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2 weeks later...

Artemis landed on the rooftop, bow drawn.

"Relax, it's me." Revenge said, emerging from the shadows.

Artemis cocked her head, but didn't let go of her bow или arrow. "What do Ты want Revenge?"

"I've changed my mind." Revenge said. "I'll Присоединиться the Team on one condition."

"What condition?" Artemis asked.

"You listen to what I have to say."




Cheshire bowed before Ra's Al Ghul. 

"Your mission was a success?"

"Yes master." Cheshire handed her leader a disc which he inserted into a computer. "Holly's true loyalties were proven."

The screen behind Ra's Al Ghul lit up revealing a familiar face.

"And another of the "heroe's" identities belongs to...the Light."

posted by NekoTheif
Amara preferred the winter. It was harder for prey to get away and harder for humans to get into her woods. Oh and the snow. She loved it so much. She could remember when her mother made snow Ангелы and snow men in the snow. And then they would drink coco. And she remembers how the snow on her skin would never really melt but it turned her rosy and she loved watching it fall. And then her mother's blood was spilled across the snowy white plains.
She still loved winter.
For her mother and her powers. But she hated the town. She hated every soul in it and if she got the chance ,and maybe she...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca hid inside the vents, following the scent. I'm going to kill him! He kidnapped Willow; he's so dead! She paused for a breath and her phone vibrated. She rolled onto her back and looked at the text. Sorry Dick. Willow first. Becca ignored the message and continued on her way. She could feel Willow getting closer. Good. I'm going the right way. Becca peaked inside one of the rooms through the grates. Nope; just the archer. With a sigh, Becca continued on. She came to another grate. She heard noises. Looking inside, she saw it was her destination. She pulled the grate off and dropped into...
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posted by EclipseYJ
Name: Jennifer Rachel Stark

Alise: Iron girl

Race: Human, White

Age: 13

Relation to the team: None

Hair: Black, short

Eyes: Green

Gender: Female

Mentor: Iron man/ S.H.E.I.L.D/ The Avengers

Powers: Genius-level intellect, A Cyberpathic link with her powered armored suit, Superhuman strength, Supersonic flight, Energy repulsors, Missiles, Durability and regenerative life support (sometimes powered by solar power)

Personality: Fun loving, playful, Badass, Bubbly, cute, funny, calm in times of stress

Weakness: Failer in her suit, to many blows to the chest

Past: When she was born she was also born with the...
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........when your dad calls, and when Ты answer your Друзья shout out some embarrassing stuff.**This actually happened to me**

Dick, Wally, and Roy were all sitting in Roy's living room, playing some stupid video games. It was around that part in the game were nothing really happens when Dick's phone began to ring.

"Hey, guys, shut up, it's Bruce." Dick hushed his friends, then answered his phone.

"Hey, dad." Dick answered.


"DICK, PUT THE DRUGS AWAY!" Wally hollered, "ROY, PUT THE нож DOWN!"

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posted by Becca_Shade
The FanFic Challenge request from DeltaYJ

