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when will amy finally be with ricky...

7 answers | my answer: Hopefully soon... :)
сделать ставку, ipod Touch

Would it be worth buying a refurbished iPod touch?

7 answers | my answer: I would recommend a brand new one..
сделать ставку, ipod Touch

Websites to get Youtube Видео onto your ipod?

3 answers | my answer: YouTube..?
сделать ставку, ipod Touch

Where can i get the cheapest сделать ставку, ipod touch ?

25 answers | my answer: I wouldn't trust anywhere online, EXCEPT going on w...

Who is this in the picture with David? I can't tell if it's Selena или David's ex-gf Lucy Hale.

15 answers | my answer: i think its selena gomez but its hard to tell.
Nintendo DSi

How much will a DSi cost?

9 answers | my answer: $170
Адам Ламберт

is he gay??

24 answers | my answer: i think he is just by looking at him (the way he dr...
Адам Ламберт

What is Adam's # ????????

6 answers | my answer: thats a stupid question. why would we know his phon...
Адам Ламберт

Эй, i wanna know how to get a adam lambert autograph

2 answers | my answer: Go up to him and ask "Can I have your autograph?"...
Адам Ламберт

What would Ты do if Adam Lambert has fanpop?

9 answers | my answer: i would become a Фан of his DUH and message him all...