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Artemis stared at the wish again.

"Well, I'm, uh, gonna go back to the, um, rest of the team then." Wally started, spinning on his heals to leave but the archer stopped him.

"Thank you." She said.

"No prob."

Artemis watched Wally leave, then leaned against the door frame.

"Last Christmas, I gave Ты my heart, But the very Далее день Ты gave it away, This year, To save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special." The girl sang quietly until she was sure Wally was gone.

"Once bitten and twice shy, I keep my distance, But Ты still catch my eye, Tell me baby, Do Ты recognize me?Well, It's been a year, It doesn't surprise me, Happy Christmas, I wrapped it up and sent it, With a note saying "I Любовь you", I meant it, Now I know what a fool I've been, But if Ты kissed me now, I know you'd fool me again." Artemis wrinkled her nose as she thought back to the Назад Christmas, where she sent a note to her crush and only got her сердце stomped on. She swore she'd never fall for anyone like that again.

"Last Christmas, I gave Ты my heart, But the very Далее день Ты gave it away, This year, To save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special, A crowded room, Друзья with tired eyes, I'm hiding from you, And your soul of ice, My god I thought Ты were, Someone to rely on. Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on. A face on a lover with a огонь in his heart, A man under cover but Ты tore me apart. Now I've found a real Любовь you'll never fool me again. Last Christmas, I gave Ты my heart, But the very Далее день Ты gave it away, This year, To save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special, A face on a lover with a огонь in his heart, A man under cover but Ты tore me apart, Maybe Далее год I'll give it to someone. I'll give it to someone special. Last Рождество I gave Ты my heart, But the very Далее день Ты gave it away. This год to save me from tears. I'll give it to someone. I'll give it to someone special." Artemis finally finished her song when Wally returned.

"I, uh, forgot my list." Wally сказал(-а) slowly.

"Oh, here." Artemis handed it back to him. Wally offered her a smile.

"Megan is about to send them, and I really want to get mine in." Wally bit his lip, wishing he could have worded that better.

Artemis nodded, than closed her door. She walked to her стол письменный, стол and pulled out a piece of paper. She quickly scribbled in a wish, than ran after the speedster.

Okay I am a super Фан of young justice an I have a fav couple... Yeah u guessed it Artemis and wally... Eeekk But then something terrible happens!! Oh and wally is an A hole at the beginning so ya he spose to be

DISCLAIMER: I do not own young justice

RATING: PG For sexual content not like the nasty but kissing.

Any way so I made a story for them!! And sorry for my spelling if it's bad..!! And i spelled Ты like u cuz it's faster.
U= you
Cuz= because
Y= why
And kshk is the radio okay!

          She's Dead?!?!?

The team is at Mount Justice while Artemis is on a mission.... 

"Where's Artemis?" Wally...
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I have learned to like this song, but I Любовь the video.
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Megan's bio-ship landed on the hard pavent of Boston sending passerby running of for safety. "What happen?" Aqualad asked Megan."I don't know, she felt something pulling her down." They quickly got out of the Bio-ship and looked around, suddenly a огонь ball shot through the air and almost landed on Artemis until KidFlash quickly pushed her away. "Hahahaha! we meet again, baby justice league!" Dr Evil laughed crazily launching огонь balls at them. "Enough of this nonsense!" Superboy shouted, his anger rising to his/her top. Superboy launch himself into the air and came down onto Dr Crazy creating...
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Chapter 2-

Rome, Italy
22:31 CET December 13

Artemis did a little remodeling while Wally 'went to get something important'. Probably his ego. Couldn't fit it in his suitcase.

Wally burst through the door at super-speed. In his hands he was carrying a пицца box and in the other, a game system. He stopped cold.

"Why is their only one bed?" he asked.

"There's two." Artemis replied. "Yours is in the closet."

Wally tossed the пицца and game system down before getting in Artemis's face.

"Why do I have to sleep in the closet?"

"Because I'm a girl."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Girls need fresh...
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I let go of the дельфин and used a small propulsion spell to keep pace with Kalder. We peeked out behind some coral. A lady with long purple hair and a black dress was standing there working a spell. But that’s not what surprised me. What surprised me is that she was with a gorilla.
“Grod. This is not good” Kalder muttered. Grod turned and I pulled Kalder behind the coral.
“Tala. She’s worse” I said.
“Who’s Tala?” Kalder whispered
“She was an apprentice to Felix Faust before he died. Again. She’s extremely skilled, but compared to Faust, she’s an amateur. She’s known...
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“Finally figure it out?” He smirked. I grabbed my mace.
“How’d Ты get in here?” I demanded
“Now Alex, let’s not get feisty” he smirked. I flew out of the bed, ripping away the tube connecting the bag of blood to my arm. My mace was alight with electricity.
“You have three секунды before I call the team” I growled. I really hoped he didn’t have super hearing, или he would hear my сердце hammering in my chest. Then I thought of something. Literally.
’Megan! I need super stealthy backup in the infirmary. RIGHT NOW!’ I thought
‘On my way!’ she acknowledged. I needed to...
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 "She looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing."
"She looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing."
I dumped my bag on the couch, and ignored Megan's confused expression.
"What are Ты doing?" she inquired as I sat down Далее to her.
"Don't worry, I asked my brother first," I replied. "I'm going to live here with Ты and Superboy."
She slid her hand on my shoulder. "If there's something Ты need to talk about..." she looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing.
I was about to deny that, but the Mission alarm suddenly rang. We raced to the Mission Room, where the rest of the team awaited Бэтмен to tell us the mission.
To my surprise, Roy was there, looking worried.
Бэтмен looked emotionless....
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 "Did Ты know...?"
"Did you know...?"
I flew back through the window, finding the team asleep on the floor.
"Guys?" I kneeled down beside Aqualad, and tapped him lightly.
He woke with a startle. "Jeannette? Did Ты catch Cheshire?"
I nodded. "Yeah, she's in jail now. Did Ты know...?" Should I tell them about the baby?
"Never mind," I сказал(-а) quickly. "You guys could go home. I'll stay and patrol the city."
The rest of the team woke up and headed for the bioship, while I locked all the doors to the suite.
Before I flew out the window, I quickly latched it, drawing the curtains.
I knew I was tired, but I couldn't keep the image...
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"Wally is there something you`d like to say to FireBlaster?"Said Kaldu`r and M`gann.
"Im sorry for what i сказал(-а) the other day".said Wally.I responded:Its okay you`re forgiven.

Awesome! now why don`t we go out for pizza?:Robin said.Everyone laughed and we went to a pizzeria.
"Awesome pizza" I said.Then Wally asked:Who`s paying cause im not,then woosh wally left!
Artemis yelled as he left:You`re soo cheap! ugh he can be such a little kid seriously.
I added:It`s okay he`s a catch for somegirl who can litteraly catch him,besides im paying.
"Please why don`t we all chip in and pay together?" сказал(-а) Kaldu`r....
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 "He was treating me like a kid."
"He was treating me like a kid."
I met up with the team in the Mission Room, where Бэтмен was typing frantically into the computer.
"WHAT?!" I demanded, ignoring my rude tone of voice.
"An explosion occurred five минуты назад at Gotham City's First National Bank. I need Ты guys to go handle that." He didn't even bother looking at us.
"On it!" Kid Flash saluted before zooming to the terminal.
I buckled into my seat, pouting at my lack of sleep.
"Prepare for take-off!" Megan сказал(-а) in a chippy voice.
When we were in the air, Megan switched to Auto-Pilot, and sat down Далее to me.
"Where were Ты all day, Erica?"
I debated over...
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