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otaku test ~

31 answers | my answer: First Аниме I thought of was Энджел Beats. Yuri, bec...

say three Аниме или Манга couples Ты ship,and put some photo.

17 answers | my answer: Romeo and Juliet (Romeo X Juliet) Tomoya X Nagis...

What is your Избранное Аниме couple/shipping?

33 answers | my answer: Romeo X Juliet Nagisa X Tomoya Hinata X Yui Nana...

Post an Аниме Название that ends with an exclamation mark!

24 answers | my answer: Surprised that no-one has сказал(-а) this. Любовь Live:...

Post pics for a new Аниме cluh icon!

3 answers | my answer: Honey-senpai

Is it wrong for a girl to really be into ecchi?

6 answers | my answer: Why would it matter? You're into what you're into....

What Аниме Показать is visually beautiful?

12 answers | my answer: Любовь Live: School Idol Project. The секунда seaso...

Name A Really Awesome Аниме

12 answers | my answer: Just one? Jeez, that's a bit difficult. Okay, the L...

Can I get some Аниме suggestions?

5 answers | my answer: Akame Ga Kill Blade and Soul D. Gray Man Stein's...

Name an annoying Аниме character

15 answers | my answer: Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion. She'...