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if Ты could bring any 5 Аниме characters on the face of this planet to life who would they be and why?

36 answers | my answer: 1.Gin from Gintama (Гинтама) 2.Grimmjow from Bleach 3.Ulqui...

Give me names of a very, very, very sad animes!

6 answers | my answer: Ga-Rei -Zero-

Post a pic of the coolest Аниме character Ты know (girls only)

49 answers | my answer: Yoruichi from Bleach my all time Избранное <3

heyy can anyone tell me an Аниме with the main character......

12 answers | my answer: the main character of Trinity Blood is a twin his...

Which Аниме Ты want it to have a секунда season?

20 answers | my answer: -Gintama !!!

Be honest who was your first Аниме crush?

261 answers | my answer: when I started watching animes intensely about two...

PROPS: What colour is Sakurako Amamiya's scarf (and socks...and skirt)? [Psyren]

1 answer | my answer: I think the scarf and socks should match and be bla...

Can someone tell me wich are your 3 Избранное animes?

156 answers | my answer: - Gintama (Гинтама) - Bleach - Наруто

What is your вверх 5 Избранное male Аниме characters?

62 answers | my answer: 1.Gin_______2.Gaara_________3.Grimmjow_______4.Ichi...

If u could сука slap ANY Аниме character in the world...who whould it be!? XD

60 answers | my answer: - Sasuke and all his Taka/Hebi team (Naruto) - Sak...