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  • Female, 24 years old
  • Israel
  • Favorite TV Show: Attack on Titan, Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Assassination Classroom, Erased, Boku no Hero Academia, Fairy Tail and many other Аниме
    Favorite Movie: Tangled, The Cat Returns
    Favorite Book or Author: Fanfiction
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Lusamine выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my comments
Well being youthful is a great thing. As Ты age, you'll look younger. And you'll be a great mother if Ты decide to be because you're able to relate to younger people еще than most. I used to use it, but I don't anymore. Got kinda bored of it lol. Still remember my Аниме though, I've watched like 2K episodes. Yeah, Ты can message me if Ты want. :) Опубликовано ·2 дней назад
Lusamine выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my comments
I've heard of her! She still uses anime-planet and uses that same name. Наруто fanatic? Yeah. Who was picking on her? A lot of people miss her actually. And nah, it's not personal, don't worry. :) I'm pan, so I am attracted to any gender identity. I don't like the idea of limiting my Любовь towards one gender. She was 16 actually, it сказал(-а) so on her profile. The immaturity still doesn't surprise me at all. Speaking of age, you're 24?! But Ты act so youthful and energetic! Опубликовано ·2 дней назад
Lusamine выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my comments
Think is, if I were capable of being attracted to an Аниме character, it would be Ciel. But I'm demisexual so I require a completely deep emotional connection with someone to find them aesthetically pleasing. I never really found Sebastian attractive, but I can understand why others would. She was a teenager. Which isn't surprising. I can only insult teenagers mercilessly because I am one lol. Who is сказал(-а) friend btw? Ты don't have to tell me, just curious. And do Ты still talk to them? Опубликовано ·3 дней назад