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kikibibi posted on Dec 13, 2011 at 12:30AM
Keep this CLEAN people!

I'll go first

Yami/Atem: I hate you Yugi.

Yugi: What's all this heart of the cards crap about?

Tae: Friends r stupid.

Serenity or Mokuba to their brothers: Joey/ Kaiba u r the worst brother ever!

Kaiba: Heart of the Cards guide me!

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Больше года 360heroman said…
lol lost one is good
Больше года kikibibi said…
I've got more!

Serenity: I'm going emo.

This is a conversation between Yami and an Epic FanGirl(EFG)


Yami: No epic fangirl my hair is awesome. *does hair flip*

EFG: O.M.G!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *faints*

This is a conversation between Rebecca and Yugi(Yami):

Rebecca: Oh Yugi! I hope one day you'll forgive me for this!

Yugi: uhh forgive you for what?

Rebecca: For ending our realtionship

Yugi: Wait, we had a relationship?!

Rebecca: Yugi please don't make this harder than it already is. The truth is that we just need to start seeing people in our own league.

Yugi: See people in our own league?!

Reabecca: For you I thinks its Tae, for me, well lets just say its a man with heart. Now Goodbye Yugi! I hope this doesn't mean we can't be just friends! *walks off*

Yugi: Uhhh...

Rebecca: *arrives at Mokubas place*

Rebecca: *knocks on door and Mokuba answers* Hey Mokey-pie did ya miss me?

Mokuba: You got it baby.
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Больше года tailsdoll said…
If king of thieves Bakura, Yami Marik, and Noah Kaiba lived together.
KOF Bakura: I'm more sexy!
Yami Marik: I'm More sexy!
Noah: Could you two shut up I'm trying to watch my shows!
Больше года kikibibi said…

Kaiba: I love you Tae!
Больше года tailsdoll said…
Black luster soldier and Dark magician: I'm stronger! no I am! ME! MEEE! Yugi likes me more! NO HE DOESN'T! YES HE DOES! AHHH!
Больше года madscientist117 said…
Kaiba: Screw the money, I have friends!

Yusei: Schro Summoning is dumb!
Больше года kikibibi said…
Screw the money?! LOL!!!
Больше года yaoiboi said…
Mokuba: i'm going to be hanging
with my cousin tj