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Mclovin_69 сказал(-а) …
Эй, friend! surprised to see my name huh LOL idk if you'll see this but i just wanted to say Эй, and that i miss you, we need to RP at some point again maybe a reunion for Emmerson and Anya или like Misty (B) and Blade или something :) but yeah i miss Ты hope everythings well. Опубликовано Больше года
DiscordYJ сказал(-а) о Young Justice OC'S!!!
((Hola! I have a question~ Is it bad to completely rewrite an OCs backstory. Basically wipe them clean and start over? COOOOs...yeah)) Опубликовано Больше года
SilverWings13 прокомментировал(-а)…
DiscordYJ прокомментировал(-а)…
((Danke!)) Больше года
Robin_Love прокомментировал(-а)…
...Have Ты not read my News Update? XD Больше года
SilverWings13 выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my comments
Heeeeeeey! My laptop stopped working, and I can't Комментарий on pics on here from my phone, but I saw all your commenting on my pics and thank Ты so much for the love! You're always so supportive of my stuff and ILY for it <3 ALSO I saw the Decade drawing! It is so adorable!! Honestly I think Ana and Blade would get along as midget Друзья XD I hope life is going well for you! Опубликовано Больше года
DiscordYJ прокомментировал(-а)…
((Sorry I just saw this. And thank Ты times a million. I Любовь your Комментарии and support. And i will always support Ты my dear. You've done the same for me, еще times than i can count. But yes. I'm sure Ana and Blade would hit it off~)) Больше года