Chapter 3
      Two men in identical Форс-мажоры walked down the streets of Gotham. Long black coats conceled their whole bodies. Collars pulled up so their faces and were unreconizable. To anyone they would look like typical drug dealers doing one of those walk by deals. But every cop was elsewhere. Some parade going on a few blocks away. 
  "Did Ты hack into the system yet?" The taller of the two asked. 
"Almost. Whoever made the security must be a pro." The other responded concentrated on a high tech hand-held.
"You sound surprised. It's Wayne Tech. 'Course the guy's got some top-notch super security computer nerd locking his precious projects all up." The tall one responded. 
"Almost in......Damn." 
"Password boss left is no good."
"But we need to get in TODAY!"

      Saturday. And Leia found herself on the back of Robin's motorcycle. He stayed pretty silent and it was bothering her. She wanted him to at least say something about being whelmed.They disembarked the bike and walked into an alley. She didn't ask Вопросы even though she was bursting with them.
  "Ladies first." Robin сказал(-а) opening the door to an out-of-order telephone booth.  She looked at him like was crazy.
   He motioned for her to enter dispite her hesitation and puzzled expression. 
 She walked her a computerized voice come on saying 
There was a flash a KAPOW 
She was in a large room. Robin behind her. He guided her to some league members Flash, Black Canary     Batman, who simply  nodded.  
  The two passed them and into a longue/kitchen area where M'Gann was cooking, Conner watching. Artemis and Wally arguing on the couch. Kalder watching and looking unordinarily extremely amused by their Дебаты over his constant hitting on Megan which evolved into a heated argument over each other's personalitys. 
  They all seemed to stop when they noticed Robin and the mysterious new girl in the doorway. 
 "Uh guys, this is my girlfriend Leia. She's joining the team." 

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