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 Merry F**king Christmas.. ._. ~ From Blade <3
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You're welcome ~~ Blade
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This Young Justice OC'S!!! фото might contain гостиная, гостиная комната, hip boot, and thigh boot.

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((Whoopdy fucking doo... *twirls finger in the air*))

*sticks tongue out at GlitterPuff* Just start allready!


1.    Would Ты rather ride a seahorse when Ты are shrunk at a itsy bitsy size, или jump into a pool filled with seahorses and see if they will form a giant seahorse Ты could ride at your normal size?

2.    If Ты could go back in time, where would Ты go and why?

3.    When...
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In which the reader is forced to wait while I try and figure out what's coming up next. >-<

“Patience, Kyra.”
She got Мурашки at Chelsea’s calm voice, tears escaping down her face. The pain of the Золото was immense but she couldn’t place why-- skin contact hadn’t affected her before. Chelsea’s chuckled reached her as she took in a shuddering breath. “I assumed it would pain Ты еще than Ты believed.”
The dark cloth over her eyes slipped away and she blinked a couple of times. Chelsea sat across from her, scraping a jagged нож on rock, making earsplitting screeches....
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Despite Jaime's actions in Last Resort, this shows his wild side. >:D And no, it's not Blue Beetle.

Jaime pushed past the people in the crowded hallway of his school on his way to lunch. 
"Out of my way freaks!" the most Популярное girl in school, Lynsey, pushed through the students. Jaime stood his ground and stood in her way, 
"Excuse me, MOVE!" 
"I don't think I will." Jaime crossed him arms. Lynsey scoffed and shooed him away. 
"I think the freak таблица is over there." She pointed to a empty таблица on the other side of the room. 
"Okay, so while you're getting std's, I'll just be over here."...
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1. boys no running around the cave in your boxers ( Lucas, Wally)

2. No boys in the girls rooms after 9:00

3. no giving Конфеты to Willow and Becca

4. dont call Willow crazy for liking and being Wallys girlfriend

5. Lucas and Artemis no PDA please

6. no playing pin the tail on Wally ( Becca, Phoebe, Fang, Blade)

7. there will be no playing of "gotcha" around the cave (( mcl: if Ты dont know what gotcha is just ask me))

8. No playing Prom дата (( mcl: again just ask me what these games are and i will explain))

9. no playing spin the bottle

10.Artemis if someone says then i took an Стрела to the knee...
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Thought Ты should know this about Cat. She's a hopeless romantic, she is sensitive about cheating, she hates cheater, and here's why. ;)

The sounds of the park filled her ears. Laughing, crying, talking, singing, playing, chirping, screaming, arguing. All these things filled her senses and sent her into overdrive. The past week had been emotionally draining on her. She hadn't done a single thing right! So she'd taken the день off. She sat at a bench and watched as a young couple kissed. Her eyes became distant and she spotted a broken hearted girl come up to the couple. The tears and shouting...
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