
weakness AND fear : hes scared that someones going to die for him or die and he couldnt do anything about it, his past is his weakness
weapons (if any) : sword handle and blade pops out when in use.
Best teammate/friend : Mercy, or Silver
what pisses them most : when they say bad things about the people he love
Больше года Robin_Love said…
big smile
Больше года SilverWings13 said…
Do teu hve to be a part of the team?? If so, then I has no OCs for this but i really wanna use my assassin hotty!
Declan: What?
Assassin buddy! I said buddy!

Name (if unknown say so): Declan Conners -secret-

Hero name: Seeker

Relations: older brother- Daemian Weston; younger sister- Aryess Weston; nephew- Riley Conners; parents- deceased

Powers/skills:Powers: invisibility (to sight, body-heat censors, and aura-censors)

Skills: espionage, expert martial arts and parkour, knows 12 languages (Irish, Latin, Spanish, English, French, Russian, Mandarin, German, Dutch, Italian, Romanian, and Hebrew), info gathering (he knows a lot about the team... Multiple sources!), lying (apparently, it's a skill), blocking telepathy from entering his mind, (basically, think Silver x5)

Behavior/attitude: cynical, independent, good at keeping his emotions in check, slightly detached, all together soldier-like

weakness AND fear: um... For weakness... He's human, so... And fear... SPIDERS! Merp?

weapons: diamond sword (can cut through virtually anything), multiple blades

Best teammate/friend: he antisocial!

what pisses them most: people messing with his fedora!