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If Ты could choose anyone but robert pattinson and kristen stweart to play Edward and bella who would Ты choose?

4 answers | my answer: zac efron and selena gomez
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12 answers | my answer: mmm probably not because i don't want to feel the p...
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Which Музыка do Ты think should be on the "New Moon" soundtrack? And why.

14 answers | my answer: i think there should be Музыка from paramore, and al...
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have u every read all the twilight Книги yet "i have"

15 answers | my answer: i haven't read the whole series yet, but i just sta...
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Who would Jacob choose between his people, the Quileutes, или Renesmee?

182 answers | my answer: probably renesmee.
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If Ты could tell Stephenie Meyer one thing what would Ты tell her?

12 answers | my answer: I would probably tell her that she is the greatest...
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If Ты were Письмо a book about vampires, what would be the name of Your hero?!

12 answers | my answer: Matthew или Justin
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Did any one els have a prob. with some of the actors and actrises that they picked for the movies?

6 answers | my answer: i like everyone but sometimes Bella would act alitt...
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Who is hotter Jacob Black или Edwrad Cullen??

30 answers | my answer: obviously Edward Cullen!!!
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Okay, so what are Ты looking вперед to in the MOVIE new moon?

17 answers | my answer: seeing the transformation of jacob and the rest of...