Megan smiled as Becca opened her eyes and yawned.
“Hey,” she said.
“Hi,” Becca returned. “How long did I sleep?”
“The rest of the день and all night.”
Becca turned to look at Artemis.
“Don't be,” the archer said. “You needed it. But I have a question.”
“Why did Devin call Ты Sparrow?”
“My mom use to call me that. Now my closest Друзья say it. You're both allowed.”
“Hmm. So. What did I miss?”
“Cassie is getting еще sympathy. For being snapped at.”
“Uck! I wanna перфоратор, удар, пунш her through a wall. Why is it that everytime we stop her, we end up looking like the bad guys?”
“She's got those fools wrapped around her finger.”
“Yeah. I haven't seen Robin alone for...almost three days. We try to have a night to ourselves at least once a week. Today's Thursday and it hasn't happened yet. I'm getting worried.”
“Don't. Well get rid of her soon enough. We just have to...”
“Keep holding on. I know. But I'm starting to get that feeling.”
“Which one?”
“The one that let's me see the future.”
“You can see the future?” Megan asked.
“Not by force. And the timing is random. Agh! Speak of the devil...”
Becca seemed to zoom out of the Earth and into space. Megan and Artemis waited until she was in control before speaking.
“What now?” Artemis asked.
“They'll be a fight.”
“A little late.”
“No. Like a full on war.”
“Because of us?”
“No. Because of something much worse.”
Before anyone could utter another word, a knock sounded at the door. Becca nodded and Megan answered it.
“Oh. Эй, Robin.”
“Hi. Is Becca up?”
“Yeah. Come on in.”
The Boy Wonder stepped into the room and went to Becca's side.
“How Ты feeling?” he asked.
“Stiff and sore.”
“I blame Cassie,” Artemis interjected.
“Same,” Becca agreed.
“Robin. I told you; Cassie is going to try and get between Megan and Connor. The three of us are trying to stop it. Even if we have to seduce Ты boys to do it.”
“Why would the rest of us be involved?”
“Cassie threatened us. She admitted to getting in between our SuperMartian. And then she сказал(-а) she was going to take the three of us girls out to get all of Ты men to herself.”
“We heard it,” Megan agreed. “Cassie doesn't care about us; only the males.”
“She has hurt us all Robin. And she's out to get Becca even еще because Becca isn't afraid to call her out and challenge her. And Megan and I are not scared of her anymore either.”
“You have to believe us Robin. Megan and Artemis are correct. We would never lie about this. And I would never lie about these things to you. Ты believe me. Right?”
Robin bit his lip, looking in Becca's eyes. She seemed sincere but something seemed off.
“Robin please. If Ты don't side with us now, something horrible is going to happen. And it will tear everyone apart. Including us. Including Connor and Megan. Including Wally and Artemis. It will all be gone unless you, just this one time, believe me.”
“I-I want to believe Ты Becca. But-”
“Just go.”
“Go! I don't want to talk anymore!”
Robin sighed heavily and left the room. The door shut and Becca burst into tears. Megan came over and wrapped her arms around the broken warrior.
“That's it. The first piece of the puzzle,” Becca whispered through her tears. “Now it can't be stopped. Nothing will stop this.”
“Stop what?” Artemis asked.
“Stop Young Justice from splitting up.”