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"Robin? Robin!" Kaldur hissed, looking around the darkened room the team were currently hiding in.

"He's gone isn't he?" Wally asked quietly, glancing up from the computer.

"Yep." The Atlantean nodded, exasperated.

"Figures." Artemis groaned softly. "M'gann, can you…"

She was interrupted by gunfire from the Далее floor up in the небоскреб and a familiar cackle.

"Oh. There he is." Kid Flash mused, before racing up the stairs.


"Seriously dude, you've gotta stop doing that." Wally grimaced as the team were assembled back in the cave.

"Stop doing what?" Robin glanced at the speedster in confusion.

"Stop running off in the middle of a mission." Kaldur elaborated.

Robin blinked. "I did…? oh, right." He winced. "Sorry…"

"Just be еще careful Далее time." Artemis told him.

Robin nodded obediently, smiling. "Yes, ma'am!"

"You сказал(-а) that last time. And the time before…" Conner pointed out.

Robin shrugged, a red tint colouring his cheeks a little. "I don't do it on purpose… it's just habit…"

"Then break it." Artemis folded her arms.

Robin shrugged. "I'll try…" The Boy Wonder told her.

He placed a hand to his ear, listening to something in his comm. link. "Yeah? I'm on my way." He decided.

He glanced up at his friends. "Sorry guys. Arkham break-out."

The black-haired boy walked to the zeta-tube. "Recognised. Robin, B01." The computer announced as he vanished.

"Well, actually I'd better run too." Wally said. "Really gotta study for a test tomorrow. See Ты all later."

He vanished in a blur.

As he ran, he kept thinking. Robin running off could seriously endanger someone – Rob himself most likely, but it could also be whoever he was supposed to be watching out for. And what if he actually got captured and everyone assumed he had just gone on patrol?

There had to be a way to…

Kid Flash stopped in his tracks, an idea blossoming in his mind. Perfect.

Two weeks later, they were on another typical mission – an 'observe only' that had rapidly turned into a battle.

"Robin's gone." Conner hissed as they all crouched behind a tipped over table, trying to hide themselves from the bullets raining against it.

"Great." Artemis rolled her eyes, nocking an Стрела as she pressed her back against the table.

Suddenly they heard a familiar cackle and a shout of "Bird-boy!"

The bullets stopped hitting their makeshift shield and the team felt it безопасно, сейф to look up over the table.

Instead the gunmen were firing at a shadow on the ceiling. Robin laughed, jumping down. He landed on a first man, knocking him to the ground and twisted around, punching a second.

He didn't notice the gun that was trained on his back until suddenly an Стрела hit the Kevlar vest, knocking the third gunman backwards.

"Thanks Artemis!" Robin grinned, throwing the forth and final gunman aside into a wall. The man stared up dazedly.

"Robin…" Kaldur сказал(-а) warningly.

"I know, I know." Robin shrugged his shoulders slightly. "No running off by myself. I get it Kaldur."

"That was irresponsible and Ты could have been seriously hurt…" Aqualad began.

Robin shrugged. "That таблица would have lasted another ten секунды max."

Wally reached into his sleeve he'd sown onto his outer-wrist for just this occasion. He pulled out a spray bottle filled with water and raced up to his friend.

"Bad ninja! Bad ninja!" He sprayed him twice.

"Yah!" Robin jumped backwards, his arm raised in a block. He grabbed his cape and pulled it up as a shield. After a секунда it became apparent that Kid Flash had stopped spraying him.

"KF, what the hell?" Robin dropped his cape and stared at his best friend. "Seriously, what was that about?"

"Bad ninja." Wally said, spraying him in the face once more.

Robin yelped again and wiped his face with his sleeve. "What the heck?"

"No running off in a mission, Robin." Kid Flash folded his arms, still holding the sprayer.

"No spraying me with water then!"

"I won't spray Ты if Ты don't run off."

"Yeesh, fine KF." Robin rolled his eyes, exaggerating the movement so his team-mates could see it behind his mask.

"Good." Kid Flash smiled. He glanced at the gunmen and nudged the closest with his foot. "Let's get these guys tied up."


"Robin, Ты promised not to do this any more…" Kaldur grimaced.

"He broke his promise." Conner shrugged.

"Hey, it worked didn't it?" Robin folded his arms and glared at his team-mates, his foot resting on the tied up villain.

"Barely." M'gann said. "Robin, Ты could become hurt if you…"

"Bad Ninja!" Wally interrupted her, spraying Robin. "Bad Ninja! Bad Ninja! Baaaad Niiinnjaaaa!" He gave a long spray for the last one.

Robin wiped his face. "You have serious problems, Ты know that right?" He glanced around at his team-mates. "Does anyone else think that this is nuts?"

