Until Далее Time
A single beam of light shone on a silver chair in the middle of a dark space.

In the background the sound of foots steps moved to the chair.

A young girl in a black плащ with an oversized капот, худ sat down.

“Hello, It’s only Eclipse here don’t worry I will make this a sort goodbye but I have met Ты here in a Космос between dimensions to tell Ты some sad news, I have noticed the number of OC’s in Статьи so I have decided to”

She stopped for a moment

“I have decided to Отменить The colours of Eclipse, I know some of Ты will be wondering why and have mix feelings but to me young justice is fading in the back ground so its best just to wait until everyone misses us, by us I mean Me, Becca, Willow everyone! The secret 6 has gone away to and I have to go back to the village of White-water in Canada where I was born, I need to sort my life out”

Eclipse got up and walked behind the chair but turned her head

“ Ты look sad! Don’t worry...here”

she took of her omega ожерелье

“This means a lot to me keep it безопасно, сейф I will be back for it”

she placed the ожерелье on the chair

“Until we meet again”.

And she stepping into the darkness