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This Yu-Gi-Oh Обои contains аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

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AMV I made
one card short
A pretty cool video. Some weird parts, but its well edited.
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This belongs to a good friend of mine
posted by Mana-Princess
I ran down the street,and I cried. What was I going to do? The other guys ran after me trying to calm me down. But they didn't understand...... I wasn't a dude! I'm a girl, which explains why I was crying. One of the guys during the normal time maid a slighlt perverted comment,and that set me off,and I think my voice broke into my real voice when I yelled, "'You pervert!'" And ran out...... Ты would think that the guys whould have give up by now,but they cased me until I slowed,and stoped...........

    I should probley start by explaining why I would want to go to school...
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posted by InvaderCynder
i pet my cat Isis with my left hand as i sat on my white and golden bedspread. my right hand was still bandaged over. over and over again i remembered how painful it had been to keep the chain that i was wearing as a ремень, пояс, пояса right now with my black pants and golden shoulder-line sleeveless top. Isis flipped over on her back and i rubbed her cream belly softly,making he purr a bit louder. she was a white cat with kitten fur, but she had cream Tabby and Egyptian Mau marks on her. a knock at the door interrupted my thoughts and i sat up, as i had been lying down. "come in." i invited.

my Father...
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abridged series
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(The story starts with Joey sleeping at his house with chips on his stomach, in a white рубашка and underwear)

Mai: Unacceptable!

Joey: Mai!

Mai: My Друзья will be here in 20 минуты for my slumber party and you're laying around in your tighty-no-longer-whities.

Joey: A man works hard all week to keep his pants off all weekend.

Mai: If Ты trusted me Ты would leave for the night.

Joey: (he laughs and кукуруза chips come out of his nose) Ты make кукуруза Crunch come out my nose!

Mai: Joey!

Joey: Look, I'll stay upstairs in my room and not interrupt.

Mai: Ты promise?

Joey: I promise.

Mai: Good night,...
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