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Джо Джонас

If Joe Jonas came to your door and asked for you.. what would Ты do?

25 answers | my answer: I'LL look in his eyes and he'll realize we were mea...
Джо Джонас

do u think joe will change his hair cut after tee choice

4 answers | my answer: LOL. xD THAT WASN'T HIS REAL HAIR! HE HAD TO WEAR A...
Селена Гомес

Who do Ты like better?

107 answers | my answer: i like both selena gomez and demi lovato. but i lik...
Селена Гомес

Is Selena dating Taylor Lucknor?

9 answers | my answer: 1. No she isn't 2. It's Taylor LAUTNER...
Селена Гомес


20 answers | my answer: Omg i Любовь it! She looks so cute!!! xP
Эдвард Каллен

Is Edward Cullen Sexier Than Jacob Black?? x

55 answers | my answer: YES!!! DUHH
Роберт Паттинсон

Is it true that Robert Pattinson doesn't wash his hair? I find that disgusting, but I really want to know if that is true или not.

17 answers | my answer: that IS true. once he didn't wash his hair for 6 we...
Джастин Бибер

Do Ты Think Justin Would дата 11 год old

28 answers | my answer: Um, It's POSSIBLE? But I doubt it, very much. Sor...
Сумерки (фильм)

ok is the same guy that played edward in twilght i he going to play in new moom

9 answers | my answer: duh!!! WHY WOULDN'T HE BE IN IT??? EVERYONE THINKS...
Сумерки (фильм)

in da movie twilight wen they r playing baseball and edward nd emmett bump in2 eachother nd fall 2 da ground does edward give emmette the middle finger???

13 answers | my answer: ya he does