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what do u think of my dog sam?

16 answers | my answer: he is beautiful !! <3

What was the first site on Fanpop that Ты joined?

146 answers | my answer: Hilarie полиспаст, бертон Fanclub :)

How many Фаны do Ты have?

40 answers | my answer: I've got 1110 fans. :)

Do Ты think Fanpop is going downhill ?

13 answers | my answer: Personally I don't think that and haven't notice an...
Одинокие сердца

I haven't watched the OC before, and was wondering whether it's good and should watch it? I know Фаны wills be biased so could Ты give reasons?

3 answers | my answer: Thats a good Вопрос and its okay asking this:) I...
Одинокие сердца

Why was Marissa's character "killed off" the show?

5 answers | my answer: I think this video, straight from Mischa, Ответы t...
Холм одного дерева

What was the age of the cast in the beggining?

3 answers | my answer: Both Hilarie полиспаст, бертон & Sophia куст, буш were born in 1982...
Баффи — истребительница вампиров

Your вверх 10 Избранное Bangel moments?

2 answers | my answer: There is sooo many of them, but i will say: * when...
Баффи — истребительница вампиров

Your вверх 10 Избранное Buffy the Vampire Slayer couples?

19 answers | my answer: 1.Buffy & Энджел <3 . . . . 2. Xander & Anya 3...
Баффи — истребительница вампиров

Can anybody please tell me in which episodes of BtVS were David, James and SMG (all together)?

3 answers | my answer: Ты mean when they were fighting altogether against...