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 Merry F**king Christmas.. ._. ~ From Blade <3
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This Young Justice OC'S!!! фото might contain гостиная, гостиная комната, hip boot, and thigh boot.

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This is pointless!" I threw the подушка off the постель, кровати but found myself closing my eyes suddenly when the подушка crashed into my drawer. I turned to the side where I heard the crash and sprung open one eye to see the damage, "Oops." I sat up then looked at the alarm clock now with both eye wide open, "2:45 this sucks I can't sleep". I let out a deep sigh as I remove the covers off of me and came off the bed. As I robbed the back of my head I walked to the drawer examining the damage close up, there I saw that the подушка had cause some bottles to break when they fell off the drawer, "Oh well, since...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
 I'm so stupid why in the hell did I when into that damn building. My sorry Jaivus. This is all my fault.
I'm so stupid why in the hell did I when into that damn building. My sorry Jaivus. This is all my fault.
Back in the Infirmary
"Here drink this." Devin said, handing Ashley a small glass at which the blue haired collected it.
"Your sister сказал(-а) Ты need a lot of water if Ты wanna get back to your full strength." Devin told her, with a smile
"Why aren't Ты healing Jaivus?" Ashley asked, bluntly.
"Well I do have an explanation for that. Ты see Ashley when Ты two were brought Jaivus flat lined your sister and i were focus on getting his сердце beating again. When we manage to do that we decided to start healing his burns," She paused, "but then his lungs started to collapsed so we had to focus on...
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posted by -BelovedRobin
Before a single word escape his mouth, he already knew the whole speech like the back of his hand. With ease, Бэтмен clinked the mug onto the counter beside the keyboard and turn to face the distress bird.

"How da--"

Batman rose his palm, and like that, Nightwing shut his mouth. Unlike his former student, Бэтмен can recite an entire novel with a single stroke of a button. Instantly, light provoke the darkness. Waking the emptiness with a tug, then tossing towards the background for the undying lust for ground.

"Phantom corps. Is that who they are?" Nightwing relaxed his brow, and tossed a hip...
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Fin's face was filled with an expression of such pure wrath and fury that I was scared she was going to strangle Бэтмен on the spot. "He's GONE?"
Without warning, her hands ignited in a burning flame. I had learned by now that the огонь didn't harm her and wouldn't harm us, either, but it was still startling.
"How's he missing? How? Why?" Wally sputtered, his voice echoeing everyone's feelings. "Right then," сказал(-а) Megan, who somehow had remained calm amidst the chaos that had ensued. "To the bioship?"
They all started to go towards the hangar. I began to sink back down on the couch, knowing...
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posted by Skittles98
“So, Alfred сказал(-а) Ты wanted to Показать me some things?” I said
“Yes. First, some questions. How did Ты get into the cave?” Dad asked
“I followed a boy in a knee length cape in through a telephone booth” I explained
“Yes, but only Justice League and Young Justice Members are allowed in” Dad pointed out.
“Maybe it thought I was a kid version of mom” I shrugged
“Okay, секунда question, do Ты have any powers aside from flight?” he asked
“I’m super strong. Also, if I were to take off my перчатка, перчатки and touch any of Ты right now, not only would I gain all your powers, but Ты would...
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posted by Skittles98
The boy sat on the large, fancy chair.
“Dick, this is my and Diana’s daughter, Evelyn Veronica Isabelle Lang” he explained
“Your…daughter?” the boy asked
“Yes. We Остаться в живых her in a storm six years before Ты were here” Dad said
“This is totally whelming. Why would Ты keep this secret from me, Bruce?” the boy demanded
“Dick, now isn’t the time. I’m making it your job to Показать her around the mansion, find a room for her and tell her who Ты are” Dad ordered
“Fine, but don’t think that we’re done talking about this” he nodded.
“I’m Dick Grayson. I’ll be your tour...
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posted by GlitterPuff
March 22nd, 2014

Rene was walking down the street, on her way to the Zeta tunnel in her area. She wore her normal casual clothing: Jeans, sneakers, and a silly t-shirt a thirteen-year-old would wear. The red head snuck into an alley way and walked over to the phone boot. She opened the door and went through, a small light shinning as she walked though.

As soon as she came inside the cave, she quickly scurried to her secret locker in the training room. As she came in, she tapped on the Стена in a few spots and a small door opened, revealing potions, books, weapons, and scrolls. The red head quickly...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
((this takes places after the incident with Honesty in: The Power of the шестиугольник series."))
He fell to the floor eyes tightly shut as his back stunk from the impact of the fall. Nate, the purple eye and purple haired boy, sat up clenching his teeth from vexation as the combat panel painted in deep red the fail writing. It was the third time he was staring at that writing, but what arguer him the most was the one that made him face the letters.

He looked up seeing the most, in his opinion, disgusting creature with his death-black hair and blooded-red eyes extending his hand to put him from the...
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