Artemis touched him on the shoulder.

He spun around to face her, and got a faceful of water.

"Bad Ninja!"

Robin took a step backwards automatically, moving a hand up to defend himself. After a секунда he realised what she had done and stared at her. "Artemis? Really?"

"Really. Bad Ninja!" She sprayed him again.

"Why the heck are Ты copying Wally?"

"Because it's fun." Artemis shrugged. "And he was the only one who came up with a good idea for how to get Ты to stop running off. Bad Ninja!" She sprayed him once more.

Robin stared at them, wiping his wet hair from his face and then looked at the other three members of the team. "Seriously guys?"

"Well, don't run off I guess." Kaldur shrugged, biting back a smile.

"Asterous." Robin muttered, pushing his now wet hair out of his face again.


"And I win!" Robin cackled, poking Wally from behind with the speedster's wristband in hand.

"No fair! Ты cheated!"

"Did not! The point of the exercise was to be the last one with their wristband. I'm the only one left." Robin smirked, tapping his own wristband.

"But Ты went all ninja on us…" Artemis complained.

"Yep. It's what I do." Robin shrugged, then he took a step back and raised his hands defensively. "And it was a training exercise so don't Ты dare…" He gave a yelp as both Artemis and Wally pulled out their spray bottles and sprayed him.

"Bad Ninja! Bad Ninja!"

"Not fair!" Robin snapped, holding his hands up as a shield. "I'm supposed to do that here!"

"He's right." Kaldur agreed. "Wally, Artemis, put the water sprays down."

Reluctantly the speedster and the archer followed the orders.

"You two have serious mental problems." Robin scowled. "And I should know. I fight nutsos every день of the week."

"Now you're on a team with them." Wally grinned, tapping the Boy Wonder lightly on the nose.

Robin decided this was a good time to demonstrate that his mentor wasn't the only one who could do an impressive Bat-Glare.


"Robin!" M'gann sighed in relief, flying forwards. Then she paused, fear clouding her eyes.

In a секунда Kid Flash was kneeling by his best friend's side. The Boy Wonder was lying on the ground, washed up onto the берег of the lake.

The speedster placed his fingers on his neck. "He's alive…" Wally whispered in relief as everyone else crowded around.

Right on cue, Robin coughed and sat up to see his team looking at him in worry. "Are Ты okay?" M'gann asked.

"I'm asterous…" Robin said, sitting up and coughing. "Just a bit waterlogged."

"Robin, Ты could have drowned!" Artemis said, relief making her angry. "You couldn't have waited so we could tell if it was dangerous?"

"I'm fine…"

"Bad Ninja!" Artemis decided, spraying him.

"Hey!" Robin raised one hand up, supporting himself with the other. "Seriously, where do Ты even keep that thing?"

"In my quiver. Bad Ninja!"

"Bad Ninja!" Kid Flash agreed, spraying him as well.

"Guys! Almost drowned here! Don't need any еще water!"

Robin crab-walked backwards and glowered at his two friends. "Seriously guys, that's just insane."

Kaldur paused. Well, they are teaching him not to disappear… He mused to himself.

The hydrokinetic jerked a hand. A bubble of water raised from the lake. The rest of the team saw it but Robin still had his back to the lake as he clambered to his feet.

Suddenly the water fell down, pouring over him.

Robin's jaw dropped as the cold water soaked him. He stayed stunned for a секунда before turning around to glower at Kaldur.

"What was that for?" He shouted, pushing a sopping wet lock of hair out his face.

Kaldur gave a small smile. "Bad Ninja."

"Urgh!" Robin threw his hands up in the air in exasperation. He turned off and began to walk off. "Did we beat the bad-guys yet?"

"Yep." Conner nodded, trying to hide a smile.

"Good. I'll be back in Gotham then." Robin scowled, walking off. His feet made squishing noise as they were filled with water.

Behind him he could hear his Друзья cracking up.

"So not feeling the aster…" He muttered, getting onto his motorcycle.


"Robin?" Artemis looked around. "Robin?" She hissed.

"I really hate it when he does that." Kid Flash groaned.

M'gann placed a hand on her head and the team all heard her voice in their heads. Robin, where are you?

Busy. Was the acrobat's sharp reply.

There was a crackle of gunfire to the side.

Kid Flash ran forwards as fast as he could and threw the guy to the ground, grabbing the gun.

Artemis was right behind him, Стрела shooting off to the other gunman.

Kaldur pulled out his water into a mace, clanging it into the third gunman.

The other three were already taken down, most likely due to Robin.

"None for us?" Conner smirked as M'gann floated Далее to him. Kaldur changed the mace back into regular water and dropped it back into his sheathes.

