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  • 23 years old
  • New Zealand
  • Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, Playful Kiss, 1 Litre of Tears, American Horror Story, anything Gordon Ramsay related, BTS American Hustle Life, lots of anime~
    Favorite Movie: Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd, Juno, Nightcrawler, Whiplash, classic Дисней flicks.
    Favorite Musician: Ed Sheeran, Alexander Rybak, Super Junior, Cho Kyuhyun, CN.BLUE, Seventeen, BTS, Eminem, and video game soundtracks.
    Favorite Book or Author: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter... and Goosebumps...gotta Любовь Мурашки ;)
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GDragon612 выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my videos
annyeong my zeppie babe,

I am back yeah!!!!
how was ya Рождество and silvester?
merry Рождество and happy new год again
now new flat is ready
no еще stress Yippie ~~~
how are Ты and whats new?
how about ya Любовь =D

buing buing heartsigns to Ты
💝 Опубликовано ·4 часов назад
BlindBandit92 выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my comments
Ya not пересекать, крест platform yes. But the ride that goes backwards and in the dark is fun lol. The one I went upside down in the dark didn't go backwards at least lol. So both rides aren't that bad right. :P I se makes sense but there's something there for everyone honestly and. Smite might become пересекать, крест platform in the future but as of right now nope. Yea it is alot like league. And the game not as openly toxic as league either. Опубликовано ·2 дней назад
BlindBandit92 выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my comments
Yup lvl 84 on one of my main characters. It's a fun place. They really put alot of thought in everything. One place made Ты feel like Ты were going all over the world. Only like 10 countries but still. Went on roller coasters. that went upside,in the dark,upside down in the dark,backwards. LOL there was even an Аватар (movie with blue people) ride there. That was breathtaking. And honestly the guild really isn't active. I am just really really trying to give it a go with recruiting once more. Опубликовано ·2 дней назад
BlindBandit92 прокомментировал(-а)…
I hope Ты come over eventually to visit disney. The night time shows are out of this world too. ·2 дней назад
BlindBandit92 прокомментировал(-а)…
I used to play smite heavily a few years ago. I can download it once my laptop is fixed and we can play. Idc if you're a noob lol. ·2 дней назад
BlindBandit92 прокомментировал(-а)…
Pretty sure like 90% sure it's пересекать, крест platform ·2 дней назад
BlindBandit92 прокомментировал(-а)…
Nvm I was incorect sadly it isn't пересекать, крест platform ·2 дней назад