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if Ты married edward where would Ты live??

21 answers | my answer: i would want to Переместить in with them because their hou...
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OMG i heard there going to skip the new moon movie and just make eclipse and breaking dawn is this true?!

15 answers | my answer: NO! New Moon is coming out in November.
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Who is your Избранное and least Избранное character in the Twilight Saga?

29 answers | my answer: My Избранное character is Edward Cullen, and my leas...
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Are they gonna make a movie on breaking dawn?

14 answers | my answer: they're not sure yet...BUT I HOPE THEY DO!!! I WAN...
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Out of all the Quilete Волки who would Ты choose is the best and why? (not because Ты Любовь them to death!!!)

16 answers | my answer: jacob.
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If Ты could really think about who Ты want колокол, колокольчик, белл to be with, who would Ты chose?

13 answers | my answer: well she only has Любовь for edward and he has Любовь f...
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What's your all time Избранное Twilight Quote? (Out of any of the Книги или the movie)?

25 answers | my answer: 1.) so the lion fell in Любовь with the ягненок, баранина 2.) Ты...
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If jacob went and killed himself do Ты think Bella would kill herself?????

18 answers | my answer: i don't think so... she is too in Любовь with edward...
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how many times have Ты read New Moon, and did Ты cry everytime?

3 answers | my answer: i have read New Moon 1 time and i have cried 0 time...
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Who's going to play the role of Leah Clearwater in New Moon?

6 answers | my answer: I've heard that Vanessa Hudgens might. But I hope s...