"Sorry. I'll try to save some for Ты Далее time." Robin grinned.

The other members of the team all paused, and than in unison pulled out identical spray-bottles and aimed them at Robin.

"Bad Ninja!" Wally announced as they all pressed the trigger together.

"Bad Ninja!" Artemis agreed.

Robin spluttered, wiping his face. "Is this a conspiracy или something?"

"Yes." Kaldur nodded. "Bad Ninja." They all sprayed again.


"You'd've thought he'd've stopped by now." Artemis mused as they all ran into the room.

Robin was busy tying up the unconscious секунда rate villain. "Hey guys." He grinned, looking up.

"Bad Ninja!" Wally shot forwards with the sprayer ready.

Robin's hand shot to his utility belt. In a секунда he had aimed his taser straight at the speedster. "Don't." He warned.

Wally paused and stared at his friend. He looked at his sprayer. Than he looked back at the taser, then at his sprayer, then the taser and then his spray bottle again.

"Bad Ninja!" He sprayed him.

Robin pulled the trigger and then tasered his friend.

He'd already changed the settings it so that it wasn't in lethal mode, but Kid Flash still dropped to the ground jerking.

The rest of the team paused and Robin took his taser back and slid it into his utility belt.

Artemis touched Kaldur on the shoulder and began to whisper in his ear. Kaldur nodded with a slight smile.

There was a rushing noise, and suddenly the pipes snapped. Water sprayed out, thundering into Robin.

For a секунда the Boy Wonder was choking, trying to ride the wave of water the fell through the room. Then it petered out and Robin was left gasping on the ground in front of the team.

Kaldur smirked. "Very Bad Ninja."

Robin sat up and glowered. "I hate Ты all." He gasped out. "With a vengeance."

"Okay then." M'gann shrugged, knowing that he didn't mean it.

She flew over him and whipped out her own sprayer. Aiming it straight at the lying down Boy Wonder's face, she smiled. "Bad Ninja."


The team snuck into a warehouse.

"Robin, where is it… Robin?" Kaldur looked around.

"Oh, great." Kid Flash grimaced. "Not again."

There was a swish of a cape and suddenly Robin was behind him. "I can go off to get the blue-prints, I'll just have to go to the control room." He told them.

The team all glanced at him. "Back soon." The acrobat added, vanishing.

"Did he really just tell us before running off?" Artemis asked.

"I guess it worked, then." Wally shrugged, tapping the sprayer attached to his wrist.

Half an час later, the team finished their mission. "Let's see, not that big a mess by our standards." Robin glanced around the warehouse. "The building's even standing."

"And Ты didn't run off." Kaldur smiled slightly. "Well, Ты told us before disappearing."

Robin flushed. "Yeah."

"So the Bad Ninja thing worked?" Artemis smirked.

"Actually, no. I was considering doing it on purpose just to spite Ты all, but then I figured your arguments were pretty good. Not the spraying thing." Robin answered.

Despite being trained by Batman, each member of the team knew the lie for what it was. The water spray was what had made him tell them.

Kid Flash zoomed up behind Robin.

Before the Boy Wonder could react, Wally patted him on the head. "Good Ninja. Good Ninja. Good – hey!"

Robin's hand had shot out and caught Wally's wrist. Bending it back, he forced Wally into a kneeling position with Robin still holding his wrist hostage.

"Don't." He warned.

"Bad Ninja!" Wally pulled out his sprayer with his free hand and sprayed Robin in the face while kneeling.

Robin pulled his wrist back further, not quite breaking his wrist but putting pressure on it. Kid Flash gave a soft, involuntary wimper.

The Boy Wonder released the Fastest Boy Alive. "Don't try that again." He advised him.

"Bad Ninja!" Kid Flash sprayed him again. "Bad Ninja! Bad Ninja!"

Robin threw his hands up in exasperation as Wally kept spraying him. "I'm going back to Gotham where it's sane."

"Gotham villains are saner than Wally?" M'gann asked, glancing at Robin as the Boy Wonder walked out, Kid Flash on his heels.

"Bad Ninja! Bad Ninja!"

"Not really, but at least I'm allowed to attack them. See Ты guys." He left.

Wally stayed right behind him, still pulling the trigger on the spray bottle repeatedly.

"Bad Ninja! Bad Ninja!"

"Shut up!"

"Bad Ninja!"

"Leave me alone, KF!"

