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DeltaYJ posted on Mar 10, 2013 at 01:21AM
I'm bored so I started thinking (big shock, I know).
What if our OCs had Pokemon?
Here I am.
I'm not going to write a fic or anything off of it. BUT
You fill out a few basic things (name, age, personality ect.)
And I will give your OC a Pokemon or two with explanations why PLUS a mini-ficlet with your OC and his/her Pokemon.

BRIEF Background:

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Больше года AislingYJ said…
Name: Aisling Carter
Age: 15
Gender: female
Power: gauging measurements, flight, archery
BRIEF Background: Kaos (bad guys) found her when she was 8, made her have powers, threw her away, hacked her mind and made her forget shit, she joined the team, came back, and then he was your dad. oh and Tesla's a douche. That brief enough?
Больше года Gunfire said…
Name: Twan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Power: expert marxman, tech specalist, gunslinger (you knowe him), can make lots of things
Personality: protective over friendes, bit of a short fuse somtimes,agien you knowe howe he is.
BRIEF Background: lokedd up in arkham fore a year, bakame jokers aprantece there, whne he got out he was an exped marx man and wl knowne gunslinger, trys to clean the streets of the truwly bad guys nowe,villan to same hero to others.
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Больше года DeltaYJ said…
Pokemon: Piplup

Pokemon Description: "Piplup have a large sense of self-pride. Because of this, a Piplup has a hard time accepting food from humans, and don't like it when someone tries to help them. Piplup is a poor walker, and often falls down. Its pride, however, makes it puff up its chest without a care. It is a skilled swimmer, diving for over ten minutes to hunt. In the anime, it can sometimes fly short distances, despite penguins not being able to fly"

Trainer and Pokemon: Aisling met Piplup on a mountain mission. She was sent into the forest to act as a last resort, to help trap any bad guys that escaped the mountain top warehouse, and assisting civilians fleeing the attack. The little Piplup was starving and freezing despite it's adaptability to the weather. Aisling tried to help it but it was too stubborn to accept it. But she was used to stubborn people (cough*fin*cough) and knew how to deal with them. So after a while Piplup warmed up to Aisling and after the mission the two became inseparable.
Больше года DeltaYJ said…
Pokemon: Lucario

Pokemon Behavior: Lucario are considered to be prideful creatures, and are extremely loyal to their Trainers. Lucario also seem to have a natural sense of justice

Trainer and Pokemon: Twan saves Lucario from it's abusive trainer. On a mercenary mission, Twan is sent to a backwash gritty city. When he is searching for the man he stumbles upon a young man keeping it on a chain while at a bar. A small crowd is gathered around the rare Pokemon, trying to make it do 'it's tricks' and when the Lucario doesn't they smash beer bottles on it's head. Obviously Twan ends up breaking up the crowd and kills it's owner. After freeing the Pokemon he tells it to run off so it can be free. But the Lucario decides to stay with Twan. The Pokemon often uses it's powers to help Gunfire train.
Больше года InfinityYJ said…
Name: Fin (derp)
Age: 13 (derpity)
Gender: Female (ahha derpper)
Power: fire flight fire apperance fire did i say fire haha FIRE (so much derp)
Personality: Derp this I'm outta here
BRIEF Background: she was kidnapped and then not kidnapped then death death death child death death deathity death with a side of extra death (and maybe a little bit of saving the world but no mostly just) DEATH