Am I such a bad cook(I am are`nt I)
Robin are Ты okay?you`ve barely touched the Еда on your plate.
"It`s nothing im not hungry."Robin replied with a sad expresion and left.
Is my cooking that bad?
"No,he just- sigh"Batman cut him self off.
Something about his past that reviels his secret identedy?
"Yes,and Ты did`nt want to know so he bottles it up and puts или tries to put on a Храбрая сердцем face."Batman told me.
If I ask him to tell me would he?
"i doubt it."Batman responded.
Then how about if Ты tell me?
"Im sorry but he сказал(-а) he should tell Ты and i respect that."Batman responded.
Ohh.Hey I heard the circus is in town can I take him?you know to cheer him up a bit?
"Only if I go."Said Бэтмен with a cheerfull face expresion.

After I cleanned up,I went to find Robin I found him sobbing quietly in his Room looking at a picture.
Robin,Please tell me I can`t stand to see Ты like this!
He sighed and said:I can`t tell you,but the image is glued to my head Ты can read my mind.
Okay,In his mind there was a vivid picture of two people falling off a trapeze.
Robin?Is that what hapened to your-he cut me off yes on this same day.

I guess where I was gonna take Ты is out of the question,How do Ты feel about going to the cementary?
"Where were Ты gonna take me?"
The circus.
"We can go but only for while and then head over to the cementary."
As Ты wish,Now lets get ready.

Бэтмен drove us to the circus and we stayed there for the first time today he was a bit happy,I held his hand when the trappeze people came.

When we left to go to the cementary Бэтмен went to see his parents grave and I went with Robin I heard him mumble:Mom,dad i miss Ты but I will do what Ты always told me"Leaving the past in the past,always looking ahed to the future,But still being conciuos abu=out the present."

That was really nice Robin I-he cut me off
"I wished they could have met Ты they`d be so happy that I found someone who truly undestands me."
Well Robin they`re very proud of Ты and they`re always with you
He pulled my hed toward him and kissed me.
"Atleast I have you.The most important person in my life."

In his mind there was apicture very vivid of two people falling off a trapeze in the circus.