"Bad Niiiinnnjaaaaaaaa!"
It was a bright summer day, sun beaming down at the earth, it seemed like the perfect день to...
"Incoming!" way up, Wally jumps off the diving board, curled up into a ball. He spins and spins so fast he even looked like a ball. The girls lay down on their пляж, пляжный chairs in their bikinis. They all wore sunglasses and all drank fruity smoothies it was the perfect день to go to the pool. Wally lands in the pool with a great splash but was a little too small to splash the girls with water.
"Too bad." Artemis shouts to Wally as his head pops up from the water. He climbs the ladder and walks up to Artemis....
continue reading...
 She sat up and looked at me, as she covered the bloody wound on her stomache, she uttered "Blade... it's all a game. It's hide-and-seek and Dad is it."
She sat up and looked at me, as she covered the bloody wound on her stomache, she uttered "Blade... it's all a game. It's hide-and-seek and Dad is it."
It's been ten years. Ten years of pain. Ten years of tears. Ten years of revenge plotting, yet doing nothing. Today on my 16th birthday... the day, ten years ago, she sacrificed her life for me. The день I Остаться в живых my only sister.


"Stay here!" She whispered to me as she placed me in a closet.

"Don't Переместить until Dad is gone."

"But Kelsey!" I yelped as Dad walked in.

"Shh! Don't move!" She repeated.
I heard shouting but I couldn't quite make it out, so I peeked through the slightly opened doors.

The sound of a gun went off and I saw my sister fall to the floor, bleeding. She tried to crawl...
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Doing this for comic uno! She only needs a couple subscribers to reach 1000! so check her out. She dose young justice review and a lot of other comic book related stuff!
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This is what happened when we got 1,000 fans. Enjoy

The young justice team where in the living room watching TV when Megan suddenly felt a very strong feeling wash over her. It was far away but she could tell that it was big.
“I feel so loved” She accidentally сказал(-а) out loud. The whole team turned to her.
“What? Why?” Robin asked. Megan blushed slightly.
“Well” She said.
“Come on sweet cheeks tell us” Wally persisted.
“I know that it might sound crazy but I suddenly felt a strong surge of emotions. It’s as if in a different dimension we are a T.V Показать and there’s a website...
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Conner was in his room. Clark promised that today he would have a job for him even though he сказал(-а) that the other two times. Conner was leaving when Megan called him.
“Conner! Where are going?” She asked.
“I’m going to visit Superman. He’s going to give me a job”
“That’s nice. What kind of job” She asked. He shrugged.
“I don’t know. Maybe a reporter” He guessed. Megan shrieked with joy.
“I always wanted to be a reporter. Do Ты mind if I come along?” She asked.
“Sure” He said. Megan clapped her hands. She morphed her body. She was wearing a long brown куртка and a...
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posted by ShadowYJ
Name: Phoebe Cahill

Gender: Female

Occupation: Hero

Hero Name: Glimmer

Age: 14

Appearance: Short light brown hair, light brown eyes, freckles, pale skin colour, short and slender.

Powers: Quintessence (In the form of lighting), Чтение minds, And controlling one's emotions and has superhuman strength.

1. Sword Fighting
2. Mimicking voices of people and animals
3. Knows how to speak German and Sanskrit fluently

Hero costume: Purple черепаха neck shirt, cargo pants, black Keds shoes, black gloves and silver utility ремень, пояс, пояса to hold her two swords.

Civvies: Grey jumper, black skinny jeans, and...
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Name: Logan Miachel Story

Age: 1 1/2

Apppearance: Blonde hair and blue eyes

Gender: Male

Relations: Father: Whiteshadow

Mother: Unknown

Uncle: Lucas

Personality: Logan laughs a lot when it comes to violence , and is often left with Lucas when Whiteshadow and his " partner" are out on missions, Lucas never is around the cave with Logan thought he should be.

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This may not fallow the plot that BelovedRobin has set up in Missing In Action
Who agrees that Amara's song is Wish Ты were here by Avril Lavigne

Amara had еще important things to do. Like reason with her daughter. или find her mate. или bother the Justice League или Young Justice. или just piss nightwing and the bat off. That was always fun to. In fact messing up Gothem in a obvious way but not letting them catch her was just plan fun. Бэтмен hated being played with. Maybe thats why he hated Charm so much.

But an час trying to reason with her daughter that she was NOT cheating on Charm was futile...
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posted by Robin_Love
Devin Grayson raised the blade to her neck. He hands were shaking as she held it close to her skin. She took a deep breath and cut. Long strands of black hair fell to the floor around her. Devin knew her hair would grow back and that she could bring it back whenever. But she needed it off. The scars on her arms pulsed with each swipe of the нож she took. She kept two long strands of hair to frame her face. She looked in the mirror.
“Perfect,” she muttered.
She unfolded her wings and picked up the blade again. She slashed at the fine white feathers till they bled. Tears fell from her eyes...
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