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If Ты dated Stewie wut would Ты do?

12 answers | my answer: Turn myself in as a petophile. Cause last i checked...

is it possible to change a username???

1 answer | my answer: Nope. I tried, but unfourtunatley your Имя пользователя sta...

What is your favourite spot that doesnt have a lot of Фаны (99 and under)

29 answers | my answer: Далее TO NORMAL...ONLY 25 FANS? C'MON PEOPLE, WE CAN...
Доктор Хаус

I missed the Kutner death episode. How does he die?

3 answers | my answer: he committed suicide he shot himself in the temple...
Доктор Хаус

Does anyone know good Wilson fanfics?

2 answers | my answer: i thought wilson and that stripper, karamel hahaha...
Доктор Хаус

Anyone know of any good fanfictions where house has a kid?

3 answers | my answer: "Premonition" its on is fa...
Доктор Хаус

i'm a new house Фан and i was wondring if u can helpme with something?ok

6 answers | my answer: the Показать DOES this with age sometimes. Its weird, b...
Доктор Хаус

on the season 5 finale, what kind of pills did house take? he thought they were cuddys lipstick.

5 answers | my answer: the lable сказал(-а) idk.
Доктор Хаус

"MUSICAL ELEMENT" to House? (more in information)

1 answer | my answer:!!!!!!!!!YBCJKDABCJHD...
Доктор Хаус

Who's ready for the new season of HOUSE>>>>>

13 answers | my answer: *does the cabbage-patch dance* memememeMEmememME