Artemis lay in the grass, feeling the breeze roll over her. She closed her eyes against the sun, feeling it warm her body. She heard footsteps and then something shaded her face. Opening her eyes, Artemis smiled when she saw Dick above her.
“Hey,” she said.
He leaned down. Pressing a Kiss to her lips. Artemis smiled up at him. She moved her head from the трава to his lap. He rubbed her back and Artemis purred.
“Are Ты tired kitty?” Dick asked.
“Meow,” Artemis answered with a nod.
Dick laughed and kissed her again.
“You wanna go do...
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posted by Robin_Love
“What do Ты think?” Becca asked, Показ off her new hair style.
“Whoa! Becca Ты look...hot!”
Becca smiled.
“Thanks Billy! Would Ты notice me on a first glance?”
Becca put her hands on her hips, a huge smile plastered on her face. She looked at their faces, happy they approved of her style. She had taken the red out of her hair, and had дана herself еще side bangs. She had also layered it, wanting еще flow than anything else. She shook her head playfully before going to sit on the floor at Beck's feet. She leaned against him and he teasingly moved his legs...
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posted by Robin_Love
Grabbing her weapons and the note, Artemis entered the mountain just as Wally was coming to look for her.
“Oh! You're okay.”
“Yeah Wally. I just got distracted.”
Wally eyed the weapons in her hand before looking back at her.
“Distracted? By what; a large bird?”
“No. By someone who delivered a message.”
Artemis started walking and he followed behind her easily.
“Who? Who's the message from?”
“What message?” Robin asked.
“The one Artemis got from someone. Who she won't name.”
“It was Cheshire okay?!”
“Why would she send us a letter?”
“She сказал(-а) it was her job....
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 Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl
Becca walked to where Robin sat. She sat on her knees on the other side of the cage.
“Robin. I need to apologize. For all I've done. I Остаться в живых sight of everything I loved. I allowed someone else to hold my emotions. I may never be good enough for you, but that doesn't mean Ты Любовь me any less. And I know I Любовь Ты with my whole being. I would rather fight against Ты than have to live without you. So please forgive me. And...never let me leave again.”
Becca looked up into the mask that hid Robin's eyes. Her own were filled with tears; some that she had been burying a long time. She swallowed,...
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 "Batman, is he gonna be okay?"
"Batman, is he gonna be okay?"
"Batman, is he gonna be okay?" I asked nervously.
Бэтмен took a long look at Wally, who was writhing in fear at the cot I'd put him on. After a while, he said, "He's lucky. This sample of Scarecrow's serum doesn't spread through the body. He'll be in this state for a few hours."
Behind me, the door opened and closed. Artemis stood beside me, speechless.
Бэтмен cleared his throat. "Meanwhile, I want Ты and Robin to go after Scarecrow and prevent him from producing еще fear serums." Without another word, he glided out of the room.
Artemis gently placed her hand on Wally's forehead. "I wonder...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter 1-

Mount Justice 
11:56 EDT December 11

"This is a joke right?" Wally asked.

"You must have misunderstood Batman's transmission." Artemis said.

"THERE IS NO WAY I AM WORKING WITH IT!" They both yelled at the same time.

Robin snickered.

"No," Red Tornado said. "I heard Бэтмен correctly. Ты two will be working together on this assignment."

Artemis and Wally glared at each other. "Just great. Spending a week with Ты in Italy hunting down the mob!" Wally said.

"The experience is much less pleasant from this end." Artemis said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Wally asked.

"I have to listen to you!"...
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 I was sleeping when an exited Robin woke me up.
I was sleeping when an exited Robin woke me up.
I was sleeping Before Robin ran inside my room and jumped up and down on my постель, кровати whispering:
It`s Batmans birth день and he has`nt waken up!!!!!
Okay and Ты think running down the hall,slamming the door is`nt gonna wake him up?
"Good point come one lets go to the kitchen!"
He grabbed me and dragged me to the kitchen.

When we got there I asked him:Do Ты know how to make a cake?cause I don`t.
"UMMMMMM.....no and how hard can it be?"
Great an amazing duo who can`t cook a cake lets see where this takes us.
"Flour,4 eggs,mix,bake,and finneshed!"
Ummmm robin that is`nt a cake.
"M`gann!!!!!she knows how to...
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Nice the день is here(I сказал(-а) sarcasticly)
I got up and layed on the floor,good thing the team dose`nt know about my B-day или something is tottally bound to happen.I сказал(-а) out loud,WAIT! why did Wally say Happy almostB-day.
Wait calm down it can`t be I never told a soul and I never enred my bithday into the computer i guess im just paranoid.

When I got to MT.Justice everyone was`nt arguing,fighting,shouting,they we`re just doing different stuff,weird.
I keeped on walking and bumped into Superboy and he said:Im sorry,i spaced out did`nt see you.
What superboy appologized and smiled AND addmited he did...
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