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dreemwriter257 сказал(-а) …
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Yes I'm a loner
People always pull a trick on me
Because I'm a silly kid
Up until now
I'm a person that have a trust issue
It's not so lonely
Cause I always have my meals
And I'm a person who doesn't talk much
It's almost like I hate talking to someone
Except for the right (a person that always listen to my topic) person
People would think I'm arrogant
But.. it can't help okay.. my face is always on idgaf mode Опубликовано Больше года
dreemwriter257 сказал(-а) …
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I just wanted to be friend with them
A friend who never let their friend down
A friend who always work together
A friend who always bring happiness

But the truth is I'm the one who being laugh at

It cuts deeper than I thought
Being a slave to see their smiles
To laugh with them again
To help them as their friend

But before I knew it
They think of me as their slave
To them, i'm just a little kitten that wants an attention Опубликовано Больше года
dreemwriter257 сказал(-а) …
is it wrong to have a trust issue?

I don't talk too much since i was a kid..
Even now, in my age.. I still don't talk too much
But when I do.. Bad thing always happend
Not to the person I talk to.. But to me

Since I was a kid.. I only wanted too have fun like others
I had fun.. I laughed so much.. Even now, in my age
it was fun to get to laughed together with others..but
I never realized that deep in my heart..Its hurt so much
But I kept on laughing to not ruin the joy Опубликовано Больше года